Jesse’s Apple Carving

Today I am introducing you to someone very near and dear to my heart.  My oldest son, Jesse.  He will be 20 this year in August.  He is currently attending culinary school in Charleston, SC.  He lives in an apartment down there with another roommate and also holds a job at MUSC as a prep cook for their World Cuisine Station.  He is a very busy and responsible young man who has decided to stay down there for the summer.   I miss him like crazy, but  I can’t say I blame him, who wouldn’t want to live in Charleston!  He still has another year of school after the summer break and is learning so much in his current position.

Yesterday he surprised us by coming home for a quick overnight visit on his day off.  It’s always too quick for us Moms!  This afternoon while I ran my errands, he went shopping for a new chef’s knife at his favorite store Williams- Sonoma.  Then this evening before he left, he decided to try out his new knife on one of my apples. 
That’s my husband in the background wondering what is going on.  Both me and my younger son are jumping around taking photos and yelling, “Quick, cool, come look!”

And this is what he left us with!  

I guess he knows how much I like birds!  It’s a beautiful swan!  I really did not know he knew how to do these fruit carvings so well.  He has told me about doing these in class but I had no idea!
 I love it!  It is so adorable, I don’t want to eat it!

These pictures of the swan carving were taken a few hours later after he finished. The rechargeable battery in my camera died right in the middle of all that snapping I was doing while he was carving.  Ugghh!
He said it would turn brown rather quickly but so far it hasn’t.  Yayy

I am so proud of him in so many ways!  Mostly I am just so happy to have spent even the smallest amount of time with him this week.  I thought you might enjoy as much as we did, seeing what this sweet boy left us.
I am linking to the following party today,
It’s Show and Tell Friday @http://romantichome.blogspot.com/
Have a happy Memorial Day Everyone!
It’s a busy weekend ahead.  Enjoy! 

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