Another Great Saturday Sale

OMG!  Another great Saturday Sale!  NOT sail, but SALE!  I’m going to make this post short and sweet cause I’ve spent the morning Yard Sailing and want to spend the rest of my afternoon Water Sailing. 

I started out late this morning, like after 10:00 am kinda late.  I picked up the newspaper after my leisurely Saturday morning coffee and toaster strudels and saw another multi neighborhood sale.  It was a little further out but would take me less then 30 minutes to get there.  I called a friend to see about exact directions, she didn’t know but wanted to join in.  After googling the directions we hoped in the car and were on our way.  It was well worth the trip and  here’s my haul from this multi family yard sale!

Let me walk you through my finds….

First up these hand painted and signed prints were a steal at .50 cents each.  The ladies selling these had a stock pile of  bird prints in all sizes.  Her father was the artist who sold them in his gallery.  She had framed and unframed, matted and unmatted.  These were my choices from her because I already had more things I was buying from her and was trying not to get carried away.  Sorta wish I had gotten more larger prints too! But I always feel like I am running out of wall space..what was I thinking?

The goblets were $3.00 for a set of four.  I took two photos for you to see if you can see the color.  They are a light blue with a slight iridescence look to them…so pretty!

This very decorative ceramic fruit canister was $5.00.  Of course I just loved it for my kitchen!  It is actually very large and would probably be more considered the size of a cookie jar.

And this beautiful lamp with shade was only $3.00.  She had $5.00 on but said I’ll give it to you for $3.00.  It was getting late and they were ready to wrap it up for the day.  The beauty of the garage sales on the lake are the homeowners have had enough by 12:00pm and are ready to hit the lake!  The lamp is so very heavy!I was quite surprised when I picked it up, so this is a great quality lamp, and it works too!

And finally on our way home we passed another neighborhood that had a garage sale sign up and pulled in to find a moving sale.  The house was trashed and smoke ridden.  We looked inside and walked back out to leave but I stopped to ask the guy how much for this table that was sitting in the yard before leaving.  I was shocked when he said $3.00.  It’s very dirty and will need major TLC!  I can handle that!  Hopefully this one will make it to the front porch, as I am running out of room on the back porch.  LOL!  I am definitely seeing something colorful in this little tables future.


Well, there you you have it!  A great day and great finds!  All in all today I spent a total of $15.00.
I think, that’s pretty good, what do you say?
Thanks for stopping by and be sure and leave me a comment,

I’m linking up with our sweet friend Debbie for Garage Salen Saturday @
 Be sure and check out more great deals and finds at her fun linky party!

11 thoughts on “Another Great Saturday Sale

  1. Uh yea that is a pretty darn good day….I got notta..there was nothing goings on around here today…we had bad rain that carried into the morning…now of course it is fine. I have to get busy what am i going to do for next week:) You have enough here to show us the afters for other parties…you scored! I'm jealous, and thanks for linking up. Be sure to check out some more of the participants…you will be sure to make a friend for two along the way.


  2. Wow you did great. I love the bird prints. They are gorgeous and the fruit canister is just fabulous. I know you will really enjoy it. The glasses and the lamp are both fabulous finds. Such great deals. The table is perfect. I really like the style. I use to have one similar in my bathroom and used the two handles to hang towels from. It looked super. Yours will be awesome all fixed up. Great finds. Hugs, Marty


  3. You really did good. I love all your finds. I would love to find bird prints that cheap. They are so high everywhere. Great lamp and oh how I love that little table. Can't wait to see it after you get a hold of it.


  4. Thanks for stopping by and I must not have gotten your first post on the camper! I like your idea about the roller to paint that accent on the cabinet!

    You got some really great deals! Doesn't it just make you happy when you score big??? That lamp is wonderful and the prints are gorgeous.


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