Green and White Tablescape

Good Morning!  Today the sun is shining brightly and the temps are still fairly low yet!  I am feeling happy to still have an extra table to do outdoor settings after loosing my umbrella table, so I have decided to do a green and white table scape.  I have been very inspired by so many of you that I can’t help but join in on all the fun.

 I know there is much to be proud about when being original and unique.  However, I hope most of you do not mind when someone borrows your ideas and uses them in their own way.  I am all about giving credit where it is due, but I am not sure I remember who had the first green and white setting that I saw, but I loved it!  I loved it so much it stuck with me!  I know this is probably not a new concept to most of you who regularly table scape, but it is to me.  I would have never thought of pulling a setting together in this way, using certain colors only.

 That concept has added a whole new dimension of table setting for me!  Really!  I have always thought of decorating a table with what you have but not so much in terms of themes and colors.  I mean I have always tried to purchase things for my table that coordinate but have not done alot of mixing and matching.  Now that I’m blogging and joining in on all the fun it’s added so much more to my creative side and I just love it!  So thank you to whomever did the first green and white table setting and to all of you who have followed suit and posted your beautiful settings!  I hope you will enjoy mine as well.

I started with this older green and white tablecloth.  My sister in law gave me this years ago during one of her garage sales.  I loved the way this looked like lattice to me.  It is one of my favorites even though it is well into fading now.  Let’s move in a little closer!

 Then I added my centerpiece items.

English Ivy and a small cloche on silver

In a beautiful lime green pot.

Yes, this needs polishing big time, but I liked the varnish look for this casual setting

A green candle sits in a crystal votive sitting in milk glass.

I  am loving this place setting, so pretty!

It began with my white everyday plates with embossed fruit from Gibson. 

Then added my white monogrammed linen napkins.

 I topped it off with my green and white plastic salad plates from the Better Homes and Gardens collection at Walmart and clear footed fruit bowls.

I added crystal goblets and my silver plated stainless flatware, Louisiana by Oneida.


For serving fruit for two I added this sweet crystal bowl given to me by my best friend.  It has florals and sweet little butterflies etched in the side.  I also used our monogrammed tea towel and the matching flatware serving pieces.

I hope you also noticed I chose the greenest location I could find to set up this table!
I hope you enjoyed my green and white table scape today, set amongst my beautiful green plants.
This was so much fun setting up! 
I am joining http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for Tablescape Thursday.
Be sure and check out more beautiful settings from the link above!
Have a great day!

29 thoughts on “Green and White Tablescape

  1. I did notice your location, Mary, and how pretty the sweet potato vine looks in the background on the one side. Very pretty! I love the fresh, crsip, clean look of the green and white. Love your cloche and your dishes. That tablecloth may be old and fading, but I think it is just lovely, and I love the ruffle on it.


  2. HI Mary! I agree with you the green setting is just beautiful. You did a wonderful job with the whole table. I love the garden look, and the plants on your patio. I just love it all. You know with that green you chose you could decorate it with brown for fall, or pink for early spring. It is gorgeous, the linens, the plates, wow…you really have wonderful taste.
    Wonderful blog too!


  3. Ohhh that looks so pretty…i want to come over and sit for a while there with ya! All the greenery around it just added as a gorgeous backdrop to your already fun and energetic table. Thanks for sharing Mary, your pics are awesome!


  4. I just adore green and white — green and anything really. Your table is so beautiful. I like everything on it. The monogramed napkins are fantastic. The dishes — what can I say – I am drooling. Everything on the table is a treat for the eyes.


  5. I love your green and white theme, it is so cool and refreshing! It's very hot in the South, so this looks very inviting! I'm new to tablescapes also. I just did my third one. 🙂 It does open up a whole new creative outlet! Normally I would only do tablescapes at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I'm having lots of fun!



  6. What a perfect tablescape for patio dining, everything has a garden theme, right down to the fruit embossed plates. Love it all and it looks so much nicer than the photos from yesterdays disaster!

    You did an amazing job, are you sure you don't do this everyday?


  7. I love the location and the big fern in the corner. I will have to see if I can find those green and white plates, they are too cute. Thanks for sharing your lovely table!


  8. Wow, love that colour green – it looks so refreshing. I'm sure most people would be honoured to have someone take up their ideas!! I know I would.


  9. I love your beautiful green and white tablescape! Your tablecloth and dishes are truly lovely, and of course you know I love those monogrammed napkins with the “K” on them! It's so funny that we have the same flower pot but in different colors!

    Thanks so much for posting my giveaway in your sidebar! Good luck!

    Kat 🙂


  10. Hi Mary,
    I love it! You know how I feel about color and this green beauty is wonderful! I love the ruffled tablecloth and the BHG plates are really neat looking! I've been eyeing them up myself. And your deck is so lush looking with all the lovely plants!
    Have a wonderful weekend too!


  11. Mary it's gorgeous!! Now you have me going back looking for green and white! Love those crystal goblets! What is that pattern?? Love everything, it's so fresh and summery!


  12. Thats beautiful… and it merges so well with your overall greenarea that it soothes very much, nice china and specially I love your candle holder, I am sure a cup og- f tea is a great time here…


  13. What a BEAUTIFUL table! And I adore that tablecloth! I like my silver things tarnished as well! 🙂
    I'm having a 100th post celebration giveaway if you'd like to join in on the fun! 🙂


  14. The tablecloth is really lovely, fresh and crispy looking and so summerly. I love the ruffles on it, I will sew one for me in this style. Thank you for this inspiration. And your plates are really stunning, even as they are plastic, they look great. Its the very same green like the tablecloth. You added a lot of pretty and adorable things and the whole table is an eye candy.
    Greetings, Johanna


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