Silver Sunday Jewelry

Good Morning!  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day of rest this Sunday!  I sure am!  God is soo good!

I am so excited to be joining Silver Sunday today for the first time.  I was pretty excited about this meme when I first saw it.  I had anticipated sharing some of my inherited silver pieces with you, but have decided to do something a little different for this first one!  Instead, I’m sharing some of my silver jewelry!

I love wearing silver jewelry!  I have always been a silver girl.  Mostly I love wearing silver because for me it is totally affordable!  I love stones and silver too, BIG flashy silver pieces and simple pretty silver pieces.

I now am enjoying my silver jewelry even when I’m not wearing it!  Let’s take a look!

Do you remember this dressing table I got this summer at a yard sale?  I think it makes a perfect jewelry dresser now!

I had it sitting upstairs then I finally decided to move it down to my bedroom where the glider used to be.  I still have room for the glider too, but am thinking I’d rather have a nice slipper chair now.  LOL!  Okay, let’s get back to the point.  Anyway, I had my jewelry displayed on my dresser drawers but wasn’t crazy about it being directly in the sunlight.  That dresser is right under a window and I’m not moving that arrangement.

This works perfectly for me now in this location.  I love to see my pieces that I wear the most out on display.  It also helps me to make a choice quickly as to what I want to wear.  The only problem is they tarnish so quickly!  Much more so then when I had them in my freestanding jewelry cabinet.

I still have my jewelry cabinet and it is filled with stuff too!  Only it is so hard for me to sift through this cabinet in the morning and find what I want to wear.  Does anyone else have this issue jewelry cabinets?

Here is my bracelet holder.  I got it from Goodwill for only $3.00.  I love how well it holds my bracelets for me.  I could use this for necklaces too if I needed too.
Would you just look at my poor bracelets….so tarnished!

I kept this display piece from the shop when it closed.  It was not used for jewelry then.  I knew immediately what I wanted to use it for when it was time to pitch it.  Do you think I should spray paint it black to match the other display pieces?

Here’s a close up of a few of my favorite pieces.  My crosses are so tarnished again!  Yes, I even have a new chain just waiting for the right pendant.  I got quite a deal on some chains in Atlanta when we went to the trade show.  This is the last chain waiting for a new pendant it’s been that way for over a year now!
This is currently my favorite necklace.  Everyone always asks me if this is one of those Charleston gate pieces, it’s not but it sure does look like one.  I wear it often so I keep it polished regularly as you can see.

I love stones mixed with Silver too.  Yes, these pieces need polishing also!
I purchased my sweet earring tree last year when they first started coming out.  I loved that it came complete with a little birdie on top.

All of these earrings on the right side are silver, as well as many of the ones on top!
Ugh!  I really hate how fast they tarnish now!  If anyone has a solution to this I would love to know!

I love my silver, but not polishing every day!

Finally, a few more loose pieces.  My everyday silver rings, big and shiny! 
The watch is silver tone, not real but so sparkly!  It’s a cheapy bangle watch that gets more compliments then my Seiko’s, Bulovas, and Timex’s ever did!  This is my second bangle watch, as I lost the first one.   It got a ton of compliments too.  We women love our bling don’t we!
Well, there’s my silver display today, I hope you enjoyed it!
This is going to be a two post Sunday for me as I can’t wait to show you my Met Monday post later.  Be sure and come back for that one too, okay?
Thanks for stopping by!

9 thoughts on “Silver Sunday Jewelry

  1. Hi Mary,
    you have such nice silver jewlry pieces.But the earring tree really hit me out of my socks. That is such a gorgeous idea to organize the earrings. I have to look for such one. Thanks so much for showing this.
    Greetings, Johanna


  2. You have some beautiful pieces! I have started wearing a lot of silver. If you want to go with the whole symmetrically balanced look, I would paint the necklace hanger, but I think it looks great as it is!


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