Garage Sale Saturday Finds

Wow!  Today I was a BIG spender!  I spent a whole $4.50 TOTAL.  I don’t know what came over me but I just could not stop myself.  Haha!  This is definately turning out to be a good day.    When my husband announced this morning he was going to one of our local church garage sales my first thought was, WHY, it’s almost 11:00 already!  However I am not one to turn down a good garage sale when it’s convenient.  Truth is I love garage sales, I just don’t love getting up bright and early and rushing out to “possibly” score a deal.  I am not a morning person at all and fit more into the category of a leisure antique store browser.  Anyway, off I went expecting to find that all the good stuff was long gone.  To my suprise that was not the case today,  here is a sampling on my loot.
Yep, that’s right!  I purchased all of this today for only $4.50.  That is 5 groups of stuff, or 20 individual pieces.   How ever you look at it, it still looks pretty good huh?
One can never have to many flower vases.  These two had such a nice simple shape and size.  I just couldn’t pass up these for $.25 each, could you?
Another $.25 each and I purchased these two books.  I can’t remember if I’ve seen the movie to the book on top or not, but I remember it was a good one and will be a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon one day.
For $1.00, I purchased (4) linen placemats and (4) linen napkins.  They are a pretty off white linen with 2 shades of green on the leaves and vines and  mixed shades of red and rose on the flower embroidery.  Not a stretch to know why I would love these if you know my former employment was in a local embroidery shop.  I like to think I know a little about this particular find, and trust me this is the good stuff.  Sweet!
And I almost passed these by, but then I did a double take and scooped them up.  At $.50 for the lot of four it was a steal.  These adorable little porcelain ducks will look so cute on the table this easter.  I can’t wait!

Finally, the DEAL of the day was these beautiful green plates.  $2.00 for all four and not a chip or scratch on them!  Another tidbit about me, I love green!  Especially this shade of green.  The plates are called “Barrarte” and made in Portugal.  They have such a decorate edge and simple raised wheat leaves with just a hint of brown.  I know I will use these often, especially in my fall settings.
I’m soooo excited about my wonderful finds!    I’m not linked into anything today because I don’t think there is a Garage Sale Saturday link.  Remember I am still new to blogging so feel free to let me know if there is such a fun link.  That would be exciting!  I think I did pretty good today, don’t you?  Well, I hope your Saturday is going as fabulous as mine is.  Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Garage Sale Saturday Finds

  1. Hi, What great finds.. I love the linens, and plates with the wheat design! What great prices!
    I loved the ya ya sisterhood.. I read it and was always kinda scared to watch the movie… sometimes it wrecks the book for me.
    I am not a morning person either.. but I am gargae sale crazy.. it's the only thing getting up for:-)
    Thanks for visiting & for your kind words!


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