Unwinding on the Porch

Enjoying the screen porch is one of my favorite pastimes on a summer evening.  There is nothing like winding down with the glow of candlelight.  Although it’s not quite Summer yet, the temps are starting to rise, and the evenings are feeling quite lovely. 
Hope you’ll join me for a relaxing evening.  How would you like to have a swing on the hammock?
It’s a Pawleys Island Original.  I purchased it from Pawleys myself.  It’s a single size hammock.  That means it’s built for one person and smaller then the average size, and so it tucks in nicely on most porches.  That’s a South Carolina thing yall!
I’ve been working on this table today, and added a few things.  I have a bit more to complete but let me show you what I’ve done.  First I brought this lamp from indoors outside.  It’s always nice to have a softer lamp lighting a night, don’t you think?
Did you notice the little black birds?  I just purchased these recently from Hobby Lobby.  I moved them outside because for some reason the Mr. was really having trouble with them inside.  He didn’t like the black birds in the kitchen.  LOL!
I like to keep my magazines nearby for those times when I get to truly escape!  I converted this old potato bin some time ago to a magazine holder.  It’s rustic but I love it!
So how do you like the other side of the my porch this evening!  There’s my lovely chandelier feet !  Oh goodness, where are my manners? 
That’s better!  Now, there’s my lovely candle chandelier.  Isn’t is so pretty all lit up this evening!  I think  it has just the right amount of candles to give my porch a nice warm glow!
And finally for total relaxation bring your scented candles right on outside too!  This one is Yankee Candles Lilac Blossoms.  It is very strong inside, but much more tolerable outside!  For me, scented candles are the crowing touch for a perfect evening of relaxation.

Well, I’m pretty mellow now, how about you?  That’s great!
Come back again next time you need a unwind,  K?

I am linking up with the following party today.  Please be sure and visit this site for more inspiration!

http://romantichome.blogspot.com/ for Show and Tell Friday

10 thoughts on “Unwinding on the Porch

  1. I am mellow for sure, the ambiance was wonderful…I like the black birds, they look good out there….what a great hammock…and thank you my friend for posting that giveaway.


  2. Oh gimme a hammock and a good book with candles glowing on a porch any ol' time, and I'll be there for hours.

    My Show n Tell is my finished, newest, watercolor painting…I do hope you can stop by to view it and give me some critique!! Click HERE

    Have a great Friday.


  3. I'm in love with your porch. We had big plans for a new back porch. But when I received a bit of bad news about my health it was quickly put on the backburner. But I'm feeling great now, and seeing yours gives me inspiration!! Now, if I can only get hubby inspired as well! LOL


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