Ladies who Inspired Me

Congratulations to Vanessa for starting such a wonderful new party!  Yesterday, when I first visited her blog and saw this wonderful new party I thought to myself, what a great concept!  She is hosting a party where you get to post about something that has inspired you.  While I was sitting there thinking how wonderful the concept was I was also thinking, but I don’t have anything to share.

With everything I have been up to this week, it has left little time for reflection so I didn’t think I had been inspired very much by anyone or anything in particular.  Oh but I was wrong!  This morning, while I was breaking out my newest goodies from Michaels and thinking of all the wonderful bargains I got it hit me.  I have been inspired this week!   All of my purchases from Michaels were inspired by a few very wonderful blogging buddies.   So I am thrilled to give credit where credit is due. 

Everything shown here was purchased on sale!  Most of the items here are part of the Tuscan Home line which was on sale for 50% off, tucked away in an obscure part of the store.

Now let’s get to the inspirational part of my post.

I went shopping at Michaels because I wanted to find some more things to add to my fall decor.  I have been seeing lots of fall decor pop up here and there in blogland.  But one such post in particular that inspired me to “get started” was from Pat at Back Porch Musings.  I just loved her simple and elegant fall tabletop, it inspired me to start looking for things now.  While this urn is not one that she has, it’s one I could envision her using as an accent piece on one of her side tables.  Not to mention I also got it at a bargain price of 40% off.

This simple fern is also another item I could envision her displaying.  Sometimes the simplest items can make such an elegant display.  It was on clearance for 80% off and came to only .99 cents.

I almost didn’t get the red tall watering can.   It was the only one left and had other flowers sitting in it.  It is part of the Tuscan Home line so it was 50% off also.  I kept picking it up and setting it down again.  I already had another vase I was buying the stems for but this one just kept calling me back.  Why?  Because other then the style being so fantastic it was the color, red.  I have been inspired by so many of the red accents from Kim at Savvy Southern Style.  I have never really found myself that much of a red fan until I saw the way she brings red into the home.  Can’t you just see her using this pitcher too and all the flowers as well in her french country decor.

The birds I could say have been inspired to me by so many of you.   I have always used birds in my decor too, but there is one blogger in particular who’s birds have always caught my eye and brought a new light to them for me.  She is the one I always think of when I see a new bird, especially one for a bargain.  When I saw these, I literally was thinking, Oh Marty at A Stroll thru Life , would love this deal on these birds.  They were 50% off of $2.99.

The little brown ones are cute but I’m not a fan of the gold swirls on these, but again I was inspired by Marty because I remembered how once she posted about adding some glaze to one of her small birds.  She even had a post about fixing a rooster just this week.  I plan to paint the swirls on these birds black or a dark brown, since they are to be my fall birds.  What do you think?

Now please do not despair over the flowers. I have not yet arranged them. They are simply sitting in this container. I have four different bunches here. I’m thinking I may have enough to do an additional arrangement in another container too. 

It was our friend Debbie at Debbiedoos who inspired me to go get some flowers this week.  These sunflowers in particular!  She just did a post of hers this week that really spurred me into action.  I just adored the cute little crow she used in hers but just could not get those big bright yellow flowers out of my system.  I knew they would look great on my front porch!  Especially with this new container too!

Thank you so much to all of you lovely ladies for making my home more enjoyable!  I guess I really was inspired this week and have been for some time, little by little.

Hope you enjoyed this post today.  Please be sure and visit Vanessa at http://southerninmyheart.blogspot.com/ for Inspiration Friday and
for more inspired bloggers!

Thanks for coming by, have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “Ladies who Inspired Me

  1. Hi Mary! Thank you SO much for joining my “Inspiration Friday” party! Every time someone joins up my heart does a little flip-flop with excitement over what kind of inspiration I will find when I click on their link! You found so many wonderful treasures and I can't wait to see how you arrange it all! I'm sure it will be just beautiful!
    Blessings to you,


  2. Great finds at Michaels for you and they have given yet more inspiration for me! I like your decorating style a lot!

    Therefore, it makes sense that I would find so many of the blogs you mentioned to be inspirations to me too!

    And I love that red pitcher in a big fat way!


  3. Oh you are so sweet. I love all of your new fall finds and you so inspire me with your decor, creativity and your wonderful blog posts. Isn't it wonderful how we all learn from one another and have so much fun doing it. Thanks again. You made my day. Hugs, Marty


  4. Wow, you got some great stuff for great prices!! I'm not exactly ready for fall because the bad winter is still on my mind, but it's my favorite season and the chill is definitely in the air here!


  5. Hello! I do understand! I have been inspired to decorate more and have created so many new looks since I have started blogging almost two years ago. All of the talented bloggers you mentioned are wonderful! Now YOU have inspired me today! I need to get to Michaels ASAP. You had me at Tuscan and clearance. LOL! Everything you bought is gorgeous.

    Blessings, ~Melissa 🙂


  6. man, you scored some great deals. I do the same thing, pick up something, put it down, pick it back up – it's this little dance to see if it's debit card worthy LOL. Great finds.


  7. Hi Mary, I LOVE all your inspired finds! I need to stop by Vanessa's blog and take a look myself! I don't know if I told you this, but I LOVE your new blog header with the banner!!!! My boys have a banner and my daughter has one too in their rooms! Can you tell I love them? And now YOU have inspired me to make myself one for Halloween!! 🙂


  8. Great post and so glad you shared all these beautiful pieces you got at Michaels. I so wish I had one close to me.
    I will have to check out the sites that inspired you too.
    I tried following you but not sure if it worked or not because it kept going on and off.


  9. What a nice post Mary! I find so much inspiration out here, It would be hard just to name a few! However, you picked some awesome ladies. Love your finds. I am thinking I need to take a trip to Michael's this week. Oh and I LOVE this song,”Free” I am staying on your page longer just to listen to it:) Thanks for the mention. Have a great weekend. Debbie


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