It’s Rainbow Orange in Summer School

Hi Miss Jenny!  Whew!  I sure am glad I made it!  I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it today!  I am so sorry I just needed to finish up my homework.  I knew you didn’t want me showing up here empty handed did you?  Oh, no mam, I am not trying to cause you any trouble!  Here, I brought you something again.  I bought these just for you!  They are fresh grown “Gilbert peaches”, your gonna love em!

  You see, I was at the store the other day and got some free flowers!  Yes mam, I said, free!  Your right, that is most unusual!  Anyway, I got those flowers and got so busy setting the table with them I forgot all about my homework.  No Mam, I am not making this up!  No mam, it’s the truth I swear!  Well, I’ll just show you!

 See, here they are, and their orange too, that ought to count for something right?

And I did set the table with them, as you can see here!

Then I got to thinking, I sure do wish I had my wits about me a little more.  Why I could have used these old melamine dishes we had from when we had a camper.  They would have made a fine setting with those old orange flowers, don’t cha think?  Yes mam, I meant, do you think so?

It sure would have been nice to have a whole set of these dishes too!  But I don’t!  I only have serving pieces in this pattern.  Oh yes mam,  I do know what a pattern is.  Of course, I would love extra credit for using proper grammar on that!

Do I get any points for this?  I know it’s not a whole set of orange napkins, but I did take the time to put the orange one on top!

Maybe we will have better luck if I go back upstairs again to my craft room.  I have one of the boys old twin beds set up in the dormer window as a daybed.  Why, just look at it, I see lot’s of orange there!

This is where I keep my old pillows and pillows I like to swap out for the season.  I betcha can’t guess what season I like to use these in huh? 

That’s right!  Boy, you sure are smart!  I guess that’s why your the teacher.  I’m talking about that season when orange is all over the place!  I’ve got several of these here that go on my front porch steps.  Yes, they are wonderful and my all time favorites.  Thank you for saying so, Miss Jenny!

I thought you might want to see a few of the others too!  They seem to find a spot out and about during that season too.

Oh yes Mam!  I sure did make these myself.  I like to put these up the walk to the doorway with little candles in them to lead the way for the trick or treators.  I just took some old coffee cans and spray painted them orange, painted black faces and punched holes in them!  It was easy peasy!  Yes mam, I sure do love to be creative!

Speaking of being creative, this is where I keep my craft paints.  Why, I’ve got so many little bottles they were getting to be a mess.  So one day, I decided to buy these cute little suitcase boxes for them.  I can stand my paints upright and just pop the top open when I’m ready to paint. Oh yes, I would love extra points for having such great organizational skills!

Excuse me, Miss Jenny, I just remembered I’ve got some gardening to do outside today.  May I pleased be excused from class early?  I sure hope so, I’ve got tons to do outside.
  Oh yes mam, I sure do, and while I am out there I gotta look for me some chickens!  You see, I heard someone saying something about rounding up the roosters for tomorrow!  I sure hope I can find a few, not many of those around here!   Yes mam, I will work on my grammar!  Shucks!  Oh yes mam, I about forgot, I did learn something this week!  Orange sure is a lot easier to photograph, without any edits!  Love that!

Well, orange you glad I showed up? 
for Rainbow Summer School

20 thoughts on “It’s Rainbow Orange in Summer School

  1. You are totally adorable!

    What a fun and creative and silly and happy and fabulous stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's summer school!

    You have such a lovely style in all the things you do. I really enjoy your creativity each week!

    The peaches do look scrumptious!

    And this orange post was also totally scrumptious – start to finish.

    Thank you for linking!

    PS You are always my favorite student…but shhhh….don't tell the other kids!



  2. You have so much orange in your house. I love your oil lamp with the orange shade! I might have to steal your idea and buy some of those cases for my paints. I see them all the time, but now I can't remember where. Maybe Ross or Marshall's???


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