Leaping Lizards my projects done!

Yay!  I am finished with my bakers rack!  I am so thrilled and cannot wait to show it off!  It looks fantastic!

Sorry ladies, it’s only a sneak peek!  You will have to wait a bit longer for the big reveal!  It overcast and gloomy and not a great day for photos on the screened porch! 

Today is all about Outdoor Wednesday @ http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

Quite literally it’s also about leaping lizards!  They are everywhere around here!  Everywhere I look I am seeing lizards!  This post is dedicated to and all about our reptile visitors!

Here’s one enjoying the side of our hot tub!

Yeah, we’re looking at you!

You may be brown to match the side but you can’t hide!

This one is hiding a little better beneath the potato vine.

What’s on this his face, is it starting to change colors?

Running on the front porch railing…

And this guy on the rain gutter got away!

Yep!  There’s one in the bush’s.

He’s looking rather green!
Wow!  Look at the tail on this one heading for a flower pot.

She doesn’t seem to mind posing for a closeup.

Hmm!  A shy one here!

Peek a boo, I see you!

Hope you enjoyed my company today!
Leave me a comment if you visited today, okay?  Don’t be a leaping lizard! 
Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Leaping Lizards my projects done!

  1. I love those little lizards. When I lived in Fla. as a child I would catch them and play with them. We have a few of them here, but mostly blue striped ones that I don't dare touch.


  2. So glad I stopped by from Out Door Wednesday — loved seeing the dear little ones, interesting how with macro shots you can see that they do look different from us other. So sweet!



  3. Thanks for coming by. In my post I told where those lovely photos are from. It is a design firm in Scottsdale, Az. called nelsonbarnum.com. They have lots of gorgeous rooms that they have done for clients in their photo gallery and there is gorgeous music played.


  4. I have a few around here too, but they are so fast I cannot get a photo of them. However, thankfully, I do not have as many as you.


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