How have we done it?

Last night while sharing a little quiet time the Mr. asked me a question that rather caught me off guard.  He asked, “How have we done it?”, he was referring to our 22 years of marriage.  That’s not even counting the 6 years prior to that we dated.  He was thinking about how after all these years we are still so attracted to each other.  I was like, what do you mean, we love each other dear!  We both kind of smiled at that, but honestly he and I both know better then that.  The thing is we truly “like” each other also!

No we don’t have an anniversary coming up, it was just one of those rare evenings when the Mr. was really thinking about us.  I’m thinking it may have had something to do with him spending the day in my world.  You see, the Mr. had yesterday off and indulged me in yet another day of hunting.  I have a birthday coming up very soon and have requested that I would like a new china cabinet.  Now when I say new what I really mean is new to me!  We simply cannot afford a new china cabinet right now and I have never really even wanted one until recently.  I proposed if I could find an old china hutch that I could fix up it would be fit the bill perfectly.

 The Mr. being the great friend that he is loved this idea too, especially when I found one that I thought I loved on Craigs list that was dirt cheap.  Let me back track a few weeks here first.    Several weekends ago, we drove all the way to Rock Hill with our trailer in tow to pick up what I thought was going to be the deal of the century!  It was so not what they pictured or described and turned out to be junk!  It took me less then 5 minutes to look at it and say, I am sorry this is not what I had envisioned and we were back in the car on our way home.  LOL!  The Mr. being the sweet man he is was quite relieved.  After we left,  He said, “I was going to let you buy it but there was no way that thing was coming into our house after we got home”.  LOL!  Needless to say, we laughed the whole way home! 

Let’s move forward to yesterday.  He surprised me again by asking me did I want to go take a look at another china cabinet I told him I had found in an antique store that I thought I wanted.  Oh yes!  I was so excited.  I really thought this was the one.  It was big and could be quite the beauty after redoing it, and was priced really wonderfully!  So, off we went to the musty old dusty antique store, together.  Have I mentioned before that antique stores and thrift stores are not my husbands thing?  Well, they aren’t, but for me, he’s willing to go the extra mile.

Here it is!  Here’s the cabinet I was pretty excited about.  It’s big, it measures 5’7″ wide. and 6’9″ tall.  I have the space for it, that’s not a problem.    Unfortunately, that excitement faded when the Mr. spotted a strip of veneer cracked off the side towards the back on the left.  I still think it would not show where I plan to place it and if I’m painting it I may be able to do some cosmetic work to that area too.  He’s not sold and I’m not nearly as sold on it as I was after a second look.

I fell in love with these doors.  They have beveled glass in each triangle and are puttied in the back.  However the putty is very old and is flaking off inside.  The Mr. thinks this will be very troublesome to fix.

I loved the side area and those ugly curtains would be torn off right away!  Another thing that has me leery is that it has a veneer finish that would be hard to paint. I’m not familiar with painting on veneer.  It’s not that cheap plastic type of veneer, but it’s still veneer.  I don’t know!

I also loved how much drawer and cabinet space this had below and that it is up on legs.  All the cabinet have a lock and there is a key, the Mr. thinks I will end up not liking that.  Strange thing was I could not get the 2nd to last drawer open to inspect it and we were too afraid to pull it hard because of the glass doors up top.  Not to mention I had no space to really check it out good in this crammed up antique shop. What’s in that drawer anyway?  Pretty scary!

Here is another cabinet I had also spotted in the same store but did not like as much and saw lots of work to be done on it.  The Mr.liked this one better even with all the work to be done.  Go figure! 

This one is only 4’7″ wide and 6’6″ tall.  I didn’t like that it didn’t have a lot of space and would need new shelves.  They must have been glass and broke, but I would want wooden shelves.  Also not overly crazy about the mirrored background.  And would need to replace the cracked glass on the front left.  Then I still would want to repaint the whole thing!

This wonderful piece of work is only $89.99!  I don’t know!  Looks like an old dresser to me.

I don’t know why this picture turned out so yellow but thought you’d like to see the bottom of it anyway. 

Neither of these is actually anything close to what I really want!  If money were no object this is what I would prefer.
Now this is what I truly love.  This is from Hooker furniture is part of the Summerglen collection.  Only this is way out of reach at 3,000.00 plus dollars.  But, isn’t it just wonderful!  Well, I guess it looks like I am still looking for now.  I am so thankful for a husband who indulges and endures with me.
Now getting back to the original point, about we truly like each other.  You see, because he likes me he joins in on my adventures and I join in on his.
Here we are after last Saturdays, “Around the Islands” race.  I am not one to enjoy a race because they can be too intense.  This was a race by our cruising fleet which was very unofficial.  It is much more my style.  My husband just adores sailing!  He is not what I would call a hard core sailor but he is a very enthusiastic sailor.
Yes, that’s me with my feet propped up as usual!  Would you believe there are times I am soo not this relaxed on the boat, sailing?  Many, many, many times!  But, I love spending time with my husband and these moments when I can sit back and just enjoy our time together.

