A Splash of Blue

Nothing cools you down faster then a splash of blue!  Of course if your like me and you don’t have the ultimate splash of blue in your own backyard then you make amends.

This beach umbrella has served us well for the past several years as our patio umbrella.  I purchased this from our local Sam’s Club.  It is not your ordinary size Beach Umbrella.  It is over sized and even larger then most standard size patio umbrellas as well.

Unlike standard beach umbrellas it has a thick base and fits nicely into the hole of the table, and my umbrella stand.  I bought this because it literally was less then $20.00.  You absolutely cannot beat that!   It has held up really well considering we have left it outside for several years now, only brought it in this winter.

In SC, our summers are sure to be hot.  If you are to survive anytime outdoors you will need a nice large umbrella to offer you shade.  I love the solid blue color of this umbrella!  I am instantly cooled in my mind just sitting under this color!  I highly recommend these if you are on a summertime budget!

If a large shady blue umbrella doesn’t cool you down, then the sound of trickling water will surely do the trick.

This little half fountain has been moved all over my deck for several years now too.  I moved it hear recently because it’s easier for me to dump the water in the yard in between cleanings.  I’m still working on improving this setup so please bear with me.

It has a pretty blue tile with pink flowers mosaic in the bottom.  Unfortunately they are coming apart and will require some maintenance very soon, but I still have all the pieces, just need the time. 
It’s so refreshing listening to the sound of the water as it trickles out and seeing the blue reflection in the bottom.

I also have two cats that absolutely adore this fountain all year long as one of their favorite spots to stop and cool off a bit with a nice refreshing sip of water.

Keeping with the blue, I added these little pots to the steps this year.  They are made of a bamboo product, that is new to me.  I purchased these from Ross.  It will be interesting to see how they hold up with the color outdoors.

I added some pretty red million bells for contrast that will spread and cascade quite nicely.  I’m all about keeping things cool even when it’s not!   Sometimes all you have to do is just add a splash of color to suggest that!  And……
I can’t think of any other color then blue, can you?
 I am joining Smiling Sally for Blue Monday today @ http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/
please enjoy more beautiful blues by following the link above.

14 thoughts on “A Splash of Blue

  1. Love it all, and that is the MAC Daddy of Umbrellas! I have to replace mine every year…of course because I buy cheap ones. Love the water feature too, so pretty, looks like a great place to hang out!~


  2. OMG, you got that huge umbrella for less than 20. I am looking for an umbrella for our hot deck and everything I have seen is over $90. Your deck looks so nice. Love the fountain.


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