Foyer Vignette Update

Hi!  Yes, I am a little obsessed with perfecting this space.  Sometimes a picture is what you need to see balance a little better.  I kept thinking I love those Hydrangeas there, but they really need to be a bit bigger.  Well, while I’m contemplating getting a larger Hydrangea display I did a little swap-a-roo!  I moved my vase of Iris’s off the table in den and added a few more.

Wow!  What a difference that makes to me!  I am much more satisfied with this. 
What do you think? Much better, huh?  And don’t worry I just moved the smaller hydrangeas here.

  Sorry, Marty!  Not sure if I should be re-entering again today but sometime inspiration hits a little late. 

Also I had a request to see my stairwell stenciling so I’ve decided to share that today and join another party too.   Of course that would be the Nifty Thrifty party because I did this because I was being thrifty.
My stairway is pretty as it was but has a very simple design.  I love all types of moulding and had considered adding decorative wood trim but didn’t want to pay for what I would love to do.  Sometimes, you have to prioritize your projects with your budget.  This just was not high on my spending list.  So I actually stamped these out on the wood with paint to get the look I wanted.

As you can see I am not very picky and didn’t worry with getting thick coverage.   I wanted a subtle look so I chose a neutral beige color and stamped away.  I am very happy with the outcome and since I already had the stamp and paint on hand it didn’t cost me a dime.

I think it adds just that little bit extra surprise that grabs your attention and makes you smile.  Hope you like the changes and updated blog, man, am I on a roll.  I’ve been drinking lots of water today from our blog friend Liz’s suggestion here @  http://lizssavvyseasons.blogspot.com/ .  I’ve also added drops of lemon to help rev up the metabolism and it seems to be working.  I am getting so much done today!  Linking up with Marty again, and with Linda today as well at the following;


Well, gotta go, the screen porch needs cleaning again.  The oak pollen is still high around here and leaving me with another mess.  Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by AGAIN!  :))


7 thoughts on “Foyer Vignette Update

  1. AWESOME! Thanks for the closeups…I cracked up, you are like me, I always see something wrong in my pictures, that perhaps no one else would……it looks perfect, looked great before. I love the stamp stencil you did a great job!


  2. Oh I am so happy you linked up again. I love the taller vase of flowers too and your vignette is even better. I so know what you mean. I look at something and then take a picture and realize it is not at all right. lol I change things a dozen times. Drives my DH crazy. I also really like the stencil on the staircase. It is beautiful. Thanks again, I love your changes. Hugs, Marty


  3. Obsession takes over when you are blogging, doesn't it? I'm constantly wondering what project I can do and post. One thing is for sure…I get more projects done. 🙂

    Your vignettes are perfect and I love those stairs!


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