Thrift Shopping


I was lucky enough to find time for a few thrift shop stops this week.  My first stop netted some pretty good deals.  This was at one of our local thrift stores called, The Good Works Store.  I just have to take a moment to tell you how this store came about.
  When I first moved to our town over 7yrs ago, I did some volunteer work for an organization called Good Works. It was just in it’s beginning stages.   It is a non-profit Christian based organization that does home repairs and remodels for the less fortunate in our area.  Our town is located in one of the wealthier areas of our county, but right at our back door in a neighboring town are some of the poorest.  This organization was formed by local Christians who saw a great need for their neighbors, that was going unmet.  It is supported by all volunteer services, and donated items.  As this organization grew so did the donations!  So large were the donations that they often exceed the demand.  While storage is quite adequate the donations are often more than can be used at any one given time.  This surplus of items became the inventory for the The Good Works store.  All proceeds go right back to Good Works for purchases of items that sometimes are not always donated, such as shingles, nails, siding, etc.  The store is open only a few days a week with limited hours but is open to everyone!  Here is a sampling of my lucky finds this Thursday!

I purchased this picture for $5.00.  It was the Gold frame I was after! Love it! I have been doing a little adjusting of my wall decor in the dining room and wanted a gold frame to fit a print that I had in a dark wood frame.  Watch for more on this redo in an upcoming post.
Here’s a close up of a few more items. 
This metal basket is meant to hang off of this hook.  I bought it for $5.00 also!
I think it is a candle holder as it has a long glass insert.  You could also use it as a vase too!
I bought this ceramic candle pillar with the intentions of using it as a base for a stand to hold my cloche.  I immediately thought I would paint it black but am really loving the yellow finish of this piece.  It has a slightly goldenrod tone with a nice glaze and cleaned up beautifully!
I also purchased this light for $2.00.  It’s quite a gamble as it has some rusted up spots that I hope I can sand and paint well enough.  I was hoping to clean it up, give it a fresh coat of paint and put it in my half bath.  I like the style of this more then the standard builders grade I currently have in there.  We shall see!  If not, I’m happy to know that $2.00 is still going to a very worthy cause!
Then today, Friday I was able to drop into two more of our local thrift shops.  Here is the combination of today’s finds.
This pretty ceramic cobalt blue plate just sang out to me for $1.00  Wish there were a total of four of these, but I do have other thoughts for this single plate.
And this cute little tin jug was only $1.00 also.  Wonder where this might end up?  Hmm?
And this set of four napkin rings is looking kinda rough,  but for $1.00 I couldn’t pass them up.  A little paint job and they will be better then new.  The metal is in great shape. it’s just loosing it’s coloring!
Well, there’s my thrifty finds this week.  Pretty good huh? I’m linking up with the following parties;
Please be sure and check out more great deals here as well!
And I just have to leave you with this, just a thought, I’m thinking…
Too colorful, or just right???
Thanks for stopping by, be sure and let me know you were here if you do!
Have a fantastic weekend!

12 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping

  1. Hi Mary….what a great sounding organization to be part of! You had another great week of finds I would say….Love the seeds tin, and the yellow and blue…well hello my favorite colors. Thanks for linking up. Have a wonderful weekend:) Debbie


  2. Great finds! All the sunny yellow pedestal and cobalt plate need are some bright red strawberies on top! I love all those colors! Can't waqit to see whats in store for the gold frame?! Thanks! Donna…the 3rd sister


  3. You did great! When I dropped stuff off at our Goodwill a couple of months ago, they had stuff stacked practically to the ceiling. I wanted to browse the storage area! I love the candlestick and I was thinking it would look great with a dish top for a cloche.


  4. Wow, awesome treasures! I love your yellow candlestick with the blue plate! So bright and cherry! Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my Garden Delight Table…it really brought me pleasure to design this table with the garden tool centerpiece! I like trying to do unique displays with flowers; however, I don't think the pictures captured the centerpiece as well as I wished. Have a wonderful day!


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