Consignment Treasures

This week while scouring around for a China cabinet I came across just a few goodies.  Not a lot to show you here but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

For some reason I have been coming across these all summer long.  At every antique and thift store out there, I’ve come across some version of this.  Only it wasn’t until the other day that I came across a complete set such as this one.

That’s right, this is what I have been coming across for sale all summer! 

I am thinking they have been calling out to me.

Mostly what I have found up until now though is just the circular portion of these sets.  I have come across plastic sets, and ceramic sets, but only the 3 round parts of the set.

I was floored when I found out this set also had the middle part included, and was also included in the price.

I love the details on this set in particular.  It is ceramic with a California stamp on the bottom.  I am planning on painting out the brass handle as I can remove that easy enough.  But the best part of this deal was that is only cost me $3.00 for the set!  Can you believe that?

I also came across these amber Dansk candlesticks.  They were $6.00 with 50% off, so they also were only $3.00 a set.  This is my second Dansk candle holder purchase recently. Weird huh?

I decided to do a Pumpkin display for now on these.

I hope you enjoyed my Consignment store finds.  I sure do!  I am linking up with Debbiedoos today for her Garage Salen Party!   Oh come on, it’s close enough, right?

Thanks for stopping by!

13 thoughts on “Consignment Treasures

  1. Hi Mary, little late making my rounds. My hubs is off this weekend, so spending some fun family quality time. I love that appetizer/dip platter, very pretty! Liked your festive table too. Glad you enjoyed my disaster project. I may throw a party soon so we may link up our projects gone wrong…so hang on to em…you never know. Thanks for joining me this week. Enjoy your Sunday. Debbie


  2. I love the tassel. It is so cute! I have it on my 'to do' list to try to make some. I think they would be the greatest gifts for co-workers for Christmas. Maybe make them with little santas, snowmen, etc. Of course I'll post if I make some.

    I got your comment about following my blog. Thank you for searching til you found it. It should be easier to find not. Mozilla seems to be working much better for me. Thanks for following. I really appreciate it.




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