Tackling the Unorganized Chaos

Unorganized Chaos!  That’s the story of my situation today.  I am by my very birth a person of balance.  I was born a  lucky Libra.  We Libran’s must obtain balance whenever possible, it is in our gentic DNA!  LOL!   I really do feel somewhat off kilter when things become out of balance.

 Now, I bet your probably thinking, really, but can chaos be organized?  I’d argue YES!  Take for example Chucky Cheese, Black Friday shopping, and my all time favorite Christmas Morning!  Now that is organized chaos, wouldn’t you agree?
In my previous post I mentioned that the pollen has wreaked havoc here.  Well, it also slowed down many projects waiting to be completed.  I have to admit I cannot blame everything on the pollen but it helps.   There are times in life when your TO DO list literally just runs into the next page, that is where I am today.

Let’s start with most embarrasing, to be done.  Put up the Easter stuff!  I alluded to doing this last week but of course I started this job but obviously did not complete it.

As you can see I nicely put everything into piles, but have not yet actually put things where they go!

Then there are the ever present rotting bananas!  OMG!  Yes, I am posting these too!

 My family loves bananas but cannot eat them fast enough, before someone is buying yet another new bunch.  No problem, surely Mom will make more banana bread. Yet Again!!!

Well, I finally found some drapes for my den at a price and style I liked.  Of course I ordered 4 pairs of drapes, 1 pair of which came soiled and snagged because the packaging had gotten torn in shipping. 

No problem, it is being replaced with a new one, but I’ll have to wait on it’s arrival, as well as the rest of the installation.   No one else seems to mind the latter sitting in the den a few days nearly as much as I do. Urgh!

Was hoping to get these barstools painted black until I can find a new pair that I like better.  But I don’t dare spray paint with all the pollen we’ve had outside.  So there they sit, along with the other outdoor coach light that still needs to be done!
And then there is the mulch we purchased Saturday to be spread.  Here it sits because I had to  fill in the wholes from the shrubs we removed first.

  However, I have yet to purchase the new shurbs, but I have mulch!  Yes, this wonderful mulch which has quite an odor and grime that now has to be cleaned out of the back of my cars as well.  Did I mention I still have’nt washed the pollen off my car yet?

  I hope your getting the picture now!
Finally, my most exciting chaos to organize…My Blog!  I spent some time rearranging my side bar Saturday, to get easier access to the things I want to access quickly.  However, this is still a major work in progress.  I have so many ideas on how I want to organize my blog but do not have the knowledge and time to learn all what I need to get there.  I simply want a tab bar under my header to put links to info like so many of you have.   Please help if there is an easy way for me to learn this addition.  Otherwise, I will be fine and eventually muddle my way through the chaos as I usually do, in due time.
So if you haven’t guessed already, today I am linking up w/Blue Monday, at , http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/
 because I am feeling quite overwhelmed with all that is left to be done.   Along with usual loads of laundry, general housecleaning and trying to figure our a way to get in some exercise, my unfinished projects have me feeling somewhat blue this morning.
Before you feel too sorry for me though, I had considered posting on my afternoon sailing yesterday.  We had a beautiful day on the water w/clear blue skies, but I’ll save that for Wednesday!
And now you know why these projects are stacking up!
Let me know how your week is looking or if you have been here too, I’d love to hear some sound and sage advice for dealing with Unorganized Chaos!

8 thoughts on “Tackling the Unorganized Chaos

  1. This was a great post!~ I laughed at the spray paint project, I am getting ready to do another one myself!~ Thanks for sharing all your inspiration, and I love your to do list…mine is in my head! No wonder forget to do so much:) Have a great day!~


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