I hope you see where all I was going with this very long winded and side tracked post!  How have we done it?  Of course we have love, but we also really ” like” each other too!
I’m sharing this post today for Inspiration Friday.  I know most of you may not need to hear this but just in case there is someone out there that needs to remember this or needs to hear it, there it is!
And for the rest of you, I would love any and all advice on where to find a good deal on a new to me china cabinet/hutch, whatever.  Or do you still like the first one I showed you?  Hmm??
Have a great weekend Yall!


15 thoughts on “How have we done it?

  1. Hi Mary! First of all, let me just say that it has been such a pleasure to meet you here in blogland! I absolutely loved this post mostly because my Mr. and I feel the same way about each other! We are celebrating 12 years on Oct. 10 and would rather be with each other than anyone else. We crack ourselves up! Also, I have to tell ya, that second hutch could look a lot like that dream picture if you were to give it your special touch! Just saying…. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the party this week and for sharing something truly inspirational!


  2. First, I realy like the BIG hutch. It has so much personality but I would also be thinking over the veneer. I wonder if you can research and maybe there is a simple way to redo it???

    Second -Bravo to you and your Hubby for 22 happy years of marriage. ITA that first and foremost, friendship is the most important. Hubby and I will celebrate our 25th next summer and still, after all these years, he's the funniest man I know. We have a great time together because we are always cutting up and laughing.


  3. I love the first hutch~ more frenchie:)
    you all do look happy but even more important, you look Content.. I dont think when we are young we understand how much Content really means.. so happy for ya'll~!!


  4. Mary, my husband and I celebrated 20 years last May, and we have the same kind of friendship. A few weeks ago we spent several hours in and out of antique/thrift shops (not his “thing” either) looking for … a china cabinet! God bless those men of ours! Haven't found my cabinet yet either. Good luck to both of us! The best part? Even if we never find one, we're already two of the luckiest women alive!


  5. Thanks for a wonderful post. Next year my husband and I will be married 25 years! Time flies! When you start thinking alike, that's when you know how far you've come. And sharing dreams, I think you have all that covered.

    I wish you the best of luck when you find your cabinet. You are going to KNOW it with your heart and soul. That's how I was when I found mine.



  6. Oh I so know what you mean about the hubby! After 20 years we are happier than we were when we got married! He is my childhood sweetheart and although it took a little time for us to get together, it has been the greatest time of my life! Nothing better than being married to your best friend!

    Now on to the cabinet. I LOVE the first one. I have painted veneer with no problems and even filled in missing pieces with wood putty and sanding. The most important thing is to use a good primer. Oil base is even better primer.

    Now if you really want something like what your inspiration is, just keep looking on craigslist. You will find it at a great price but it takes time and patience!!!! Have a great weekend!


  7. Hi,
    Coming over from Vanessa's- nice to meet you and congratulations on you and the mister!! My husband and I met really young and have been married for nearly 2 decades now…he is a wonderful friend as well as great husband. 🙂 I personally like the first one better- only from the standpoint of the french look it has. But the second one painted and shabbied with some different knobs maybe and a few tweaks could be very similar to your inspiration photo. If you don't like the feet on that one, you could maybe add a thick moulding or wood to do a faux bottom to cover it? Just a thought. I'm having my first link party- a decorating inspiration party called 'feathered nest fridays' over at my blog if you would like to join up! 🙂


  8. Hi Mary! My husband and I feel the same way-We enjoy each others company. We've been married 24 years. How blessed are we??? The last few years has been sad for us as several couples that we know got divorced! I can't even imagine going through that.
    Regarding the cabinet. I love the wire doors and the beveled glass doors. Just keep looking on Craigslist – eventually you will find something you love.


  9. Aww, what a special post. Your hutch is amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with it and how you accessorize it. I know it will beautiful. I love the pictures of you and the Mr. on the boat…too cute!!


  10. Hi Mary,
    Your husband sounds so sweet. You two are so lucky to be so in love…and like:)
    I love the first cabinet. I'll keep a look out for something that looks like the insipration pic. Gorgeous! The His House across from the Barn Yard flea market usually carries a lot of auction china cabinets. And the one out on 378 also has a few now and then. Have you tried them?


  11. Those are wonderful pieces! You could do so much with either one it would just take time. I would not pay the price for the larger one though since it needs so much love. All you would have to do is maybe use some wood puddy to fix any missing spots and then Kitlz primer and you should be able to paint right over it. It would be a lot of work but so worth it in the end! Hope y ou find the right one soon! I am looking for one for in our guest room.


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