The first buds of Spring

Here in our part of the world spring has officially arrived right on time.  We have been very busy transplanting bushes, raking leaves and pruning trees.  Our yard is one of abundant growth despite the hard red clay that lies beneath.    Even before all the leaves have been cleared away the first buds of spring are bursting forth from the ground.

A single daffodil clump jumps up to be amongst the first early arrivals
Tiny buds are waking up rather rapidly on the hydrangeas eager to celebrate
My Tiger Lilys are quite an agressive bunch along the walk.  They are always the first buds to pop up and alert me to the chores that lie ahead.  I have learned through the years to clear the debris from their bed quickly or it’s difficult to clean within days.  Rarely do they wait on my timing before they rapidly advance…just like a tiger, huh? 
The sweetest newest arrivals of spring perch themselves here every year.   Carolina wrens love our home, delaying the spring cleaning and power washing to my husbands delight.
Finally, out of the garage comes the asparagus ferns that I overwintered this year.  With my first trip to the garden center I added these pretty white flowers.  Sorry they are also new to me and I have at this moment already forgotten their names.
The first of many geraniums that will catch my eye and fill my pots.
It is true I am a summer girl, through and through, but who doesn’t love the firsts of spring?  One of my favorite things about spring is planning and planting my flower groupings.  In this first of many planters I planted rose coleus, margarita potatoe vines, and purple glow million bells.  Soon this planter will be overflowing as it soaks up the hot summer sun.  Another very special firsts we will be celebrating this spring is the arrival of a new baby girl to my neice.  There are many reasons to celebrate spring but mostly for me,  it is the reawakening and the newness that brings so much joy after a long winter.  What brings you joy in the spring?   Leave a comment and share your spring favorites if you please.

5 thoughts on “The first buds of Spring

  1. Been out all day in the garden. I commented earlier, not sure what happened to it!~ I am so glad you enjoyed the recipe!~ The steak sandwich looked wonderful as well, our kind of meal!~ Enjoy the weekend.


  2. So nice of you to stop by! I have been adjusting my settings (moderating comments?) but have now changed them back again. I saw your post partially but lost it before I could read it and publish it. Spent the morning reading several blogs, changing layout, and learning a new approach to my most recent blog. I'll be happy when I master it better and it's less time consuming. I love to be outside this time of the year especially! Thanks so much! 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and welcome to blog land. I just started my blog the end of January. Lots of nice folks on here. I love spring because it means I get to work in the yard again. My favorite thing to do. Look forward to more of your posts.


  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I truly do love flowers, but generally if I plant them that means a prolonged tortured death. I now have lot of perennials in the yard! My azaleas are blooming and are so pretty! It was 78 here and we were out all day! I love warm weather! I can't wait to see all those lilies bloom! You will have to take a picture when they do. Daffodils are my favorite. They just make me happy! Happy Sunday to you!


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