I’ve Fallen for Lenox

I’ve been working on this very special table scape all summer.  Well maybe not all summer, but definitely since our vacation in July.  When we went to the beach this summer I hit the Lenox Outlet like I always do.  This year I came across an idea for a whole new look for my table settings using Lenox for my everyday settings as well.  I say as well, because I have been a Lenox girl since the day I married.  My first set of Lenox is the Charleston pattern, you can see one of my table scapes using that collection here.

While at the Lenox Outlet  I picked up four salad plates that were a closeout pattern that I absolutely fell in love with.  I was perfectly content to just enjoy these four salad plates paired with other dishes I already own.  However, when I was checking out the sales lady pointed out some dinner plates that these salad plates would compliment in another pattern that was sure to be around awhile.  Although I did not buy the dinner plates that day, we looked at them together and it was an image I could not get out of my head.  You know the feeling, love at first sight! 

Well, it’s been about two and half months since I first saw these plates together and I have since come across four more salad plates bringing my total to eight.  I also now have four of the dinner plates I was introduced to as well.  Three of those I unbelievably found in a stack at an antique store recently and one I purchased retail to complete the set of four dinner plates.  Hopefully my Christmas wish list will deliver more dinner plates and serving pieces.

So with out further delay I want to share my newest everyday dinnerware collection.  I think you will love and “fall” for this pattern just as much as I do.

Here they are!

They are a beautiful slightly off white china.

With a beautiful scalloped edge.

The dinner plates are Lenox Butlers Pantry Gourmet.
Just try and tell me you don’t love the edge on this dish!

 I have paired it with salad plates from Lenox Accoutrement’s Cornelia Cream.
It has the same colorings with a damask border.  I just love these two patterns blended together.

The Butlers Pantry pattern by Lenox actually has several different settings. There is the original Butlers Pantry pattern and then the Butlers Pantry Gourmet that I have.  They are meant to be used together and offer a beautiful blending of dishes that coordinate well together.  Also, for all my Rooster loving friends out there, they even introduced Rooster plates in this pattern.   I am so excited about this pattern and how many variations it offers in one collection.  You can check them out at Lenox.com if your interested.  I am not being offered anything to promote this, just sharing my newest love with all of you .
Careful though, or you might be FALLEN in love with Lenox too!
Please be sure and visit many more beautiful tablescapes at
Thanks for visiting, wishing you a beautiful Fall!

31 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen for Lenox

  1. THey are gorgeous Mary – well worth the wait. The chargers underneath are so pretty too. I love Lenox as well and my wedding pattern is Lenox – I've always loved it.


  2. No wonder you could not get this pattern out of your head –My word this table setting is beautiful–Then you threw in the “R” word –I am going over to the web site now to see all this eye candy 🙂 Thanks for sharing your lovely home


  3. I am in LOVE with the Butler's Pantry Gourmet!! I had to pick up a wedding present this past weekend, and it was the pattern. I told my husband that I wanted it.

    I LOVE the scalloped edges,and I think your table is so pretty with it. I'm more convinced than ever that I want this pattern! Great job!


  4. Oh, I just love both patterns, Mary! And since they are cream colored you can mix them up with all sorts of patterns and colors!! Nice! Your dining room is lovely, by the way, and I love that soup tureen on the sideboard!



  5. You're right, I do love the edges of your plates. They are elegant and very pretty.
    Love the whole tablescape.
    I just noticed you're in CA. Our daughter lives in Riverside. Is that close by–by any chance?


  6. Hi Mary…first let me say, you are getting really great at taking pictures and capturing the details:) Love that touch on the napkin. Such pretty dishes, you are very lucky to have such a beautiful set.


  7. Mary they are the truly the prettiest dishes I have ever seen! Love, love them. What a stunning yet very elegant design they have. Thank you for showing us your talent at tablescaping. I enjoyed my visit.

    Happy Fall! ~Melissa 🙂


  8. I can see why you fell in love with those!! Oh I love them too! They look very versatile. I love the coordinated patterns too. I think that is so much more interesting. I'm wondering where you store all your dishes!


  9. Your dishes are beautiful. I've added them to my ever lengthening list of dishes I'd love to have. You've incorporated them into a wonderfully warm and inviting tablescape. I'll have to come back and visit your blog more often just so I can look at this tablescape and your beautiful new dishes.


  10. There are certain times that Lenox just does it better than anyone else. I think that the Butler's Pantry with the Cornelia Cream is stunning…beautiful! I recently bought a service for 12 of Lenox Beltane/White for my sister-in-love. Have you seen it? I think that you would appreciate it, too. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


  11. Your plates and tablescape are just beautiful! What a great find! I love the fall arrangements, too and that wine dispenser/holder is awesome! You will surely enjoy these plates for many years! Christie at Three Pixie Lane


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