Finished the Speckled Eggs for Easter

And here they are…as promised I finally added the speckled Easter Eggs.  I just love them! 

After baking all day for the family, these eggs were a treat and a delight to do.  I want to personally thank our blogging friend who recently had this link on her blog.  I am sorry to say I do not recall who had the blog.  I was certain the moment I saw these they would be the perfect addition to my Easter table centerpiece.

 Since my family always engages in  “EGG WARS” on Easter, decorated eggs on the table are a must.  To play you must have two players, each person takes turns hitting their eggs together to see who’s is the first to crack.  The winner then takes the uncracked egg and challanges another player.  And so it goes using both ends of the eggs until all are cracked.  I know it is a shame to put these beautiful eggs through such demolition but they will be eaten afterall. 
Here is the link that our blogging friend posted that inspired me so much…
How to Make Speckled Easter Eggs – SouthernLiving.com
I hope this link works out as it is my first time linking to a magazine.  Again, thank you so much to the original blogger who provided this link so that I could see it. 
Happy Easter Everyone!
May each of you recieve God’s blessing!

6 thoughts on “Finished the Speckled Eggs for Easter

  1. Oh my gosh, you did great with those!!! look out Martha, we have an egg speckler supreme among us.. Yours look way better than what I saw on BHG, they really do.. Good for you…

    Happy Easter


  2. Those are beautiful!!!! I love your tradition! That is awesome. I have a friend who cuts the top of the egg off, drains them, then fills them with birdseed and covers the whole with tissue paper. Everyone mans themselves with eggs and you run around cracking them on each others heads! Pretty fun! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


  3. Thanks for all the nice comments again, I really appreciate it, glad you liked them.

    Jensmom, we don't crack them on each others heads, we crack them together…egg on egg! LOL! They are hardboiled, but wouldn't it be funny to add a new demension to the game by not hardboiling one. OMG! What a mess though!


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