Missed Opportunities

Don’t you just hate it when you miss an opportunity!  I do!  Today’s post is missing photos, as that is exactly the point of my post.

I recently am very frustrated with myself for not having my camera on hand.  The things I have seen these past few weeks that would have made excellent photo ops!

First in mind was yesterday!  Like why didn’t I take my camera garage salen!  I thought of this last weekend too after the fact.  How cool would it be to capture the directional signs of very organized yard sales and the gathering of people of all walks of life enjoying the hunt.  This weekend in particular, the lady who had tons of bird pics to sell would have been an excellent photo shoot and I may have been able to help her sell a few prints online too, if she was up to that.  But I didn’t even bring my camera.  Then there is the unsurety (is that a word?) of how to go about asking people if they mind you taking their pics to go on your blog online.  I’m just not sure how I can do that!  I really want to, but like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, I need more courage!!!

Then later yesterday my husband and I went for a sail.  It was a hopeful day for sailing!  In the world of lake sailing there are many obstacles to overcome.  Mainly you need the right amount of wind.  Most people see a windy day and dreamily think this is a perfect day for sailing!  Not so!  If it is too windy, and gusty with winds shifting like crazy you run the risk of breaking something on your boat.  As with most boats, sailboat repairs are quite costly, not something you want to risk.   Quite often we are hampered by not enough wind, and a calm flat lake.  It makes a pretty picture but not a picturesque sailing day.   However, if you are blessed with just the right amount of wind, like yesterday, you have the makings of an excellent sailing day.  Can you believe I forgot my camera again!  I had it last weekend but the pictures were not my best, as many were very blurry!  I really wanted to try again yesterday but left the camera behind.  Uuughhh!  We sailed so far across the lake to a popular boating spot for the motor boaters I wanted to capture them all lined up on a beach island for you!  But NOOO!!!  I missed that opportunity!!!

  Here are a few from the weekend prior this past weekend, hope you enjoy!

I said this post was missing photos not photoless!  LOL!  I had to give you something to look at! 

Finally, this missed opportunity was not my fault but I was so sad I didn’t have camera in hand anyway.  Can you believe this?   I was walking in the very back of my yard into the woods to retrieve a piece of lattice I thought we had back there.  I thought the lattice was under and old tree fort we built for the boys when we first moved here.  I walked into the woods, looking strait towards the fort but then before I got to it I stopped.  I spotted another pile of left over wood from various projects my husband had stacked.  I was looking at the pile and trying to figure the best way to walk over to it. Woods can be very tangled you know.  When I started to move forward, something right in front of me jumped up!  When I jumped back I was so startled and pleasantly surprised to see a little baby fawn scamper off!  She wasn’t even much larger then our cats.   I almost stepped on the poor thing!  I was so thrilled and stunned and just watched her run further into the woods.  Immediately I wished I had my camera but knew there wasn’t enough time.  What a photo op that would have made right?

Well, that’s my jabber for this morning!  Just sharing a few things on my mind lately.  Wondering how you do it?  How do you train your mind to remember the camera everywhere you go?  Please tell me it gets easier!  Also, how do you work up the nerve to ask permission to photograph something and someone?  

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I certainly am, even though your not seeing it all!
Thanks for stopping in and leave me a comment if you please.


5 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities

  1. I often miss those moments with the camera, but I have learned (over the last two years especially) that you make those memories with your mind. You won't need them on film because the sight of that sweet fawn will always be there. If you had tried to capture that, it probably wouldn't have been the same.

    My husband gets on to me all the time because I am always behind the camera. He will put his hand on the lens, look me in the eye, and say, “Enjoy it.” You know what… he is absolutely right! I didn't take my big camera on our trip to Europe. We just had his point and shoot and forgot the charger! I was so angry, but glad in a way. I got to really enjoy Jemma seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time instead of trying to capture every image of it and missing out on it in real time.

    So I say, don't sweat it… enjoy it!


  2. I think it would be so much fun to go sailing. I have been on other boats and I love the water. Always have. Thanks for sharing these.


  3. Hi, Love the pictures of sailing, so nice! I had the same problem yesterday, wish I had my camera with me. I'm thinking I might pick up a few disposable camera's to put in my car. I have used them in the past and have been pretty pleased with the results. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment on my Thrifty “RED” finds, I flipped my “LID”. I loved getting that pretty oven set for $3.99 what a deal! Have a great week. I'm a new follower of yours:)


  4. You sound just like me (and many others), I try, try, try to remember my camera every time I walk out the door, but find myself without often.

    If these are your photos from a less than perfect day, I can just imagine how wonderful your weekend was! I would have loved to be sailing this weekend, but ended up stuck at home.

    Thanks for stopping by the Tiki Hut and following me, it let me here and I must say, it was smooth sailing.

    Looked back a bit and now I'm on the hunt for a baker's rack for my porch, lol. Great job!


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