Celebrating Tablescape Thursday’s 100th Anniversary

Last week while on vacation and the week before I left, I scored a few deals that I just couldn’t walk away from!  Lucky for me, I did so just in time to be able to participate in the 100th Anniversary of Tablescape Thursday @ http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/.  Be sure and visit this link for more beautiful tablescapes as I’m sure this weeks party will be one you won’t want to miss.

I heard through the blogvine, that our settings were to be outdoors, and I’m thrilled to have gotten a new table for my deck just in time!  If you follow my blog you may remember my old table blew over and crashed.  It had a glass top and I said I wasn’t going to have another glass top again!  Well, never say never!  I found a new glass top table at Target on clearance and just could not pass up this deal!  I am convinced this one is much more sturdier than our old one was, even the Mr. agrees.  At $30.00 I am willing to take the chance!  I walked into Target the very day they had put most of their summer furniture on clearance.  I wasn’t there early in the morning and so much was already gone, but there were still a few tables left so I snatched one up too!  Now I would prefer to have a totally different style altogether but let’s be real here, I have one son in college, one soon to be on the way and NO job!  Everything I really want is over $800.00 and it is just not in the cards right now.

  However, I have always lived and believed there is no reason one cannot live happily within their budget.  It only takes a little creativity!  This is where the real creativity comes in now, stay with me here okay?   I also lost my big blue umbrella in that storm..now that was really disheartening!  Do you remember it was actually a BIG beach umbrella that I had also gotten a great deal on years ago?  Of course you do, well, I’ve done it again!  I got another deal on a beach umbrella from Sam’s again while we were at the beach.  It was only $18.99!  It’s heavy duty like the old one, but, OH! so colorful this year!   I am still keeping my eyes open for a great deal on a real patio umbrella but meanwhile I am enjoying my deck again at my new table.  Boy, is it extremely hot out here still, and this beauty is such a blessing right now! 

Okay, now that you are over the initial shock of my outdoor choices let’s move on. It’s time for a little outdoor dining! I set the table for two this evening, as it is quite a bit lately! That’s what happens when the kids get older. Even the one that still lives with you dines out much more in the summer time. No problem, I can adjust and so does the patio! Let’s take a look!

For this setting I mixed several of my old outdoor pieces with some of my new pieces!

I found these wonderful votives at Old Time Pottery at the beach!

This is isn’t the only color I got in these but you’ll have to wait to see the others.

These butterfly napkin rings were a clearance deal from Hobby Lobby!

Check out the reflection from my umbrella in the flatware.  Wow!
 Hmm..wonder if they make tye-died flatware?
Better Homes & Garden plate from Walmart

Palm glasses from Tomlinson’s Warehouse purchased years ago!

 Also bought the two Palm trays at the same time from Tomlinson’s Warehouse.  I love that store!

Since it’s just the two of us I thought it would be nice to set up for a little wine and cheese too!

I bought this shutter box from Ole Time Pottery at the beach this year too.  It is going to be great finding all the uses for this piece.  I really like the way I’m using it tonight though!

Wine glasses from TJ Maxx

Sweet duck basket and tray from Hobby Lobby clearance sale.
Looks like the sun is setting now, time to light the candles.

Wow!  That really set’s the mood!  It’s the blue hour!

If you’ll excuse me now, I’d better get started, it’s getting late!
Thanks for coming by!  I do hope you enjoyed my setting and will come again, Okay?
Happy Anniversary Tablescape Thursday!
Leave me a comment if you stop by!  Now, go out there and beat the heat and dine in style!

38 thoughts on “Celebrating Tablescape Thursday’s 100th Anniversary

  1. Mary. I love your outdoor setting and I was going to say something about the reflection of the umbrella in your flatware and then you mentioned it. That looks cool. I love your big colorful umbrella. I truly need one on our hot deck right now. Love those votives, too. Can't wait to see what other colors you got.


  2. Now this is totally delightful. I love your new table and I think it is perfect. What a great price. Your tablesetting is awesome. It looks so tropical and inviting. Beautiful colors. Having an area to set up for drinks is wonderful too. Great job. Hugs, Marty


  3. How neat is that…and I love that picture of the reflection! I like how you mix your dishes and glasses…you did that before and I think you do a nice job:)! Great table to Mary.


