Ring- Ring!!! Yeaallooow???

Yeaaalllooooww!  Who’s there?  Why, it’s me Miss Jenny!  LOL!  I know, I know, Miss Jenny, I just couldn’t help myself, that’s a southern thing.  If I had a dime for how many times I heard that one.

Yes mam, I am here bright and early today too!  No mam, actually, me being early and laughing and all doesn’t really mean I’m feeling good at all.  Quite the contrary!  Seems I’ve gotten a very sore throat and some congestion in my chest from somewhere or someone.  Anyway, it gave me plenty of time to get my homework done seeing how I just don’t feel like getting up and running around. 
 Honestly, there was a little boy in the grocery store with his Mama and little sister the other day when I was there.  He was on several of the same isles I was and the poor child was just a coughing and a wheezing nonstop!  Don’t you know it was that very night that I started up too!  It’s been going on since Monday now, I’m hoping this thing will pass too cause I sure don’t like feeling this way.

Feeling bad makes me just want to sit around in my favorite club chairs all day. 

They are a beautiful yellow with a nubby tweed type texture.  I reupholstered them myself except for the T-cushions, I took that part to a professional.  Saved me a good bit of money doing part the job myself.

Now when I don’t feel like being around everyone I just stay in my room here and sit back on my old glider I got when my babies were little.  Naw, my walls aren’t really that bright, I just can’t seem to get the color right with my camera.  My wall color is closer to the color of a parakeet and doesn’t glow like the photos show.  I made the covers for this chair and ottoman too, it’s a pale yellow.

I recovered this bench that’s at the foot of my bed to match the chair too.

I really should light up my gold Lampe Berger lamp.  They really do work when your not feeling good.  We used to sell these in the shop and I know all about them.  They don’t just freshen the air they will purify the air too.  Honestly!  I wouldn’t fib about that, Miss Jenny!

I made myself a little comfort food too.  I know it’s more orange, but honestly it looks kinda yellow too.  That’s how you can tell the homemade Pimento Cheese from the store bought.  If it’s gotta more yellow texture to it, somebody probably made it themselves.  And, it’s a heck of a lot better!

While I was in the kitchen, I got to lookin around at all my yellows.  One of my favorite cookbooks is yellow!  This book not only has great recipes but gives you picture diagrams on how to set a proper table and buffet tables too.  Yes mam, that is very useful!  While, I just give you a sneak peek at just how useful it is.

Yes mam, I do like to do tablescaping!  Only sometimes I just can’t remember where to put my utensils, and cups, properly and all.

 I didn’t have to worry about that this time since I folded my yellow napkins into a pocket.

How do you like my centerpiece?  It sure is Yellow too!  No mam, those are called faux lemons.

I’m sorry I’ve gotten sidetracked again.  Back in my kitchen I wanted to show you the pale yellow sugar canister I have in my fruit pattern.

And my fruit vase.  Yes mam, I do know it’s really a vinegar jar but I use it as a vase, I don’t like vinegar, do you?

  I even have a set of yellow bowls, cause I just love yellow!

Let go outside now okay, but wait, look what I see in the den. 
There’s a yellow lamp, next to more faux lemons on a yellow book.

Here’s my yellow lantern outside I spray painted myself just this spring.

And a yellow bird feeder to hang fruit on, but I don’t use it as a bird feeder cause those pesky squirrels we got around here would just come from miles around for sure.

Now this here is a yellow bottle.  It was good too! Some kinda brand called Silly Goose.  Imagine me liking that! Yes mam, I’ll get to the point. I’m saving that bottle along with some other more colorful ones on the porch on my bakers rack.  I am thinking about maybe doing one of those bottle trees.  I heard they were quite the thing with some folks.  Although, my Mr. seems to think they are in fact a poor mans stained glass.  Besides, he says we don’t need everyone to see all those bottles we drank!  I just laugh at em, cause he don’t know nothing bout art!  That mans idea of art would be if one these was a wining ticket.
Cause he said, now that would be a pretty picture!  LOL!  No mam, thems ain’t lottery tickets these here are free tickets!  All you got to do is shop at the Food Lion and they give em to you!

  Yes mam, yellow is very tricky to photograph well!  Take my walls for example, why I’ve got yellow walls everywhere cause they are my favorite.  I just love me some yellow, but they always look different all times of the day, even more so when I’m trying to be a shutter bug. 
 What?   Yes mam, my voice is getting worse ain’t it. I guess I best be quite for a spell now!  I shoulda known I couldn’t come to school and keep my mouth shut.  I sure hope I’m feeling better by this weekend cause I got me some plans I don’t wanna miss out on!

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20 thoughts on “Ring- Ring!!! Yeaallooow???

  1. Love your chairs! I can't believe you covered them yourself!Great job! I love your real looking faux lemons … you never have to worry about them going bad. And YES I like vinegar! Red wine vinegar and Balsamic vinegar!!! I make Good Seasons Italian Dressing with it! Red wine vinegar also takes the itch out of mosquito bites.
    Oh, and your table looks nice, too! 🙂


  2. Not sure how I missed your yellow post!!! First I wanted to tell you I like your new picture of you!! Second, I forgot to tell you that I like the two upholstered chairs in the dining room against the wall. Third, your post reminded me that I have golden yellow plates that I could have set out!! Love all your chairs!


  3. What a great yellow post! My mom reupholsters furniture all the time -self taught, – what a great skill you have!
    Lots of beautiful yellows in your house!
    Oh, and the pimiento and cheese – I so want some!


  4. Tons 'o yellow just jumping off the screen! Brightened my evening right up, it did. Feel better quickly. I'd hate to come back next week and still find you a little green around the gills.


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