Creepy Crawleys and Hitchhikers


Please join me and my friends over at Susan’s for Outdoor Wednesday @ http://www.asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/.

This afternoon while taking a break (recovering from a very active weekend) on the screen porch I spotted a very unusual guest.  Mind you this guest was not actually in my screened porch, thank God, but was perilously too close on the outside.  I literally jumped in my skin when I saw him because I had been sitting out there awhile before I spotted him.

Here he is..just look at this thing!  OMG!
This is no ordinary lizard..I think it’s a skink??
He was at least a good 8 to 10 inches long!
And wedged in between my screen porch post and the downspout.  Yuck!
This was a big fat chunky thing too!
With a tail that went on forever somewhere I couldn’t see!  Eueww!!!
Now on to another unusual visitor we had, this time on the sailboat!
There she is… Ms. Dragonfly! 

Look how she latched on quite comfortably there.

We called her the hitchhiker, because she jumped on somewhere in the middle of the lake…

And rode for so long until we neared the land, then made a hasty exit!
Be sure and let me know if you stop by as I love to hear from you!
Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

24 thoughts on “Creepy Crawleys and Hitchhikers

  1. We get those…it may be a skink, but they are really big, we had one as a pet….Charlie was his name:) What great shots you took Mary! MY B & A party started and will be every other Wednesday.


  2. All of my lizards here in Orlando where wondering where their cousin went! When I fist moved here they all creeped me out, now I don't even flinch when they run across my foot…..Now, snakes YIKKES



  3. That's a blue tail skink and he's the best bug eating machine that you'd ever want. We've considered naming our home “Lizard Hill” because we have dozens of skinks and fence lizards hanging about. I love them!


  4. Great pics! I love dragonflies. Lizards do not bother me but I cannot touch them. We have skinks here too and Like them young when they have pretty colors, blue and yellow….Christine


  5. Hi Mary! That was an awesome lizard! And, I bet he was so fat cause he had been eating all the nasty bug that you don't want in your screen room. Did you give him/her a name cause it looks like it might have found a home…
    And those are incredible photos of the dragonfly! Very frame-able!
    Take care there…


  6. Those are fantastic shots of your little guests. Thanks for stopping by my blog and just so you know, I am having the same problems with my comments disappearing and then reappearing and then disappearing… wonder what is going on with blogger!


  7. I adore skinks and lizards. Why you ask? Because they eat bugs and I don't like bugs. Well, most bugs anyway, because I do love dragonflies!

    Glad to see you got the comment problem taken care of!


  8. Oh, Mary!! I would have totally freaked out over the lizard, too! I am not a reptile sort of person at all. I give you credit for standing there long enough to take pictures! Do you know where it went to later?

    Great pictures of the dragonfly!! The hitchhiker! That's funny. Your sailboat looks like a lot of fun, I've never been on one.

    Thanks so much for stopping by lately. I have been meaning to pop over…sorry. Hope you had a great 4th of July! 🙂



  9. Just think of all the bugs that lizard ate to give him such a full tummy! Those bugs could have been in your garden chomping on your plants, so if you look at it that way, this lizard is your friend! Your dragon fly pis are great!!

    Susan and Bentley


  10. You have had more than your share of scary looking creatures. I never saw a lizard like that. I have some, but thank goodness they are not this big. Enjoyed your blog anyway.


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