Renewing the Place Mats

Hi friends, this is not much of a change but it is one I am happy about and glad to be finished with. 

 Since painting the chairs around our kitchen table black (view that post here),  I have been on the look out for new place mats.  This is how our table looked a few days ago.

I absolutely love my natural woven square place mats!  They are so easy to clean with soap and water after each meal!  The only problem is they have a green trim that just disappears on the table.  Not too exciting at all!

You see,  I really wanted something that would coordinate more with the black in our chairs.  I have been on the lookout for several weeks for just the right style.  I have been able to find those round black weave place mats easily enough but not anything similar to what I already have with a black trim.  I even toyed with the idea of adding a new trim to my existing place mats but ruled that out since I didn’t want to risk destroying these by removing the trim that was on them already.

  So I decided instead to start searching for some cute black quilted place mats.  Why of course that shouldn’t be too hard, should it?  I just know I have seen those everywhere!  Only…why is it when you are on the hunt for something, it often is nowhere to be found.

  After many weeks of searching for just the right look, and perusing fabrics with the idea of making my own, I came to the resounding conclusion that what I really wanted was what I already had!  Only I wanted it with a black trim!  I really do love my existing low maintenance place mats.

So, Saturday afternoon, I took out my crafters acrylic paint and got to work!  After several hours of patience and steady application I was finished!  I know it’s a small transformation in the world of blogger greats but I wanted you to see that sometimes everything you need is already in your own hands!

All you need is to look at it with a fresh eye!

I love how much contrast these place mats have now! 
 They look so new now, and are just the style I wanted too!
Hope you like these changes as much as I do!

That’s why I am joining Susan @ http://www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/
for Metamorphosis Monday.
Be sure and visit the link above for more exciting changes!
Thanks for dropping by, be sure and let me know if you did!

13 thoughts on “Renewing the Place Mats

  1. Mary, thanks so much for your encouragement on my familyroom redo. I am not going to make a valance that will go all the way across the window, just a valance to cover each panel of fabric. I so agree with you that the room will look much more open and airy that way, and it really isn't a large room to begin with, so I don't want to close it in. Thanks again for your thoughts. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty


  2. Thanks for stopping by Pandoras Box…as for your herbs: Dry your Rosemary in the microwave for about 2 minutes on paper plates – then let it sit out over night (making sure they are all crispy and dry)…then bag them and attach a recipe for rosemary chicken as a little gift!! Rosemary also looks great tied onto a present rather than a bow (fresh) and it doesn't wilt!

    I used to also have mint but it was so intrusive that it drove me crazy…but I always used it fresh in lemonade and ice tea (or froze a small bunch in ice cubes to add to those drinks)

    Hope this helps! patti


  3. Thanks for stopping by, I can't believe you missed the last post, I thought everyone heard me jumping up and down screaming!!! I cannot believe you sat and did that with paint!!! It does make a really big difference and probably took as much time as upholstering a whole chair. One thing we learned about you is you have patience!!!



  4. Isn't that amazing how such a little change can add such a great punch? They look GREAT now! I actually had some of those placemats in my hands last week & put them back because of the color. Darn!

    BTW, I ♥ your kitchen & esp. the island!!


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