Goodwill Gathering!

I can’t believe my good fortune today!  I was out running Monday errands on the other side of town and decided to stop in at the Goodwill store over there.  I learned where it was from some of the regulars at the Goodwill nearest me last time I was there.  They had said it’s not as large as ours and doesn’t really have much good stuff.  Well, I guess it’s really all in the eye of the beholder because I certainly found waaayyy too much good stuff!

Before I show you all the other stuff let me show one thing I found there that I actually was thinking I needed this weekend after fixing up my craft room.  When I came up on it I was like OMG!  This was what I was envisioning I wanted and the exact size I wanted too!

This wooden stand is what I wanted!  I cannot believe it!  I needed something to hang paper off of and maybe even ribbon.  I just need to figure out how to do that since the round dowels are so much large then my ribbon spool holes.  But as you can imagine I was thrilled to find this for only $3.00.  I will show you how I used it last so keep reading!

And here’s the rest of the loot!  I guess I just lucked up!

This location also seemed to be priced much cheaper then the one I go to.  There were several boxes of dishes too that were marked 2.00 or 3.00 for the box.  Most all the dish boxes did not have complete sets but enough pieces to make decent sets especially mixing and matching.  However, I was being a very good girl and passed them all by.  I really need to find a hutch before I get more dishes anyway.  But that’s another story isn’t it? 

Okay, now be prepared to drop your jaws!

These two chargers (trays?) were sold together as a set for $1.00.  They are in brand new condition just a little too light for my taste but I have some stain that will darken them up perfectly!

Gorgeous fall pie plate, .90 cents!  Reminds me of a pecan pie.  I have a larger deep dish gold colored one like this too I use for quiche.  This is perfect pie size.

I moved this to the other counter so you could see it better.  This was only .40 cents.  It can fit into a candle holder or wine bottle to make it a taper candle holder!  Very cool!

The lamp is one of those heavy iron type lamps and was only $3.00.  If you look closely you can see it used to have crystals hanging from it someone obviously took off.  I will have fun adding what I want to since it already has holes.  I love the color as is, just needs a great shade and maybe some more bling!

I even found some taper candles to go in my new candle holder.  Except they really are too small because they are tiny tapers, but a little sticky putty will hold them nicely.  They are from Williams Sonoma and have a total of 8 in two different colors.  I paid .50cent for the box.

This was the first thing I picked up and my heart did a pitter patter.  It was only $1.00 and is pewter through and through.  It is heavy and thick, the real mccoy y’all, that you see in all the gift shops!  Woohoo!

I was especially excited to get this little canape dish holder for only .50 cents.  I have been wanting one of these but haven’t found any with cute plates I liked.  Now, I just need to find some cute square 5″ plates.  It will also hold 5″ round plates too.  I plan to paint this a bronzy color.

Now for a fun mystery find.  These were priced separately but I am 100% sure they go together.

I paid $1.00 for this candle holder base.  It can hold several different sizes of candles.  It even has an area you could even put a small taper candle in on the top too, which would look really stupid because this base is really big!

Then this piece which was .80 cents.  I have great ideas of how I am going to use this.  It has several grooves on both the top and underside where something round could fit snug.  I first thought it was something that had come apart but I am now thinking it was meant to be a removable piece so you can use it with different options.  I am wondering did a piece of glass break from the middle.  What do you think?  If anyone has seen this before and knows exactly how it was used I would love to know.  I do know how I am going to use it but would love more info on it too!
Well that’s it!  Pretty good deals huh?  Be sure and visit
http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com/ for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.  There always plenty of amazing bargains shared here.
Almost forgot, I promised you a peek at where I was planning to use the rack, didn’t I?
Here it is!  I really wanted something like this to sit in this dormer to hold my papers.  I get these papers all the time when I purchase things that the stores wrap up my merchandise in.  They make great papers to do your painting on top of as well as to reuse for package stuffing if you need too.  I also plan to add my more decorative tissue papers and maybe some ribbons on here too! 
Pretty Nifty huh?
Hope you enjoyed these great finds.  Thanks for stopping by!

13 thoughts on “Goodwill Gathering!

  1. Man you gotta rack girl!!~ Ok just kidding……you scored big time on everything Mary. You will get so much use out of the rack. I really like the chargers too, I love dish chargers.


  2. You made an absolute killing. Love everything, especially the lamp. That is going to look great. It has just that shabby look I like. The platter with the sea things is gorgeous!! And I love the pie plate, too. Great job!!



  3. Well, I'll say you had a great day at GW. Debbie and I were there, too and we found some goodies….we usually do. It's like a treasure hunt, isn't it! And when you find something you have been wanting – like the rack – wow! Great! Linda


  4. The candle holder is made to hold a hurricane type vase and the gold round piece fits at the top of the hurricane. Good luck finding the right piece to complete this.


  5. WOW! I am so jealous whenever I read anyone buying anything less than $2 at a Goodwill. Mine is so over priced it is insane! My favorite piece you purchased are the chargers!!!!
    Enjoy every bit of your bargains!!!!


  6. Oh no, blog friend… these are not “pretty nifty”. These are awesome! Every time I go into our GW, I imagine myself finding something like that, and I come up with zilch. At ours, each of those items would have been priced at at least 4.00. I'm serious. I would get a better deal if I drove to where you lived and paid for the gas.


    But that doesn't keep me from doing the happy dance with you!


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