Unusual Weather

Wow!  Have we had some crazy weather lately!  The last few days we have had records highs just topping triple digits at 100 degrees, with heat index’s even higher!  Although we live in the south this is not expected yet so soon!  It has been hot and oppressive and dangerous!  I was going to show you how we spent the weekend trying to beat the heat.  However, I have to fill you in on the moment first.  Right now our temperature is at 78 degrees after getting 2.5 inches of rain from a thunder and hail storm.

  After a late afternoon of antiquing with my Mother today, I returned home at the end of a lightening storm.  My first clue something wasn’t right was when I pulled up to find my big beautiful blue umbrella in the driveway!  I was in a panic when I saw that the pole was only half the size it was supposed to be!  Luckily it had only come off the second part of the pole and was looking pretty rumpled but not broken.   Unfortunately I cannot same the same for my table.  This is what I returned home too…

As you can see there’s the second part of my umbrella, still in the stand.  I can only assume it became air born and lifted the table which stayed behind with a big CRASH!

My chairs were scattered about too!  Luckily this is the only damage we had!  I have been wanting a new table so I guess this means the hunt is on! 

Now back to my original post!  What do you do when it’s miserably hot?  I spent part of the day sitting around the house as usual whining about how hot it is and how we do not have a pool.  That is, until the Mr. told me to pack it up we were going on the lake.  Fortunately there was a small enough breeze to make it less miserable then sitting in my back yard and the water was exceptionally comfortable when the breeze died down and we jumped in. 

This past weekend our club was hosting our annual Thistle Regatta.  These are smaller racing sailboats.  This particular fleet has a large following of dedicated sailors who travel these regattas from state to state.  This year was our smallest turnout of only 17 boats total.  They guessed it was due to the heat as most of those who travel to our club usually camp out for the weekend.  They had a great time and were able to get in all their races despite the heat.  Here’s a few photos of their last race on Saturday from our perspective on our boat.

 I apologize for the photos but I have a real problem taking these photos when our boat is bobbing up and down in the water.  Additionally when the sun is shining I cannot see what my lens is focused on so it’s a gamble at best.

These are the Thistles going down wind with their colorful spinnakers out!
I love seeing these colorful sails!

The pontoon in the middle is holding our race committee members.

I am very pleased to see I actually was able to get any shots at all.  I literally could not see what I was shooting!

This is towards the end of the race as they were dropping sails and some were being towed back in.  The Thistles do not have motors to cruise back in when they are finished and usually sail in if weather permits.

They are pretty boats and fun to watch but a bit too small and tight for me!  I like my leg room!
After they left we jumped in the lake, cooled off, turned on our motor and headed back home.

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I love hearing from you, be sure and let me know if you stopped by.
Happy Outdoor Wednesday Everyone!
Stay cool!

16 thoughts on “Unusual Weather

  1. Hot Hot Hot it is unbelievable! I have been staying indoors or near the lake I was today in the shade with a nice breeze. I can't believe your table….well like you said that was all the damage. Love your sailboat pics…looked like a great day.


  2. Girl, I know what you are saying. Today I dropped Jemma off at ballet camp and at 9:30 it was 92 degrees! We were at the beach all day yesterday. I had to have my toes in the sand on my birthday! The water was crazy warm. We stayed inside all day today as there was an excessive heat warning all along the coast. It thundered and there was lighting all around us, but we never actually got rain. So sorry about your table. I was upset when I thought something happened to that blue umbrella! Several of our friends had their tables crash like that and ended up getting iron or tile ones. Good luck on your hunt! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  3. Hot and miserable here in Ga. too and we had a storm come up tonight. I had to shut down the computer and unplug it. It is still raining, but the worst is over. So sorry about your table, but now you can get a new one. Love the sailboat pictures.


  4. Sorry about your table. The heat is crazy here too. I just stay inside. I meant to tell you my grandma has land on Lake Murray. I think she wants to sell it too. I have not been down there in years.


  5. Mary, I will get you the address and I should have told you! This is nothing fancy! I'm sure you could afford it too. I know it's in Newberry and the land is in a inlet? Not 100% sure. Gosh, It's been probably 10 years or more since I've been down there. would be great for a weekend get away maybe. She is so tired of paying the property taxes and no one goes down there.

    I think the sunglasses may be sold out! They each came with their own case too!


  6. I had that happen once with the umbrella. Ours popped up and hit a bathroom window on the second floor and broke it, and then the umbrella broke when it hit the ground {the spoke pieces}. I'm sure they can be quite dangerous in a storm with wind. They are like a projectile waiting to happen! Glad you didn't suffer any other damage.


  7. Thank you so much for the encouragement with my mom. I understand totally what you are going through. I am sad to say that it progresses and gets even harder so enjoy her now. I have cried many times for the mother that is gone. If you have time and haven't read it already, this is my post about my life with my mom.


    I am so glad no one was hurt with the storms. We are also having excessive heat and storms. Our road is so washed out that I'm not sure what it will take to put it back together.

    I also understand about taking pictures on the boat!! It is so hard as you are bouncing all the time with the waves!!!


  8. Yes, its been hot here also and we're getting an afternoon thunderstorm almost everyday. One a few weeks ago tore up the canopy on my swing (much like the one in your photo). After that I turned my new glass top table upside down to try and avoid an accident like yours.

    Boating is a perfect way to spend a hot summer day!


  9. Sorry about the storm damage to your table. Looking forward to seeing the new one you pick out! I love watching sailboat regattas. You managed to get some good pictures. It has been pretty hot on the central Gulf Coast of Florida. We have had temperatures up to 101 already which is not typical for June. We have had a few thunderstorms the past couple of days but nothing too bad.


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