There’s a rooster on my porch!

I am sharing a first with you today.  My first Rooster purchase!  I know, I know, it’s kind of amazing isn’t it?  All these years and I’ve never been a rooster collector until now.  LOL!  I have so enjoyed looking at all your beautiful roosters, that it was bound to happen!  I must admit it was quite a natural progression though.  Remember that cute little springy green wash stand I did the redo on?  After putting it on the front porch it just screamed farm house to me!  It’s quite a departure from my regular style, but I’ve decided to run with it and have fun!

 I’ll be joining the following linky parties today to show off my front porch, with all it’s country charm!

for Tabletop Tuesday

I’ll start with my front door first so you will see why I went the direction I did on my wash stand tabletop decor.  This is my beautiful summer wreath!  As you can see, it has a multiple of colors but no red!

  I loved the suggestion to add red geraniums (my favorite) to my wash stand but I decided to take a different route.   I still added the suggested pop of color, only alot of color, to compliment my door.

And here it is!  My first rooster!  Isn’t she a beauty?  I think so! 

Here’s a close up of my washstand vignette.

Okay, now back to this darling!  Isn’t she purrty!  And so full of herself too!  Just look how she’s standing with her head up high and striking a pose!  What shall we call her?

I through this little flower arrangement together myself with everything I already had laying around collecting dust.  Because I just refinished this table I’m not quite ready to put a live plant on it that needs watering.  I want to enjoy my paint job as long as possible before the elements start to set in.   This little purple pot has always been a favorite of mine but I don’t do well with live plants in small pots, so it’s been empty awhile.  It looks great mixed with all the colors of the flowers I added.  The wire basket I had two of just sitting in the garage.  When I pulled one out for this arrangement, I added the other one to my potting bench.  Isn’t it amazing how many things we can forget we have?

This red initial “K” came from Marshall’s a few years ago.  I literally had to jump in and grab it before another customer scooped up everyone they had.  LOL!  It’s been on our porch ever since.
And I know you remember my latest addition, this cute little tin from the thrift store!

Now here’s a little tour of the rest of my porch, hope you enjoy!

I have to brag on this idea!  These tables by my rocking chairs were made from bar stools that used to be in our old house.  The stools had a swivel bamboo and iron seat with arms that sat on these bases.  I was very sad to see they were too big for our bar stool space in this kitchen, but held on to them and re purposed them as tables for our front porch.  The granite stepping stones I found at Lowe’s several years ago, I have four and have reused all but 1 so far for tables.  I just love this transformation!

Cute Oil lanterns!

And the Mr. finished cutting my old counter top again to add a tabletop to the old record player stand.
Love it!
Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the tour of our front porch!
Leave me a comment if you dropped in so I’ll know you were here.  Oh, and don’t forget, that sassy rooster needs a name!

25 thoughts on “There’s a rooster on my porch!

  1. Mary you are making me just smile picture after picture!~ Yes your rooster has attitude…best not mess with mine…mine will make yours blue, black and blue perhaps lol!!~ Your front porch screams come come sit stay on my sweet southern porch…would you like some sweet tea? I love it all…!~


  2. I just love your front porch. I so want one. Your rooster is strutting his stuff. Watch out you may find yourself wanting more of them. The vignette on that cute table looks great.


  3. Oh my good gracious! What an absolutely gorgeous front porch! I just crazy about everything. I especially love that red initial. I wonder if I could find one on Ebay……


  4. Mary, I absolutely love your front porch!! I'd love to have one just like it!! Your rooster is very purrty!! I am another one who loves to collect roosters! I just found me another rooster at Hobby Lobby Saturday! I posted a picture of him on my blog today..

    Your vignette looks great and I really like the color of your table!



  5. Your porch is gorgeous and congratulations on your Rooster! He's a beauty! Your front door is such a beautiful color and your wreath is so pretty! You did a great job on the vignette on that precious little table.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


  6. I like roosters, too, but have never bought one! I keep looking, so maybe one day one will come home with me. I love your rooster, and I love your very cute front porch! Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog post 🙂


  7. Great job and I just love your porch!! I want to go out and work on mine now!! So cheerful! I am a lover of roosters except for the real ones that are owned by our neighbors!! I think you should name him Rooty!!!


  8. You know how much I LOVE your porch. It is just gorgeous and such an inviting space. Only in my dreams. Every single detail of it is perfect. Love “Mr. Roo”. He is indeed regal and fabulous. Thanks so much for the tour, Fabulous. Thanks also for joining the party. Hugs, Marty


  9. Mary, thank you so much for visiting me on my blog and for leaving such sweet comments! I am so happy that the sun is shining real pretty at my home today! I can't handle sun less days for very long!

    I've got to tell you again… I really do love your front porch!! It is so inviting and comfortable looking!!

    Have a wonderful day!



  10. Thanks so much for all the nice comments. You ladies are all so sweet! Really! I mean so many of you gently and so sweetly reminded me that my rooster cannot be a female by only speaking of him as a “HE” in your posts! LOL! What was I thinking? I guess that's it, I wasn't thinking! He is soo purrrtyyy, I just naturally dubbed him a female. Haha! I stand corrected. Thank you!!!!


  11. What a beautiful, welcoming porch! It's just perfect! THanks for stopping by my DDay post! I'm so happy when people remember those men and women who really gave so much. Thanks to your brave FIL:-)


  12. I can only dream of having a porch like that! It is fabulous and I love your rooster. When I moved to my new place I added one in memory of my mother. It is part of her salt and pepper collection, along with the hen. The paint was badly worn, but when I removed it, a beautiful pair of while porcelain birds emerged. I'll have to post about them one day, but I wish I had taken a “before” shot.


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