  4. Hi Mary,
    This looks fun. That shutter box is so cute. I found an little blue one something like it at Carolina Pottery. No shutters though but it sort of has a rusty crab cage look to it. I never thought about puttig a bottle in it! I want some of those candle holders. Love the green.


  5. The reflection in your flatware is so cool!!! I think that umbrella is totally a happy thing and your table looks awesome as usual! Love the night time shots! So pretty!


  6. You got lots of great deals and I love them all. Everything is so pretty. You did a great job. Love the colorful umbrella and your cheese table is just so perfect. I like the garden statue too. It's lovely!…Christine


  7. Very sweet – looks like you had a very good time setting the whole thing up. What fun! I love to do the same thing for my bf and I, in fact he invited me on a Friday night date at our house tomorrow…. hmmmm what will I come up with to surprise him?


  8. Love all the colors on your new umbrella and the way they reflect in the flatware. Too cool! Your tropical table setting offers a cooling breeze on this warm summer evening. ~ Sarah


  9. Ooooo, lots of new pretties to enjoy! I think you really scored a bargain on your pretty table. Believe me, the kids will graduate & get their own apartments & want to borrow EVERYTHING you own. You can hand it off & get exactly what you have in mind then. 🙂

    The palm tree motif would have gone great with MY table this week, as would those pretty votives. We don't have OTP around here. 😦

    How fun that we BOTH captured the ceilings in our spoons. You've got to come see mine, too. LOL FUNNY!


  10. Love your new outdoor table and umbrella! What a deal! I love those votives. What a great reflection in the flatware. Usually I just seem to capture me in mine and I would rather not!


  11. Congratulations on your great finds for your deck. The colors of the umbrella look wonderful against your lovely yard. You've set a charming table for whiling away a summer evening. I really like the green votives, and I'm going to hunt for some. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay


  12. Your table is so inviting. I love the glasses and the Walmart plates. I have seen those to and thought they were so pretty and summery. I adore those buttefly napkin rings to. The nightime pics are great!



  13. Happy 100th week of TT to you! I can't believe the deals you got on your table and the umbrella! You set a lovely table for two with your new purchases. Love the BH&G plate pattern – I've seen it in bedding which I keep thinking I should get! Great little candle lanterns too!



  14. Mary,
    I love your new table and the whole deck is just a delight. I would love to have an outdoor sideboard like yours. Your outdoor setting is so summerly and the reflection of the umbrella in the flatware looks so colorful as it was designed by Hundertwasser. The dishes are all very pretty and summerly. Thank you for sharing this.
    Greetings, Johanna


  15. Love getting a great deal! The beach umbrella is a fantastic idea!-Especially at that price! Love your festive, intimate setting – so looking forward to cooler days and nights – just love seeing outdoor dining settings!
    God Bless!


  16. What a great “voice” your writing has! You had me giggling when you wrote, “…now that you're over the initial shock…”! Your new table and umbrella look great, and your tropical-themed table is SO inviting! I know you and your husband will enjoy many more meals for two there! We love our empty nest!


  17. I love your umbrella…it looks like a big beach ball, and I love the beach! Everything looks so fresh and pretty…and wouldn't it be wonderful to have flatware that really was those colors!!

    Your blue hour photos are wonderful.


  18. I'm a huge fan of outdoor dining and I just love your beautiful outdoor tablescape! My favorites are the umbrella and that new table…hope you have a FUN weekend and enjoy many nights dining out there!



  19. Beautiful outdoor setting! Love the umbrella too! It's been so hot here, we have been eating out really late at night because that's when it cools off. Thanks for stopping by:-)


  20. Mary, you are sooo cute! I loved your descriptions and story of how you found your new table and umbrella! I feel your pain about one in college. My son has 1 more year to go and then my budget will say…ahhhh! 😉
    Your tablescape is darling and I love your shutter box! I'm seeing candles in there, too…oh, the things you can do with that cute box! Loved your blue hour pics…I could really see it! 🙂


  21. Such fun dining outdoors!Great table!

    I host a weekly meme called “Summer Sundays”. It's all about what summer means to YOU! It's neat to see everyone's different take on summer. Hope you'll come and join the fun!

    – The Tablescaper


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