The Green Master Bedroom

Good Morning Miss Jenny!  How are you today?  I am doing much better now, not 100% yet, but much better!  Thank ya for askin!

I just wanna tell you how much I am enjoying summer school  at http://jennymatlock.blogspot.com/search/label/Alphabe-Thursday
  I sure hope I am going to pass with flying colors too!  Hehe! I don’t know why I was worrying so much about attending cause you sure do have some nice folks in this class too!  If you don’t believe me just visit the link above to see how wonderful her class is.

 I just hope they stay nice after I show them my GREEN bedroom.  I know it ain’t, oops, I meant, “isn’t” for most people but I love it!  I could show you a dozen plus green things all around my house that are green but I really want to share my room.  See, it is my happy place Miss Jenny and believe it or not I really did try several greens until I got to just the right shade that I wanted.

This is when you first walk in the door.  There is lot’s of window lighting in this room.  It really does change the color of these walls all day cause the sun is ever shifting over this room.
My walls are painted Parakeet from Sherwin Williams.

They look much more limey in these pictures then they really are.  As you can see I got a green armoire there too!  Naw, I didn’t paint that!  I bought it exactly as it is, didn’t have to do a thing to it.  It was cheap too!  Somebody told me once that green armoire clashed with the green on my walls.  Broke my heart!   I totally didn’t get it, cause I personally love all shades of green!

On my bed I’ve got a green dust ruffle, can you see it there?  It’s plaid, I made it myself.  See, I used to have a Queen bed but this here’s a King bed now.  I bought this green plaid bed skirt for my Queen and I actually bought two more because they were only $5.00 each.  Why? Well, so I would have the extra plaid fabric if I needed it of course.  No mam, I wasn’t trying to be sassy.   I just get excited, see, I was gonna make some pillow shams an use the plaid for a ruffle but have never gotten around to it.  Turns out, I was able to cut two of these  dust ruffles down the middle, sew them back together and make one big King size dust ruffle!  Now that was smart wasn’t it?

I wanted a casual tropical look in my bedroom because that what makes me happiest.

I just have to show where some of my newest yard sale finds ended up.  When I saw those oval pictures of those hummingbirds with a peach background I knew they’d be perfect in here!  Look how wonderful they look next to my dark GREEN oval mirror I already had over my bed.

They have the same peach background that is on my cornice boards.  I got these cornice boards from my husbands family when they sold the house he grew up in.  I was so thrilled when I was able to use them in this house.  I’ve had them for some time.  They sat for 7 years in the attic of our old house cause I didn’t have windows they would work on.  They are a perfect fit to my master bedroom.  Maybe one day I will change out the fabric but for now, I love it and have actually designed the whole room around this fabric!  Yes mam, that’s no lie!  Look, it even has the same green in the fabric as on my walls, in the darker leaves, and a lighter green that matches my armoire too!

Look in the mirror on this photo and you can see some of why I love my cornice boards.  They have a beautiful shape.  The  yellow pillow shams I have on my bed are from our old Queen bed, they don’t match my cornices exactly but have similar colors.  I have a quilt that matches the shams but will be looking for a replacement soon in a King.  I sure wouldn’t mind some help on that, that’s not cheating is it?

Course I had to have a few pillows embroidered from the store I used to work at!  My coworker, the embroiderer thought I was crazy when I told her I wanted that peach thread on this green trimmed linen pillow sham.  Then afterwards, she said, OMG!  I love it!  She’s funny!

I’m really proud of this headboard.  When we got the new King size I needed a new headboard.  I found this at a consignment store for $40.00 It was brown so I painted it an off white color!  I think the design of the headboard looks sorta tropical, don’t you?

Here’s a close up of this old armoire I keep the TV and stuff in!  As I said, someone had already done all the work on this old thing to make it look pretty!  It’ nothing special at all but it reminded me of those old cabinets you see in somebodies beach house!  Perfect!

It even already had these adorable crystal knobs.

And these great big pretty crystal knobs on the bottom drawers.  Oops!  I thought I already rotated that photo, guess not, just turn your head okay?  I just love me some bling!  Do you?

Here’s a peek at my bling in the bathroom.  Yes mam, that is a green crystal chandelier in the bathroom!  OK, well it’s most likely just glass but it sure shines like crystal.

I have it hanging right over my tub!  I’m not gonna show ya the bathroom today you’ll have to see that another time.

Well that’s it!  I know it’s a little out there for most folks, but not for me.  This room suits me so well!  I’m not a real formal kinda gal, although I can be, and I love color.  I love a warm inviting space and a lush tropical environment.  I couldn’t name this style if I tried…it’s just me!
One more thing Miss Jenny, if you think photographing yellow walls is challenging just try photographing green walls with a yellow base.  Now that’s for the experts!
Thanks for stopping by today!



7 thoughts on “The Green Master Bedroom

  1. Visiting from Shelle Belle's …..I love the green in your bedroom and I do NOT think the armoir clashes at all. I have been seriously thinking about painting our living room green. Green happens to be my very favorite color. You did a great job.


  2. Hi Mary….just found you thru shellbelle! Of course, the sailing name caught my eye. I'm a sailor too..just wondering what kind of boat ya'll sail?? Can't wait to read your blog when I get home tonight!!


  3. you are so funny girl!!!! I love your tropical room! I now all about tropical 5 rooms use to be tropical! I will have to send you pics of what I'm getting rid of when I'm finished changing out my decor!


  4. Well limeee! I love the color and I have always loved that green when paired with some whites as in the trim and bed. I don't think I could sleep in a bright room, however…..my granddaughter's room is bright yellow…..however, I suppose if I shut the lights off it wouldn't make any difference, eh? I tend to like soothing low key colors in the bedrooms and then brighter ones outside the bedrooms. It is funny how we have such a variety of colors in our homes, eh? hmmm, that is my second eh!


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