My Vintage Loft

 Wow!  I really didn’t think I would have this much to post about this week but it really has been quite eventful for me lately.  Yesterday, I helped my mom clean out her closet.  She has been wanting me to help for sometime.  This basically means taking away the things she doesn’t want or giving them to me!

I hadn’t expected she had so much neat stuff in her closet.  I knew she kept some things other then clothes in there but was surprised to find some of what I did!  I came away with more then I am showing you here today but wanted to share these in particular since they are definitely vintage!  I don’t know why I wanted them but after getting back home I realized I had the perfect spot for them upstairs.

At the top of our stairs in between the bedrooms there is an area (alcove?) we call the loft.  It is quite a neat little space but I have constantly been redoing this space.  Currently I relocated all of our old wicker furniture that was sitting in the basement to this space.  It is in really bad shape but was getting worse in the basement and I didn’t have the heart to part with it yet. 

When I first got this set it was white, and a hand me down by my brother.  I immediately painted it black and put it on the screen porch.  The way our porch is built the end by the hammock gets a lot of exposure to the weather.  This poor little set was rapidly deteriorating so it had to be moved.  Lesson learned! 

Please don’t focus too much on how unfinished this area is as it’s a work in progress and will likely change should I get the heart to say farewell to my wicker.  But that’s not what I brought you here to see today!  Take a closer look and I’m sure you’ll see what I want you to focus on.

That’s right!  It’s the vintage shoes!  I got both of these shoes from my mom yesterday as well as the purse.

I thought it would be cute to display this shoe and purse together on this chest. I already had the rose teapot and my Lamp Berger on this table.  The painting above was done by my grandmother on my fathers side.  It was one of the last she did before her cataracts became worse.  You can tell her since of depth in this one was really off, but we love it all the same because this mill was a special location for her. 

Here is the first “vintage” shoe I wanted to show you!  I really need to clean it up a bit but isn’t it cool!
It really isn’t so far off from some of the styles I’ve seen around today.  I guess you would call this one a classic!  I love that is has a wider heel, as I really need wider heels to stay balanced!

The purse I also got from my mom yesterday!  It was her mamma’s.  I almost passed it by, but then I just couldn’t!  It’s so narrow, but so well made.  Definitely a formal wedding or funeral type purse!  LOL!

And here’s shoe number two!

This one really cracks me up.  Look at the shape of it!  Can you imagine?  My mother saved these from many, many years ago from when she used to be in a garden club.  They used these in their arrangements.  I really wonder where they came from?

This lamp also has a wonderfully old look to me too!  It was an inherited piece from my MIL.  I love the sweet roses on it!  It doesn’t really fit my decor but I will always keep this lamp.  I love it!

Here is another one my grandmothers paintings!  She actually had an old pail she would leave by the spicket that was next to the house. She really did see these sweet little birds come and drink water from her pail.

My old wicker now holds all these pillows I made year ago!  I made all of the ones on this sofa except the one in the middle.  I love all types of fabric!  These also look very vintage to me.

Both my wicker chairs have two pillows, a plaid and this floral.  The floral, plaid and bird pillows are all reversible.  The plaid has a solid plum color, the birds, have the plaid, and this floral has the photo below.  I made them all at different times using fabric I had on hand.  Since they all coordinate, I put them all together here on this set for the first time when I moved it up here!

I really am starting to like how this space is coming together.  I am open to any additional suggestions since this is not my usual style!  I am thinking of repainting the wicker (dread) if I keep it.  I would love to hear all your thoughts on this if you would be so kind as to share!   I think there is so much more I could do here in this space using this direction.  What do you think?

I’m linking up with http://coloradolady.blogspot.com/ for Vintage Thingy Thursday!
Be sure and visit the link above to see more old stuff!  LOLUrrr…I mean vintage stuff!
Have a great day!

20 thoughts on “My Vintage Loft

  1. In helping your mom clean out closets, look what treasure to found. Your finds look really nice the way you displayed them. I love the painting as well my your grandmother. Treasure to keep.


  2. hi Mary.. next time your mom wants to clean closets can I be there PAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLEASE..
    love that ceramic shoe- I have one in black just like it.. that painting and those bird pillow.~!! you lucky duck, I'm seriously jealous I tell ya..
    thanks for visiting me and to answer your question, yes I do think the wardrobe would still be fine in white if I go back with the other items in black..
    I'm mid way between lexington and winston in MIDWAY:) where are you.. I have my email addy on my blog- write me sometime and we'll talk all about the yeaa's n nay's of living in NC.. maybe we can trade great thrifting sites too..
    I need to do a post about finding other NC decor bloggers,, we'd have a blast..



  3. Cool shoes and purse! I have a purse something like this, and I put flowers in them. If it stands up on it's own you can do it. Just put a glass inside with water, and put the flowers in.
    Or of course you can use fake ones! Thanks for sharing!



  4. Love those shoes!! How cool is that?!? I also love the paintings by your grandmother. She has such talent. The mill picture is so detailed and I love the one with birds. Your loft area is so cozy! I have the same wicker set and I can't part with it yet either! I do like it painted though. May be time to break out the spray paint!


  5. How incredibly wonderful! Those shoes are amazing and I loved the way you incorporated them into such a special area of your home. Your grandmother's paintings are delightful, what a treasure they are. I just love everything about this space.


  6. What wonderful treasures you found for all your hard work! What a great vintage purse…that is really a neat find! It is amazing to see those shoes, they are really neat…and your are right, back in style!! Have a great VTT and thanks for linking in today!!


  7. Hi Mary — I think “old stuff” is a great term; it's honest, and really — don't we all adore “old stuff?”

    Your treasures from your Mom are fabulous. Those shoes! And that handbag looks as if you could pair it with a cocktail dress this evening and head out on the town — it looks in perfect condition.

    I love the wicker where you have it. It's cozy and charming.
    PS LOVE your suggestion to paint my old metal chair in yellow! You are brilliant!!!


  8. Oh isn't it fun to go rummaging in mom's closet?! I love going over to my mother's house, you never know what you're going to come home with, lol! Such pretty vintage goodies you have to share today, thank you!


  9. wow, i love your loft. what a great space! those pieces look great there, and it's nice to have a real connection to the things we display.

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on yard sales. yours end at 12, too? that is crazy. they need to have special “lazy riser” yard sales, don't you think?


  10. I love this space you have with your pretty wicker furniture in it! It looks wonderful! And the vintage shoes and purse are the perfect touch! I love the dresser as well! And the pillows you made look great with everything! 🙂


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