Repainted Chairs

Do you remember I repainted my bar stools several weeks back.  If not you can see that post HERE!   Long story short,  I repainted them to get a nice contrast against my newly redone kitchen island.  You can see that post HERE!  Before I even painted the first bar stool I knew what I was in for.  I knew this was going to lead to yet another paint job.  It was one of those paint jobs I had been wanting to do for awhile now but had been putting it off.  You see, I’ve been putting this job off because I’ve been down this road before, several times in fact.  Let me show you what I am talking about.

This is our kitchen table!  We inherited this piece from my husband’s family.  This is the kitchen table that he grew up with.  It is a massive 55″ round oak claw foot table.  We had quite a bit of concerns when we bought this house if it would fit the space.  We literally built a very large kitchen dining area in our old house to accommodate this table, as most kitchen dining areas tend to be rather minimal.

It has two 10.5″ wide sleeves that you can insert to expand this table bringing it to 76″ long.
That comes in handy during the holidays when we have the extended family over.

The base on this table is a nice thick barrel.
And has four massive sized claw feet on casters to roll.

Can you tell I love this table!  I am so thrilled we were able to get it as my husband has other siblings that could have just as easily wound up with it.  It came with 6 wooden slat chairs that had also been in his family for years.  This is how our kitchen table with chairs used to look last week. 

The chairs were painted a light sagey green.  I painted these myself when we moved into our old house.  I used a brush and left the strokes visible as I was going for a shabby look.
As you can see over time they flaked and the chippy look was fine with me too.

Here you can see why I have been putting this job off.  You see, I have painted these chairs several times already.  Three times already to be exact!  I had my son help with the sanding this week and he went a little far on this chair.  He’s never sanded before and didn’t understand I just wanted a light sanding.

But I took these photos so you could see all the colors these chairs have been.  The light green, blue, and burgundy rose are all colors I’ve done.  The yellow and my son says there’s a darker green there too were from my husbands family.  They were a bright yellow when we first got them.
Anyway, I love these chairs as much as I do the table with all their history and color.   I’ve never wanted new chairs for this table.  But I do enjoy a new look, so now these chairs have another coat of paint.

And here’s how they look today!

It’s been quite a project as the green chairs had a coat of shellac on them that was hard to sand off.

But I am pretty pleased with them now!

And I think they look wonderful with the black bar stools now too!  Don’t you?

I am joining the following party today @ http://www.theshabbychiccottage.net/
for Transformation Thursday.
for Modern Craftswoman Monday!  Thanks Rory!
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17 thoughts on “Repainted Chairs

  1. I love them black. Those are the biggest claw feet I believe I have ever seen. You should see Bailey's face when she hears the birds on your site.


  2. PERFECT!!!! That looks fabulous! Don't you love when it all comes together? I love your kitchen! I also love the nature background. That is really nice and soothing!


  3. Love the chairs. They are just wonderful. I realy like them painted black. That works wonderful. Your table is stunning and I can see why you love it. My breakfast table is 54″ round and has 4 leaves. So it can be a monster too. I love the extra large size, perfect to hold all the bowls and platters and I love to serve family style. Your home is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty


  4. I love the color black painted on wood furniture! People were biginning to wonder about me because I was painting everthing black! I really think it finishes your beautiful kitchen! Great job!! Now, I might paint mine 🙂 somehow they didn't get painted too! Thanks for sharing! Donna…the 3rd sister


  5. We had the same exact table growing up only we had 3 or 4 “leaves”, as my mother called them, to expand the table. (There were 6 of us kids). My brother bought my parents house & has the table still. The chairs look great black! It was a good choice.


  6. What a difference! I love those old tables as well and refinshed one just like it a few years ago but coffee table height. They have such an animated look to them…like they could scamper across the floor! I'd love you to share this redo on Modern Craftswoman Monday! Stop by for a visit! Rory


  7. What a wonderful paint job on those chairs and the best part, you have the perfect space for the family table… very nice!

    ps…am I hearing Birds? nice touch!


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