More dishes and fabrics

Yay!  I finally started feeling better on Friday.  This meant I actually felt like (had to or I was going crazy) getting out of the house.  I’m still not 100% as I spent a good bit of last night being awakened by my own coughing.  I’m too tired to attempt Garage Salen this morning but really shouldn’t after yesterdays shopping spree anyway.  Time to watch those dollars a little closer now.  Here’s a peek at some of yesterdays buys.  Dishes, dishes and more dishes!

  Luckily for me, I still have some of my spending cash on hand from the few days I worked the “so not me” temporary job.  I am trying to be wise about how I will spend this money I earned the hard way.  After thinking it through, I decided I really wanted to add on to my Franciscan Ivy dish collection.  The last time I was in the resale store that I bought them from, I saw that the owner of the booth had added more dishes and still had them at 75% off.  I really felt like I needed to strike while the iron was hot.  Who knows when they will no longer be available for that price, so this store was my first stop yesterday.  Funny how things like that can grow in urgency when you are stuck at home.

I added 6 more dinner plates, bringing my total of dinner plates to 10 now.  The plates came out at only $3.00 each after 75% off.  I still have one more side of my husbands family to try and track down whatever happened to the family’s set.  My niece who doesn’t have them, was thrilled to know I bought some.  She wants me to bring these out to use the next time we all get together.  She said it will bring back great memories for everyone of Grandma, my husbands mother.  Isn’t that just the sweetest thing!

I also added 8 bread and butter plates, as that was all she had.  I don’t have any of these so that was new to my collection.  They came out at only $1.50 each.  Too good to pass up!  I wasn’t crazy about the salad plates that she had on hand so will need to add more of those later.  Maybe she will put more out but it’s doubtful.  The store owner said the booth owner caught a good bit of grief from her husband about her pricing those dishes so low.  LOL! 

After leaving this store I decided to stop in at GW.  Not much there, but I’m starting to recognize the regulars like me.  Too funny!  I also got the location of another GW store across the lake, hmmm!!!

I found these dishes and just fell in love!  If you know me, you know I love blue and green together.  Is that more Ivy leaves too?  They are Pfaltzcraft, but I don’t see the name of the pattern on them anywhere.

This is the salad plates.  There were only two of them for .50 cents each.

There were 3 dinner plates but one had a chip in it which was fine by me because I only wanted two anyway.  They were priced at .50 cents each also.

Then I also purchased these cute little serving creamers at, can you guess, that’s right, .50 cents each!  I am so excited about this set.  It will be primarily for table scaping.  I have no plans to add on to this.  I can already see a dozen ways I will be able to mix and match these dishes with others I have to create many different settings!  So much fun for $3.00, don’t you think!  Who would have ever guessed that the little girl who preferred to play with matchbox and metal cars in the dirt, would grow up to really enjoy playing house.

Eventually, I made my way to the fabric store.  I have been thinking of fall and warming up my space for the winter.  This means changing out the pillows!  I love fabric shopping don’t you.

Here’s what I came home with, two new red pieces of fabric.  I just remembered the other day that I actually have left over yellow fabric from the club chairs I reupholstered.  I can’t wait to use that to make some new yellow pillows.

This is a very poor quality photo (sorry) of the red fabric I purchased, but I wanted you to see the design up close.  I am very excited about this fabric as well.  It feels almost like a velour.  It coordinates so well with the yellow fabric and the green of my couch.  It also picks up the red in my carpet.  I don’t have much red around so this is a new direction for the den.  I tend to lean more towards blues and greens in here but I’m thinking that will be my summer den, and the reds and golds will be my fall den.  I can change things up so easily now since I switched out my drapes to a neutral gold plaid that matches the walls. 

Here’s a close up of the red floral and the yellow fabric.  What do you think?

I also purchased this check fabric.  It is a red and gold Waverly.  I will use it somehow in this space but am still working out the details on that.  So exciting!  Both of my fabrics were off of the designer remnants rack.  I have 2yds of the floral and 1.5yds of the check.  Even better, they were on sale for only $2.99 a yard.  I can hardly wait to get started on these projects. 

I am sharing my finds at the following parties;
and @ http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com/ for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.
Thanks for visiting with me today, hope all is well with you!
Have a great weekend!


16 thoughts on “More dishes and fabrics

  1. Oh Mary!! You did some great shopping! Those dishes were quite the bargain! You have very pretty table settings coming up! I like fabric and a bargain so that works for me! Love the red fabric! I have some of the gingham that looks close to what you bought. Mine was $4 a yard so you got a deal! Have a great weekend and stay cool!


  2. Girl those fabrics are going to make the cutest pillows ever..Love the red and I have drapes in my office made with the Waverly fabric…Your dishes are wonderful and what a great table you will set with them…Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


  3. I love the purple and green dishes. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. What a steal on the fabric too. You do spend your money wisely. Have a great weekend. Debbie


  4. What wonderful finds on the dishes. They are wonderful. I love the green ivy ones, and the new blue and green ones will be super for tablescapees. I am a fabric nut, so of course I love your fabrics. So pretty together and I love red and gold together. I can't wait to see them all done. Glad you are feeling better. Hugs, Marty


  5. Great finds on the dishes! Don't you just love thrifting? The red fabric is beautiful and goes so well with the yellow.That gives me some inspiration,I just painted my downstairs a taupe and now the room needs some punch.

    Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Just became your latest follower, Annette


  6. Hi Mary,
    You found such goodies out shopping 🙂 I love Pfaltzgraff china as my dear Aunt Aileen had the Yorktowne pattern most of my life. That blue and green ivy is really happy.
    Doncha just love Waverly fabrics? The prints and colors you bought do coordinate nicely and will warm up your space.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


  7. Thank you for stopping. I am so glad you got more plates for your collection and yes, I love fabric shopping. I was thinking of when i loved up north many years ago we would change the decor for the winter, now that I live in Florida I never think about it, no one does it. It would be nice to do as I tire of the same decor.



  8. Mary, I am really jealous! I have to fight for them on ebay! I have several different marks. They are all older, but I do not know which is oldest. I would love to know for sure myself because people advertise them by year, and I'm not sure how they know. I am in love with mine. For serving pieces I only have the large platter, the gravy boat and cream and sugar. So I'm still looking!!


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