Refreshing Blues

I finally moved some things around the lower back deck after loosing my umbrella table.  I’ve come up with a temporary arrangement that works for me for now.  Anyway, while moving things around today I noticed a certain little stand that I have used as a table looking pretty rusty and BORING!

  I remember going out and looking for this stand after going to a parade of homes and seeing that the decorators had used these for little tables in between seating.  Perfect for holding a glass of wine or two.

This one in particular appealed to me with the tropical palms on it!

Well after getting everything all prepped and giving it a fresh coat of paint, I still had more paint!
I already had this spray paint can left over from another project.  Wow!  I still have more!
That’s when I remembered this sweet little chair in the front yard.

This photo is from late April when I first purchased this chair.  I still love the chair but everything has grown so much and filled in around it that it was getting lost in this setting.  So I spray painted it too!
By now your probably wondering what color right?  Well, here you are, take a look!

That’s right it’s blue!  I guess you could say I’ve been getting rather hot around here lately and this blue sure does add a refreshing and soothing ambiance.  I knew I wanted to use this color on my stand since it was already in the tiles but I just went out on a limb with the little chair. 

And now, here’s a glimpse with my stand and it news look.

I’ve been using this stand for some time between these two lounge chairs but I’ve only recently put the umbrella in between them too.  My pretty blue umbrella which by the way actually did suffer more than I had thought!  It will be seeing it’s last summer this year too and will need replacing!  I’ll be watching those end of the year sales closely for sure! 

I’m joining http://www.theshabbychiccottage.net/ for Transformation Thursday.  Please be sure and check out other great transformations at the link above.
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11 thoughts on “Refreshing Blues

  1. Love love love the blue! Especially on that little chair. There is just something about the color blue. Aaaahhhh! So sad to hear about the umbrella! You will find a great one on sale, I am sure of it! Hope it's the same blue!!


  2. so sorry to hear you lost your table. I lost 2 chairs when the 80 mph winds came through a few weeks ago. The blue you choose is terrific~!!
    that little chair is adorable and looks just right in that space.



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