Yard Salen and Giveaway Reminder

What do you do when there’s no wind and it too HOT for boat sailing?  Well, you go yard salen of course, and I certainly had a great time yard salen this morning!  Yesterday, I even got in a few good deals from GW too!  I was planning on combing those deals with this post, but after today’s finds I’ve decided to break it up and do another post for that on Tuesday.   So, you’ll just have to come back for that one!

Let’s take a look at today’s finds…

I know what your thinking..hmmm..not to bad, right?

Love, love, love this basket! I got this at my first stop for only $2.00.   It really is BIG!  This picture does not show you the real size in relation to space because I have it on the table. It’s the size of one of those things that stands alone in a corner somewhere or I’m thinking by the fireplace.  It would also look great w/some large fronds of some sort too!

At my next stop, 3 families were having a sale!  I got all my stuff from the same family.  A sweet young girl had these beauties and more.  Isn’t it funny how some people adore the same things.  I knew I needed to concentrate on her table more when I found this book for $1.00.  Oh, I can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas this has for some of my tablescaping!

She also sold me the 6 wooden napkin rings for $1.00 and the 4 silver plated (metal) napkin rings for .50 cents.  I can’t wait to spray paint the metal ones white!  Can you believe I don’t have any wooden napkin rings?  I know weird right?  Everyone has those, now I guess I do too!

These beautiful seeded glass votive candle holders were also her’s for $1.00 each.  They are another item that is much larger then it appears here in this photo.  Love the blue and green swirls.  They will definitely go well with many of my settings!

Then my third stop was pretty much wiped out!  I did buy this purse for $1.00.  Not really sure why, other then it hangs nicely under my arm.  Like I really need another black purse! 

And my final stop is where I got all the rest of my finds including what I thought was the big deal of the day!  I’m saving it for last though!  First, I bought this cage cart from her for $3.00   It is BIG too!   I have no idea what I will do with it yet but I’m sure it will be fun getting there!  She said she used it for a Christmas decor hence the 3 small Christmas greenery inside.  I just don’t see Christmas with this though, do you?

Then I purchased these beautiful antique bird prints from her for $3.00 a piece.  It’s hard to see in these photos but the background has a slightly peach patina to it.  I have the perfect spot for these and can’t wait to show you that!  It’s like it was meant to be!

Sweet Hummingbirds!

I also couldn’t pass up this wicker stool for $2.00.

And this massive wrought iron piece was laying by her shed and I was delighted to find out that she wanted to sell it too!  It was $5.00.  More then I wanted to pay, but so much less then if I had to buy it from a store or even an antique or resale store for that matter.  All iron pieces go for a small fortune around here!  It doesn’t have any legs to put in the ground though, so it will be a challenge.  She grabbed these two plastic stakes she had and said, here, take these and weave them through it to make it stand.  It will probably take some re bar to make it stand it’s that heavy.  I am going to paint this sweet thing too! Yipee!

Now for the deal of the day….

Here it is!  I bought this beautiful antique dressing table from her for only $25.00 for the whole set.  It is beautiful, a little delicate, and needs a little tightening maybe, but no chipped or missing decorative pieces or scratches or gouches!  I just can’t believe it!  I love it!

And here’s the matching mirror that goes with it!  It even has all the decorative screws too.  I moved it upstairs immediately and gave it a dusting.  I haven’t attached the mirror or the attached the arms that hold the mirror yet! It is a gorgeous maple wood that I will want to either refinish or I may just paint the piece all together.  What would you do? 

Oh the decisions, now! 
Ooops!  I almost forgot!  Have you heard I’m having a giveaway?  Well, why not?  Please go here to read all about it and enter.  It’s for a $40.00 gift certificate from CSN Stores you know!  It you love a garage sale, certainly you must love a giveaway!  So hurry up and enter, it won’t last long.

I am joining Debbie and all my other wonderful garage salen buddies over at
Be sure and visit the link above for more great finds.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you too, so be sure and leave me a comment if drop by!  Have a great weekend!


19 thoughts on “Yard Salen and Giveaway Reminder

  1. Well no wonder you where sounded so excited for me to see! I am totally freaking about the dressing table…you have no idea how many years I wanted one..I just adore them…you done good girl! You will be having fun in the next couple of weeks transforming some things here with paint:) I can see it now. Thanks Mary for joining in. The WOW store is in Fort Lawn SC…not sure how long that is from you….it probably is around 30 minutes from Columbia SC…..great store though worth the trip!


  2. My goodness, you really did make a great haul. I love everything, but that precious dressing table is just wonderful. I wouldn't paint it, but then that's just me. Love the finish, it is really pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with all the other treasures. Hugs, Marty


  3. Love all your stuff, but I have to say those blue and green glasses look just like your stuff that you use. They will be awesome! I am not going to show Jemma that carriage cage thing. She will think it looks like Cinderella's coach! Then I will have search for one! That vanity table is beautiful and what a steal.


  4. Mary girl you done hit the MOTHERLODE of stuff…that dresser is to die 4 and those bird pictures are just awesome…I can't beleive I have not been to one yard sale this year…I have no room left at the Inn for a thing ha ha!!I think I need to de-cluttered my poor old house..but then when I get ready to toss out stuff I just love it all and can't…sick I know ha ha!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend…just add you to my follow list…Sorry I didn't know you were following me…Hey i'm old and slow now….Hugs and smiles to you girl..Gl♥ria


  5. Hi Mary, I can't believe that haul for a hot summer in July! You really got some great deals, but the vanity – Wow! I am tempted to NOT paint wood that is in pristine condition like that. However, depending on your house decor, a creamy off-white could also be amazing! You can't lose! Linda


  6. Mary, you did absolutely great on your finds this weekend.That bird carriage is amazing. Like you I would have bought it too, not knowing what to do with it,,but figuring it out along the way!! lol



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