Today I went Yard Sailing!

Today was a great day for yard sailing!  I am so glad I made the effort to get up and get going this morning.  I went to  a multi-family neighborhood yard sale in very large upscale neighborhood that is divided into (3) different subdivisions.   They advertised in the paper and by signs everywhere! 

 This was one well organized sale!   There were arrow signs all through the neighborhood pointing you towards the streets that were having sales.  Each family participating was also required to have balloons flying as well.  Trust me, the balloons weren’t necessary as all you really had to do was look for all the cars.

On my first few stops in the largest subdivision I was feeling quite disappointed.  Seemed to me there wasn’t much available at all!  I got excited when I saw one lady walking away with a big beautiful glass and wrought iron terrarium shaped like a house.  But again, I was disappointed to see there wasn’t hardly anything else to be had.    I am of the if your going to have a garage sale wait until you can make it worth your while and have plenty to sell attitude.  Apparently, not everyone feels that way and do not mind setting up a small sale for the day.  

 Anyway, I wasn’t giving up and kept on sailing!  This was too easy and convenient not to keep going.  Finally I hit the right place!  Immediately I found something interesting.  A bit dirty and in need of cleaning but way to cute to pass by at $4.00 for the box of four…four what you say?

Here it is, four copper lanterns! 

They are in relatively great shape despite the fact they need a good cleaning.  They are electric too!  Though I really had no idea they were electric until I brought them home.  Funny how I just didn’t realize that!  The Mr. pointed that out to me and that they will need an additional box to make them work.  I liked the way they looked and thought they were copper candle holders, since they have candles in them.  However, those are not the real candles I thought they were.  LOL!

Then, at the same place I found the deal of the day!  I had already told them I was taking the lights when I started looking at this item.  It had a sticker for $15.00 which had me quite excited.  I have never seen these anywhere in any condition for $15.00.  I started shaking it some to see how sturdy it was when the man came over and asked me if I liked it.  When I said, Oh yes, I do!  He said, if you want it, it’s yours for $8.00.  My jaw must have hit the floor before I could say I’ll take!  He even help me load it up in my car although it did hang slightly out the back and tie it all down good.  Amazing what all you can fit in a Mazda Tribute!  Okay, okay, I’ll get on with it, here it is!

Yes, that’s it…a baker rack!  I finally have a bakers rack!

It’s definitely going to require a little TLC but is pretty sturdy despite the rusty condition.  The Mr. immediately came up with an idea for the first shelf that is missing. I’m saving that for the big reveal!  I have wanted one of these for awhile but have not been willing to pay the prices for what people expect for bakers racks.  The cheapest I have seen one like this was a few weeks ago at a consignment store for $59.00 in this same condition.  They usually run around $100.00 or more and are not nearly as cute as this one will be!

I am so excited I can hardly wait to get started on this project.  Woohoo!  I was almost ready to call it a day at that point, but decided to trudge along and see what else I could find.  Here is the rest of my lute!

This fantastic plant basket was only $5.00!  More than I wanted to pay after getting the Bakers Rack for $8.00 but then I reminded myself I could not buy this basket for that, let alone all the greenery to go in it.

Looks kinda cute on top of the Bakers Rack doesn’t it!
These last (3) items were pretty good deals too!

This lantern is very heavy wrought iron, needs a little rust cleaning but will sit nicely on my porch! Not a bad deal at all for $1.00

And this cute little hand painted apothecary jar was a steal at .25 cents!  I’m not crazy about the painted bird on the top but I may be able to remove that easy enough.  What a deal!

And lastly this cute hurricane
candle holder was another find I just couldn’t pass up for $1.00

So there you have it!  All in all,I spent $19.25 total!  What a great day sailing!

I  am also so excited to be linking up Debbie today for her very first linky party!  Thank you my friend, for hosting this party, especially now!  You inspired me to get going and look what I found, something I have been waiting on for quite awhile!  Please check out more fantastic finds here;
Hope you’ll come back again after all the dust and dirt has been cleared away and my new finds have found there way into our home!  Be sure and leave me a comment if you stop by and let me know what you think of the deals I got today.  I love hearing from you!
Have a great weekend Everyone, I am already there!


16 thoughts on “Today I went Yard Sailing!

  1. Oh I am so thrilled you found a bakers rack. I have been wanting one for so long too. They really are quite expensive, but I keep hoping I will find one some time too. I love yours. Just fabulous. Great find all the way around. Hugs, Marty


  2. I think this is awesome! First, the bakers rack, I actually had that very same rack and gave it to a friend when we moved, I always could kick myself for that….the copper lanterns, awesome! I too was up and at em early, and hit some sales, and scored….I spend a total of 9.00 and will be sharing that in the future. Thanks so much for joining in the fun!~


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