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Today I am featuring my entire kitchen and several kitchen vignettes for Table Top Tuesday @ http://astrollthrulife.blogspot.com/ .  Please be sure and visit Marty for more beautiful and creative vignettes.
This is a very heavily narrated post with multiple photos.  Please feel free to skip the read if your in a hurry or not as curious as to the layout of my kitchen.  However, by all means enjoy the photos!
My kitchen has several angles and entry points.  There are doors everywhere!
  I am going to do a walking tour looking at this room from many angles, hope you follow along!
This is looking in from the den.  To the right is our home office and to the immediate left is a glass door that leads down to our garage basement.  Next to it the foyer hallway with half bath that leads to the front door.
Next to the office is this little space which is our mudroom drop zone, so to speak!  This is where we hang our coats in the winter leave our shoes, purse and book bags, along w/everything else.  I cleaned it up today just for you!
Okay we are standing in the office door looking into the kitchen again.  Here is the desk area I converted into a bar, and yes, I’ve been reworking that vignette too! Again!

I moved a few of things on the wall around, and rearranged the set up some on the tabletop.  I think I like this a little bit better.  It’s not as busy in the background as it was before. Now let’s move further into the kitchen looking at the same area from a further distance for a better perspective of space.

If you look towards the bar in this photo you can see the glass door to the basement but there is a hall right before the door that leads to the foyer and front door.
This was great wool rug I found at Sam’s Club one year! Love the colors and florals!
Back in the kitchen right next to my bar area are two doors that lead into my laundry room.  Today is laundry day, sorry the doors are staying closed for now.  I will have to do a feature on it one day as I have done some minor decorating in there too!  Right above the doors is one of my favorite baskets.
This beautiful and large black wrought iron basket.  It was a great find at T.J. Maxx.
Next to the laundry room and next to my oven and warming drawers is a cute little cabinet for my baking sheets, cutting boards, trays, etc.  Love it! It also holds my utensil caddy.
And right above I have my favorite decorative fruit plate and Carolina wheat blessing.
  This is wheat woven into a symbol that is supposed bring prosperity and good health to the house that it is hung in. My mother gave this to me so long ago I have no idea where it came from!
To the right of my oven is an entry into the dining room.
On the left side is my pantry door and this cute little chalk board that we keep track of what needs to be purchased from the grocery store.  We couldn’t live without this!
On the right is my paper pantry and more cabinet space.  I really like to keep my most used appliances out where I am can easily use them.  Thus this is the crock pots home!
Speaking of the crock pot, right above it have hung a very old slate tile from Charleston that a friend gave me.  She painted this on here because she and I were both addicted to playing Cafe World on Facebook at the time.  That was before my blogging days began, she is still playing and I’m now blogging!
Below is a little purple lamp I made from a glass candle jar and I also made the lampshade using fabric and a shade that already had adhesive.  Very easy!  And my most favorite wall decor, the precious hand print tiles my sons made for me in their preschool years.  I love these and have always hung them in the kitchen!
Now I am standing in the dining room look into the kitchen.
Now let’s go back in the kitchen next towards the refrigerator. 
On my stove I keep this cute toile enamel coffee pot I found at Ross.
And hanging above my stove is one my favorite paintings.  Have I ever told you I dabble in acrylics?  Well I do!  As you can see I’m not an artist but I do enjoy painting from time to time when I get inspired.  I have several other paintings I will share with you along the way.  I love this one mostly because of the basket I painted.  In case you haven’t figured it out I have a thing for baskets too!
To the right of this area is my coffee pot and sugar bowls! 
 I also have recently added this cake dish to hold bagels but I’m leaving it empty to show you how pretty the dish is.  It is Spode, bought last summer when I wanted something that wasn’t on a stand! Love it!
Next to this area along the same wall is another door that leads to the Master bedroom!  Beside that door is where I put this painted table another Ross find.
Loved the fruit basket on it!
Above it is one of two florals inherited from my in laws.
And my recent yard sale find made it’s way here too.  I put these lemons in and can’t get them out.  LOL!
From this angle you can see our two sets of french doors but we only use the one on the right.
And below is another shot that shows my baskets above the doors, I’ve always used baskets to decorate in the kitchen and just can’t get away from it.
I love my chandelier.  It is bubble glass and copper with a greenish patina.
Next to this area is the wall that has my built in china hutch.  Love, love, love it!
Here’s my other inherited floral picture and also my final counter top vignette.
I apologize for the less then appetizing fruit but we as you can see we do use this to keep our fruit on hand.
And looking at this same vignette from the opposite side, here’s the view!
Well, there’s my kitchen, did you catch the theme?  A little fruity huh?
I love it and have enjoyed this room more then words can say! Thank you for coming along with me and viewing my space and multiple vignettes.  Like most of you I make changes often and it’s sure to happen again soon.  If you’ve made it through this,now you have a better feel for how my kitchen is laid out.
   I hope you enjoyed the tour and as always I love hearing from you, leave me a comment!

23 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour

  1. Ok, I have drooled my way through your whole kitchen. It is lovely and I LOVE all the fabulous storage you have. Your vignettes are all lovely. I like fruit and flowers and baskets too, so naturally I love it all. Such a great space to spend time. Thanks so much for linking to the party. I know a lot of others will be drooling too. Hugs, Marty


  2. Thank you so much Marty! You are too kind! I finally went back and did my editing now, whew! I had such a time with blogger today! I won't be doing many more of these long posts if this keeps up!


  3. Oh I certainly enjoyed that tour….you did it so well, what a great host. Love the Mary sign over the crock pot…and I noticed the little handprint tiles too. Everything is just so homey Mary, and you can tell you put a lot of time and effort into creating your home to be just that. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  4. What a great tour, I love your big colorful kitchen. So nice that it is central to the whole house, my kitchen is that way too. I like all your personal touches and the fact that you leave your appliance out, I do too. It is just a gorgeous home. thanks for sharing, Marla


  5. Beautiful kitchen, you have added so many great details. Loved the coffe pot on your stove. I have that chandelier hanging in my bathroom, I loved it so much I brought it from my other house with me. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Oh, my goodness! I love your kitchen – it's gorgeous and I love how you've decorated it. It's so huge and love all your spaces and that built in china cabinet is fantastic! You're very blessed!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


  7. Thanks for the tour of your kitchen and some of the other spaces, too! Everything is bright and cheery. I love your colors. So inviting and welcoming. Everything is beautiful!


  8. Thank you so much for the tour of your beautiful and colorful kitchen! I love how you have it decorated throughout and each one of your vignette's are gorgeous!



  9. I think Kitchen tours may be my very favorite of all the rooms I get to view.. Your's is amazing.~! So bright and cheerful.. Just enough stuff without looking cluttered. Colorful and charming.
    Thank you so much for the tour. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit..



  10. What a great kitchen and tour! I really love your painting over the stove! How do you keep things from spattering on it? Love your chandelier too!


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