Sewing table makeover

I am ever so happy to have this makeover finished!   It is my sewing table makeover!  If you follow my blog you know I have been working on this since the makeover of my craft/sewing room.

Right about the same time I decided to makeover one of the spare bedrooms upstairs into my craft/sewing room our son who lives out of town decided to bring home a piece of furniture he no longer wanted.

When he moved out he took this desk with him to use as a desk and dresser in one.  He decided he no longer wanted to use this as his desk and dresser and then bought his own furniture to use that was more suited to his own style.  So, this meant he called home to say, Mom, I’m bringing that old desk home!  This was great news to me as I had always used this desk for my sewing table.  It is narrow enough that I can bring the presser foot around and sew easily.  It also has enough drawers to store all my sewing items.  However, this is how it looked when he brought it home.  It has looked this way for quite some time actually!  I decided immediately it was time to give this desk a makeover too!

I gave it a very good sanding  then several coats of off white paint.

I decided to leave the top unpainted, so I could put a stain on the top.

I was really pleased at how well I sanded the top out.

Here it is after the first coat of stain.  The Mr. took over from here and gave the top 3 more coats of urethane after this.  He really wanted to make sure we had a good finish on top, since this was a hand me down piece from his family.

Rather then put the same old wooden knobs back on which I didn’t have all of, I decided to use some other knobs that I already had.  They were the brass knobs that I had from the kitchen when we first moved in.  I kept all of them after replacing them with the crystal knobs.  So I pulled out 6 of them, rubbed them with Acetone and spray painted them with ORB!

They really turned out great and I was so thrilled to be able to use them.  I am now pondering all the other things I will also be able to use them for.

So, here is my sewing table!  Please don’t pay attention to the picture frame I have sitting on top.  I will either be buying a nice print to go over my sewing machine or painting something special to go here myself.  The frame is here to help me visualize.

I am so happy to have this project finished because I have many sewing projects stacking up that I really want to get too.  Yes, those fabrics on the chairs are all sewing projects lined up to be completed.

I put a runner on this desk for now so as not to scratch the top.  I really want to put a glass or Plexiglass top on here so when I sew I can move things about without worry of marring the top.

Here’s a close up of the knobs!  Yep, I need to touch up under the top, I’ll get to that!

Here’s a close up of the stained finish on top.  Beautiful isn’t it?

I’m still loving how my sewing and craft room is coming together!  Thanks for joining me today!
I hope you enjoyed your visit and come again!

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9 thoughts on “Sewing table makeover

  1. Cool makeover on the desk turned sewing table. That room is going to be great for you to do all your projects in. Yes we are having some leaf changing color as well. I do not get that, it is still hot? Oh well, I love it, just hope it lasts long.


  2. Oh Mary, I love how this turned out! You would be surprised how tough polyurethane is. I am using our old farmhouse style table in my sewing room and haven't had any issues with the top. Of course, it still has the stick figure drawing my son used a spoon to draw into the wood 12 years ago!!


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