I got the blues..again!

Yes, that right, I’m feeling blue again and it’s not all of the pretty blue color variety!  I just can’t quite kick this bug to the curb!  Why is it when you are feeling awful it seems everything else goes wrong too?  I don’t really want to be a whiny baby but please indulge me this time.

Let me give you the rundown of my weekend blues.  On Saturday I decided to try and rework a lamp I had added some glaze to that I wasn’t satisfied with.  Originally the lamp was gold tone, and I added a Burnt Sienna glaze..way to bronzy!  So, on Fridays runabout I picked up some Mocha glaze.  I thought I could just add some on top of the other glaze to tone it down.  Well I did.  No difference, so I added some more, and this is what I ended up with.

Still too bronze, I am absolutely NOT satisfied!  I really don’t want to start all over again.  Wondering at this point if an off white glaze will help. Urgghh!

Up close, it’s hideous!  However, I ran out of time on Saturday to go any further.  This was a good thing because I really needed to take a break and rethink the direction to go with this one.

I ran out of time because I needed to get things ready for our Saturday evening adventure.  We were supposed be going for an evening raft up with other Sailing Club members to watch the birds.  Every year, we have Purple Martins that migrate to one island on our lake in the evenings to roost throughout the summer.  It is quite a spectator event to watch!  They are here from July through September and fly all about the area but then around dawn each evening all gather on one island to sleep for the night.

I had prepared several finger foods to share and pass amongst the boats as did others.  I also pulled together a few extras to set a table scape on our cute little cockpit table.  Here are a few things I had pulled out to use along with some trays not shown.

I was so excited about this evening and could hardly wait to get things started.  Unfortunately right at the time we all gathered at the club at 5:00pm the rains started.  At first it seemed it was going to be a light rain and we would be on our way.  Then as we were debating on leaving we saw storm number two on the horizon.  So we broke out the finger foods, beer and waited.  I didn’t even pull out my cute decor, I was so bummed and just not feeling it.  Finally, the rains stopped and only three boats of us that stayed and waited it out went out for an evening sail. 

This is our newest club members, new to sailing too, they were awesome!

Here we are smack dab in the middle of the blue hour.  I did not touch this photo up a bit, isn’t it beautiful?  Now if you think that one is good, just look at this next one.

This is one of our more experienced sailors, I can’t wait to forward this photo to him.  He does photography too and will flip.  I didn’t touch this one up at all either.  When I saw that cloud shining behind the others I knew it was going to be a great shot.  Just beautiful!

Here we three are again…

…as we sailed into the night.  It was quite a lot of fun but of course we missed the birds that night.

Then on the way home while unloading the car my cute NEW blue hurricane lanterns fell out of the car on the driveway.  Luckily they did not break, but the top on this one is quite grazed.  Urrrghh!

Between the rain, humidity, and socializing I pretty much lost my voice Saturday night and am still feeling the effects of this bug.  Sunday it was time to add this to my dose’s of Tylenol and Sudafed.


After getting nicely medicated, I wanted to get started on my new pillows. So upstairs I went to my craft room, aka, spare room, junk room.

I started with the yellow pillows.  Yes, I cut my fabric on the floor!

I was making quite a nice little mess, but was getting terribly hot!

I broke my two last needles on the sewing machine, was sweating like crazy and frustrated with all the crap mess around me.  What was I thinking?  I didn’t feel good and the heat was getting to me.
  Did I mention the upstairs unit on the air conditioner went out again.  We had someone come out and look and supposedly do a quick fix but it will need a major repair. We are leaking freon. The quick fix was supposed to last us another month but it didn’t.  So the repair man will be here again this week.  Here is the temperature upstairs this morning.

Yes, that says 83*.  Not so bad your thinking, well, that’s not in the heat of the day!  That is this AM, it only gets higher during the afternoon.  Definitely not good sewing temperatures!

I did manage to finish one yellow pillow!  I started with those first because they will look great with my blue pillows for the rest of the summer.   One down and three to go yet!  LOL!

I guess I will be off to the fabric store for more needles today, or someday this week!
I am hoping it can only get better from here right?  Now if I just would too!

I am joining Sally today @ http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/
for Blue Monday
and Susan @
for Met Monday

Hope all of you are feeling well, staying cool, and NOT feeling so blue!
Thanks for stopping by!


20 thoughts on “I got the blues..again!

  1. I know it isn't funny, but I did laugh when I read your post!! Totally understand what you went through! I have found that when we are tired or don't feel good, it seems that things just don't go right! Let's look at the bright side! You caught some great snapshots on the lake and your glass didn't break!! Not much help, huh????

