A is for Antsy

How you doing Miss Jenny? Do you remember me?  Sure you do, it’s me, Little Missy!  Remember,  I went to your Summer School a bit.   I knew you’d remember that. I had to drop out towards the end.  Life around here can git quite busy! Oops..I mean, get quite busy!  Hehe.
Yes mam, one day I’m just moseying along minding my own business and boom everything changes.  When that happens one can get quite Antsy ya know!  That’s right, A is Antsy is what I say!

No, no, not that kind of Antsy!

You know the kind of Antsy when you can’t hardly calm down.

Hehe!  Just look at this thing will ya!

That’s Misty, she sure ain’t Antsy is she?
Hey can I count that as two “A‘s”.  Ain’t and Antsy?  What?  No mam, I guess I forgot.  Ain’t, ain’t a word so is doesn’t count.  What?  Oh yes mam, I meant to say, ain’t isn’t a word, so it doesn’t count.

Yes mam, I will get back to my point now.  Antsy is when you are feeling exited and anxious about something all at the same time.  Oh yes mam, I would like credit for “anxious” too!  Thank you! 
 Let’s take my cousin Mary for example.  She says there no such thing as being Antsy.  She likes to use big words like Anticipation.  I told her she was just being kinda uppety using that word.  She didn’t like me saying that but it’s true you know.  Why, she’s got so much Anticipation going on right now that she is just plain Antsy!

See, she’s got some possible good news that she can’t share yet cause it’s not actually official.  She’s been praying about this and wantin me to be praying for her too.  Yes mam, I’ll take credit for that word too, actual.  Right now her good news is not actual.

It’s still just this word.  Hope!  I suppose there’s lot’s to be said for having hope you know.

Mary says, sometimes when you have hope, you can feel like you can handle the world a lot better.  She’s also talked about putting your hope in something other then the world, like GOD.   Why, she even, said when there is something you are anxious about that you should give it to God, and that’s what she’s done.

She says, you do what you can then leave the rest to God through prayer.  She said when you do that then you can get away from feeling so anxious all the time.

Yes mam, this is big deal for her!
She said, this would be like a dream come true!  No mam, she didn’t tell me anymore then that.  But she did say if”n I was to pray for her that would be nice!  She says God knows the details all you got to do is pray an answer will come soon.

Well, I’m glad I was able to make it to your class today Miss Jenny, Mary dropped me off this time.  She say’s she’s not real sure if she’ll be able to bring me each week but will do all she can.  She’s kinda nice like that when she ain’t so Antsy!  LOL!
  I liked your summer school so I’ll try to make it to Alphabet Thursday as often as I can too!
Have a great afternoon!
“Little Missy”


17 thoughts on “A is for Antsy

  1. Hi! I loved reading this today and really needed to hear it! I am so grateful to be able to put my anxious thoughts in Someone else's hands and my trust and hope too! Learning to hand over control isn't easy but when you do the rewards are sooooo much sweeter! 🙂


  2. Of course I remember you. What a totally sweet post. I use the word Antsy, too! And I use the word HOPE a lot as well. It's right up there with BELIEVE in my hearts vocabulary.

    I apologize for visiting you so late this week. My firewall would not allow me to visit your blog so I got up early before my husband got onto his computer.

    I'm glad I didn't miss your link here, though. I really enjoyed it.

    Thanks for linking and I hope to see you again when you aren't feeling too Antsy!



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