Bar Stools Revamped

Awhile back I posted pictures or our kitchen Island redo.  We added bead board and really updated the look, see that post here.  Like most redo’s one thing ALWAYS leads to another.  I couldn’t help but notice how dated my bar stools  looked in contrast to the new updated Island.

While I would love to go out and purchase new modern bar stools to fit our space, it’s just not a priority in my budget right now!  You see,  I am limited to bar stool choices due to the space behind these stools.   What you cannot see is that there is a wall behind the stools that prohibits using larger and more comfortable style stools that would take up to much space to walk behind them comfortably.    So,  I did the next best thing!

 I updated the look with a little help from a can!  A light  sanding, some painters tape, newspaper and some Krylon and my bar stools are looking much better!

 I am loving how much contrast they have against the island now.  It’s fantastic!

I left the tops of the stools as they were before, unpainted but with a stained finish on the top.

It’s  a simple fix and look but really works much better in this space!  For now, anyways!

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6 thoughts on “Bar Stools Revamped

  1. Looks awesome….really they look like new. Another thing I see gals do is paint the numbers on top 1 and 2…I have even seen them make cute little pads for the round chairs….I love them as is but if you want to add another project to the list heheeheheh!~


  2. Oh thanks Debbie! Like I need another project! If I ever get to a point of having more time I would love to sew some cute cushions for the tops, I've already thought about that one. And thanks for the reassurance on the color black Kim, now, I am seriously thinking about painting all the rest of the chairs in the kitchen black too! Whew! It never ends!


  3. Those look fabulous!! What a difference it makes. I love them black and it just flows with the space so much better. Great job! All these girls have me spray painting things too! Isn't it fun?!?


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