Tubing on the Lake

This past weekend was another scorcher!  To my sons delight the wind was dead so we decided to take the motor boat out.  Taking the motor boat out now basically means tubing!  My favorite thing to do is just cruise the lake leisurely and check out the beautiful homes and landscaping along the shores.  However,  we rarely spend anytime just cruising around and checking out the lake…it’s all about the tubing or sailing! 

Currently our motor boat is a small 17ft Sea Ray.  This runabout is an older boat in very decent condition considering it’s age.  I spent Saturday morning cleaning her up for the first time this season and getting her ready.  We have enjoyed this boat tremendously but do feel ourselves moving in the direction of a pontoon someday.  This year in particular with all the heat really has me dreaming of a bimini top!

Back to reality!  This is our motor boat.   Sorry, I forgot to pics with the cover off!  Maybe next time.

Now please don’t laugh too hard!  We did not name this boat, it came with this name.  LOL!  We couldn’t help but laugh every time we saw it so we decided to leave it and keep the smiles. 

  Here’s a few shots from our Saturday fun time on the lake with our youngest son, Shane!

Preparing the tube!

Getting the goggles ready!

Deciding against the goggles after all!

And we’re off!

Just look at that grin on his face!

He rode this tube so long he literally wore himself out!  Whew!

This is a photo of the Lake Murray Dam!

Close up of the towers!

This bridge will be filled with spectators this Saturday to watch the fireworks.  Every 4th we have a huge fireworks display on two of the lake islands that can be seen from several vantage points.  It’s a very large display and broadcast with music on a local radio station as well!  It’s quite spectacular!
We also have a large boat parade in the afternoon!  Very fun to see!

I was only able to get a few shots of some pretty homes!  These are some of the more modest homes!  Literally!  I really hope I can get the Mr. to take me on a tour to do some serious photo shoots soon! You would love it!

This is Pine Island Club and Clubhouse.  It is owned by SCE&G Power Co.  It is for employees and their guests only.  We are members here too because my husband works for SCE&G.  We rarely use the facilities since it is further from our home by land then water.  When motoring we like to scoot by here to see who’s around.

That’s all the photos I could get in this weekend.  I hope you enjoyed them!  I guess you kinda figured I’m joining http://www.asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ for Outdoor Wednesday.  Please be sure and visit this site for more exciting and beautiful outdoor adventures.
Be sure and leave me a comment if you visit, I’d love to hear from ya!

6 thoughts on “Tubing on the Lake

  1. And this my friend is why I love the Carolinas! Beautiful Lake, and those homes are magnificent! Your son and my boys would sure have a blast together. We are in the market for a new tube…they want one that you can lay on your stomach. Our tube has been very very good to them, however, after four years they are getting bored with it. Of course Mary I am like you, I just want to cruise around and and enjoy! Great photos.


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