    The reason I laughed is that my sewing area is in the upstairs loft. Our upstairs air conditioner also isn't working because it is out of freon. We haven't had the money to fix it and just have a box fan pulling cooler air from the first floor. The boys only go up there to sleep and it is cool enough by then. However, I have been trying to sew those 12 foot long curtain panels for our family room! It is hot! My sewing machine was messing up but figured out it was the bobbin tension and got it working again!

    Our lives seem to cross the same paths alot!! Get some rest and I hope you are feeling better soon!!


  2. Oh Girl I do feel for you…I have my days like that and just hate it and here you are without ac I would be dying ha ha!! Loved seeing the beautiful shots of the sail boats and the blue hour too pretty girl..Get better you hear…Hope the rest of the week goes GREAT for you my friend…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


  3. Mary, $5 is unbelievable! Unless the chips are where you can see them
    i would snap it up! I let one go for $42 on ebay because I was not around to bid. But they are usually much more…in the hundreds. There are two right now for $79/$74, but one has chips and cracks on the lid. Seems like you are getting a great deal! I would LOVE to have the coffee pot and more oatmeal bowls. Soup bowls would be next!


  4. I feel for you…I have days on end like this. I try to take the good with the bad, but sometimes the bad prevents the good. Make sense?? ;-D

    You did get a great sailing night in spite of the storms. Beautiful pictures. And you have the one photo as a gift for a friend. AND…I so admire your sewing skills. I thought I would learn to sew and my new machine is still sitting here. I can't get the threading thing and I am in fear of failure so I haven't asked for help. To think you had a head cold and still kept up sewing and crafting…you are an inspiration.

    Keep your chin up. Clear skies will come again and hopefully cool weather!



  5. Beautiful pictures on the lake. Your pillow turned out nicely-sorry about all the trouble. I can relate to all the problems. I don't think I got to comment on your ivy dishes but I really like them. Look forward to a tablecape with them. It will be great. Hope things are now cool and you are feeling better.


  6. THat would give anyone the blues you poor dear! I say treat yourself to some chocolate or something. That always makes me feel better. Now, as for the lamp, I say go white with a glaze! Good luck.


  7. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Love those shots you got of the sky. I have a junk/craft/storage room, too upstairs and it is too hot up there. I brought my sewing machine downstairs to use it. I need to start making some pillows, but it hasn't happened yet.


  8. Oh Mary…can I just say that SUCKS? That sucks? However you tell are darn good sick and tired story! LOL…oh and you make a pretty pillow too in spite of it all. And those boat pics where outstanding. OK DID YOU SAY I was ON HGTV commercial? are you sure it was the me? The WOW commercial? I had no idea it was airing there on the HGTV network…holy cow, I am a star…lol lol, so kidding, I don't even get paid for those commercials! My friends husband works for the the company shooting them and I do it for fun…damn it when will I get discovered…now I am sick and tired:) Feel better soon!


  9. Oh my what a tale of woe! I hate those “BLUE” days, and it makes it so much harder to snap out of it when you are also getting over being sick. This will all seem better in a day or two … or three.

    My recommendation is to not do projects when you are also taking medications! 😉

    And I have to apologize! The CSN lady did contact me — but I was out of town with limited computr time — I'll email her tomorrow!



  10. Ok. They say everything comes in threes soooooo
    1. You are sick and have been for a while
    2. Your air is out
    3. Your glass jar got grazed a bit.

    There it is writing so you are done! All will be well now! I demand it!!!

    Let me know if that helps!

    BTW… you sew a FANTASTIC pillow with little edging and everything! I am impressed!


  11. Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by today! My hubby wants to know if you will trade boats! lol…He went to your blog earlier today and looked at your beautiful boat! It is really nice! Maybe we will have one like that someday. He is finally done with the trailer…he put the marine carpet on the boards today. We are planning on taking it out on Wednesday. It's only supposed to be 98 degrees! lol…We don't have a ladder yet, but I'm jumping in anyway. Hubby will just have to pull me back in. The pics you took sailing were really pretty. Love your blog! Kristen


  12. Hi Mary…
    aww bless,, givin you a big ole hug to make you feel better..
    You sure made a beautiful pillow in all that heat. I'm so sorry you arent feeling your best..
    I'll keep watching as I too have a bad brassy lamp that could use some freshening up..
    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog– I am having the same problem as you are with not being able to find it unless I use a specific link:( I have asked BLOGGER.com for help to no avail.. I'm starting to wonder if I have to delete the whole thing and just start over but if I did, how would I ever find everyone again.. I'll keep working on it and when I get an answer I will let you know..
    I hope this comment finds you feeling lots better…

    hugs and healing energy for you (((Mary))


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