Craft/Sewing Room Makeover

I am so excited to give you my first progress report in the craft/sewing room makeover.  While I still have quite a way to go to get it finished I am ready to reveal where I am in this makeover so far.  If you remember I took over the smallest of three bedroom upstairs to convert it into my own space. 

This was the before picture after moving out all the furniture.

Then I opened up one of my cans of Ooops paint and and did a test on the wall.  The color was one that I really liked but very close to the same color I have all over the rest of the house, a yellowy gold.  I really wanted something with a green tint in this room though, so I opened up another can I had of a dark green from a previous paint job and added some green to the gold for a test.

This is the original color shown next to the first test color I mixed.  I knew I was headed in the right direction after seeing this.  I also knew since I only had a smaller amount of green to go into my full gallon of gold that it was going to be lighter then my first mix.

This was fine with me since I didn’t want to go to dark in this room.  So first, I dumped my gold gallon in a bucket and then the rest of the green I had into the same bucket and this third color is what I ended up with!   I was thrilled!  It still could be considered a gold color with a slight greenish tint. 

Of course after completing my room I had to break out my Sherwin Williams swatches to see what color I actually ended up with!

Holding up all my swatches to the wall the color that is almost identical to the mix I made is called Wheat Grass.
Isn’t that a wonderful name?  It’s so funny because this is one color I have looked at many times before and thought of buying from Sherwin Williams but never have.  I have a feeling I may be using this color from Sherwin Williams in the future.  I love it!

After I finished painting the room and the trim I decided to work on this shelf I was taking from my youngest sons room.  He didn’t want it and took another shelf that used to belong to the older son.  It’s nothing special but would give me lots of shelving space to store more craft items. 


So I painted it an off white color.  This color, Satin Weave, was from another can of Ooops paint that I picked up last week.  I planned to use this on several other pieces also.  I jumped right into this project only to be very disappointed.  Why?  Because in my haste to snap up this can of paint, I neglected to see it was and oil based paint. 

I only realized it was oil based after I already started putting lots of paint on these shelves.  I am not a fan of oil based paint at all!  It takes so long to dry, is sticky and a complete mess IMOP!  Not to mention once you use oil based paint you can only paint over it with more oil based paint.  I know it is more durable but I would rather use latex any day of the week!  Ughhh!  So, I guess this means I will be looking for this color in a latex very soon for the rest of the pieces I wanted to paint.

And ta daaa!!!  Here it is after I finished the paint job and started to move some things in.

I’m starting to get things more in order now.

I wanted my desk here along this wall with this old shelf unit next to it…

…so that I’d have room for another smaller dresser desk I have to put in between these two chairs.  It is in the basement now awaiting a paint job.  My oldest son had it and brought it back a couple of weeks ago because he didn’t want it anymore!  He bought something new which was fine by me.  I’ve used it before as a sewing table and it really works much better for that then the green desk ever did.  The problem with the green desk is that it is so deep that the presser foot is too far back under the desk making it difficult to sew.  I also will be repainting these old chairs too.  Do you think they will look okay painted ?

Finally the shelves dried and I was able to pull together this area a little more.  Those glass containers are not mine.  I have been holding on to them for one of our club members since our Jimmy Buffet Party this spring.  They have been on the floor in my dining room all summer long.  That was the only room I knew they would be safe in.

 I was thrilled to move them here out of the way on the shelves until she picks them up.  This gives me time to see what I will need to use the shelf space for and how to organize it best.
The little dormer window got a new window covering as promised.  Only it’s not new to me though.  This was one of the valences I had in the den before I went to drapes.  I really like it in here now!  Just look how green the walls look in this photo!  Trust me they really are not this green, it’s just the lighting.  But as you can see they definitely have a greenish tint in that gold.  I just love this room so much now!  I can’t wait to get creative in here! 

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26 thoughts on “Craft/Sewing Room Makeover

  1. That is fantastic Mary. Very clever how you finally came about the color. OOPS paint is great to do all that with, as you do not feel guilty if something goes wrong and you spent 30 bucks on a gallon. You are going to have a great space when all is said and done.


  2. HI Mary! Oh, how wonderful for you to have your very own sewing room! I love your pretty colors you've used. Everything is looking great! I'll bet you can't wait to get it all finished!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂


  3. I love what you have so far! It's so neat that you mixed up a color that ended up so pretty AND matched a swatch that you had been admiring. I also like that valance. How perfect for that room. You got SO MUCH bang for your buck in that room. Can't wait to see yet more of it unfold.

    And I agree about the oil based paint, UGH!!!


  4. I love the color. I did a post about a bedroom we painted in my daughter's house—wheatgrass! I love your desk, and especially that chair! You are very patient about those glass containers. I'm afraid I would have put her “on notice” 🙂 This is going to be your own little haven—perfect!


  5. Your room is coming together nicely! I love how you created your color mixing ooops! paint! I love the finish of the shelving – made it look like a built-in. The color of the desk and shelving is fantastic. Yes, the chairs would look fantastic with some paint – maybe cream with green accents in the creases.
    It is fun to create isn't it!
    Hope you have a terrific day,


  6. OMGosh, I love your craft room re-do. I would love to come over and play. What a great room to get creative in. Enjoy Ü

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and leaving the nice comment about my rooster tassel.


  7. your room looks awesome!!! I really love the color of your desk!!!! I'm so glad tomorrow I can call it fall! I love all of your Goodwill finds!!! You really hit the jackpot!


  8. LOVELY!!!!
    I just love the way this turned out! It's really beautiful, and something I think I can do too – which makes it even more inspiring! Isn't paint transformative!?!?!? Thanks for sharing, and as always inspiring!
    P.S., stop by and let me know what you think of my little video I did of my house. I hope you like it – would love to know what you think!


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