Yard Sale Treasures

It’s been several weeks since I’ve hit the yard sales, but today I was fortunate enough to go again.  I have the Mr. to thank for that one.   He was actually the one who encouraged me to go.  The funny thing about my husband is that he doesn’t care for going to antique stores and thrift shops so much but he does enjoy a good yard sale!  Anyway, he actually looked these up ahead of time yesterday and said, “I’m going to a few yard sales tomorrow you welcome to come if you want”.  Ya see, he’s an early riser!  That means if I’m going with him were up and out of here early!  So that’s what I did this morning, now let’s take a look at the goods.

Not too bad!

This cute little distressed shelf/box whatever, only $2.00.  More then I thought I should have paid but I knew the people here and didn’t want to barter with them.  LOL!  I’m so nice!

This fabulous heavy wrought iron planter was only .50cents, can you believe that?  I would love to hear alternative suggestions on what I can use this for!  Hmmm????

These are actually little hurricane vases for votive candles to turn your candlesticks into votive holders.  They were .50cents each.  This person had several of these, kinda wish I had bartered more and bought the whole lot.  Oh well, what do I really need more for anyway?

I did get her to come down on these to .25 cents each since they were smaller.

She is the same seller who sold me this cute little wine bottle basket for .50 cents.

At another house I got this (very timely) cream and sugar set for $1.00.  I’ll be setting this out straight away.

And for the cream of the crop, I got this beautiful marble top plant stand for $15.00.  I have wanted one of these forever.  I usually see these in the antiques stores for way more then that with wooden tops only.  The marble top on this one actually sits on a nice wooden top.  So versatile and has the original old manufacturers tags on them that say Kimball.  This seller was selling off her mothers furniture.

Well that’s it, it was a great yard sale day!  I’m linking up to Debbiedoos Garage Salen Party.
Thanks for dropping by!

13 thoughts on “Yard Sale Treasures

  1. You snagged some great sales today! I love the planter. You might want to turn it over and use it as a cloche. Ivy would look great threaded through it over a fall theme!

    The table is fabulous. I think you got a great deal considering it has a marble top. Good going!!



  2. Hi Mary!~ My husband is the opposite…he would much rather antique shop than go to a yard sale. You really scored big. I love the planter I can see that a fresh fun color…you could just add some moss and berries and some cute lil pumpkins for now, then change it out seasonally. Thanks for joining me. It is quiet around here…everyone must be enjoying the cooler temps. Have a good one!


  3. You had some great yard sale karma today. The cream and sugar are fabulous. Great deal on the plant stand. I'm glad you got something you have been wanting.

    Have a great rest of the weekend! La


  4. You did great! Love all your treasures! And my hubby likes yard sales but not thrift shops or antique sales. I think my husband thinks he's going to discover some old muscle car in someones garage! Hey, let him dream! 🙂


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