Embracing Changes

Our family is in the midst of change.  I can feel it coming!  It’s not just in the air with the change of seasons outside.

   It’s in the lives of each and every member of my family.  Like the beautiful leaves outside so are the members of my family, each with it’s own color during seasons of change.  Some are still leafy green and full of life while others are sadly withering towards the end.

  We can no more stop the arrival of fall then we can the changes of life.  Instead, we can appreciate them, embrace them and enjoy each and every opportunity that arrives when facing a new season of life.  Do you do that?   These are just a few of my thoughts lately, as I see the season of change around me.  My leaf is not such a bright green anymore but neither is it the dry greyish white before it falls.  It is changing colors though, maybe somewhere between orange and crimson I think! 

Change often brings about many different reactions in people,  but with me it brings about an anxious energy to get things done, to tie up a few loose ends.  I have several projects that have been on the back burner for quite some time.  Some of those projects have been waiting for years others, not so long.

I finally framed my bird prints purchased from a yard sale this summer.  One still needs the frame repainted.  I’m thinking white with a chocolate glaze.

 The other really needs another mat but I decided to make a background for this one until I got around to buying a mat for it.  I really like how this turned out and am thinking I may leave it this way for awhile.

The frame I got from a thrift store at the beach this summer, I had this scrapbook paper sitting in a drawer upstairs and just love it!  Only it was not long enough but was too wide.  So I cut the width down and added the extra paper to the top and bottom then glued a strip of ribbon across the seam.

Then, I simply placed the small matted bird print I already had on top.  I’m happy with this change!
This small desk was another consignment store purchase that I got a few years ago for my oldest sons room.  He used his laptop on it but never really cared for it all that much.  I just love the size and style though it is certainly nothing special and probably some prefab kit someone put together. 
This is how it looked when I bought it, this ugly brown color.   I recently decided to move it downstairs here in the kitchen foyer where our bench used to be.

I have always intended to paint it but have just never made the time to get it done.
Well, I finally made the time.  It’s perfect here for now. This will be a great place where we can drop the mail and recharge our cell phones as we come in and out the basement door. 
There’s still plenty of room for our shoes and coats too!
Recently you saw my newly stained place mats in a tablescaping post.  Here’s how they looked before I did the stain.  This is one of many I still have not stained.  I am going to leave some unfinished because I do like this look as well.  Luckily I have so many I can have some of each.
This lighter unfinished look is nice for spring and summer settings.
First I stained them with a little minwax.

And let them dry overnight.

Then I took them outside to spray paint them with a clear acrylic spray.
And let them dry overnight.
And they are ready to be used anytime.
Finally, one project I have been meaning to do for years!
Do you see that runner on this foyer table?  I actually made it for another table sometime ago.  I was just using it here as I have many other pieces of fabric through the years.  I have rotated so many fabrics runners on this table it is utterly ridiculous.  Deep down I have always wanted to make a runner that fit this table exactly the way I wanted it to fit.  It wasn’t that it would be hard, I just couldn’t find the fabric I wanted to use.  I have even bought fabric for this foyer table that I haven’t used.  My fabric choices were either to light or too dark or too solid or too busy!  A recent fabric purchase brought just the right look, and yesterday I whipped out the little runner I’ve been meaning to get done all these years.
It’s simple and checked and is sure to look good year round.   Oops, I see a loose thread in this photo, just ignore that.   LOL!  I bet you were thinking I had been putting it off because I was going to match the shape of the table.  No!  I really just couldn’t find a fabric I really wanted to commit too.
I think I’m going to love this one for quite some time.
It feels great catching up on a few odds and ends.  With these small things behind me I feel so much better.  I know the little things shouldn’t bother you but they do me.    I always wonder why I put things off like I do, I guess we all do that at times.  I still have many more to go and am thankful for this time in my life when I am able to embrace the little changes that I can.
I am linking this post to Transformation Thursday because life is all about change, embrace it!

Thanks for stopping by!


11 thoughts on “Embracing Changes

  1. I absolutely LOVE the desk you painted!! LOVE IT! And the placemats are wonderful!! What a great project! Was that Minwax English Chestnut? One of my FAVORITE minwax colors. I like to mix it with provincial too! Great colors! 🙂


  2. Mary, I love your changes. What you did to the framed print looks really good that way. You are painting just like I am. I had put some things off all summer and now I just want to get things done. Love the desk you painted. I am finally working on the sofa table. Have a super day.


  3. The desk and place mats look fabulous…you have a lot of creative ideas! I like the runner, too. I so wish I could sew, I would make tons of pillows and place mats and runners!

    I know how you feel about the leaves and the changes in our lives. Spring always feels like we are renewing and recharging and fall hopelessly makes us feel like something is dying. I have always thought this anyway. Maybe that is why we want to nest so much…we're just plain tired!!

    Great post, Mary! 🙂



  4. Hi Mary! Wow! There were so many goodies in this post I had to go back through it a few times! 🙂 I love the desk redo and especially love the little lamp on top of it. I totally agree how you can almost just sense the changes coming whether in seasons or in life. It can be thrilling and terrifying all at the same time!


  5. I am the ultimate procrastinator. I hate that about myself, but I always find 15 other things to do rather than tying up loose ends or starting a new project. With that said, you have been cranking it out! I am in love with that black table. It is beyond fabulous! Here is to a good week!


  6. Everything is a changing Mary. I love your bird prints…and the glaze looks great. What a neat idea with the place mats…they turned out well too. Thanks for your input on my hairy post. What an overwhelming response. I am still catching up on commenting back…I am sure I missed some along the way, hope they understand:) Life got in the way.


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