Pirates and Ghouls

Last Sunday I shared with you an unexpected find, the silver room, on our visit to the SC State Museum.  This Sunday I would like to share with you the exhibits and festival we were expecting to see.  We went in anticipation of viewing the temporary exhibit of Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers.  This exhibit was supposed to have ended already but was held over by popular demand. 

I am excited to be joining Seasonal Sunday today to share this with you!  In addition to the Pirate exhibit, on the day we went there was also a harvest festival being held outside the museum with crafters, food and music.

My husband, and son are anxious to get inside.  Slow down yall, I want to check look around outside first.

Very cute pumpkin display surrounded by local artists. 

Metal art made from a local artist using scrap metal.
I loved this shark!
There were all sorts of tents with many different types of artisans.

I knew you’d enjoy seeing these beautiful burlap pillows.

This guy had several tables of hand carved utensils.
Of course the Mr. and son headed straight to the tractors.  I am still trying to get used to my son having hair this short.  He just had it cut this week prior to going to the museum, he usually has thick wavy longer hair.  LOL!

Upon heading inside there was booth set up to purchase drinks and caramel popcorn.  Yummo!
Also a quartet was singing outside of the entrance.  I wonder why this great big banner was still up.  I guess that display was extended longer too!  Love what you catch on film after the fact.
Inside at last, and we are all set to see the pirate displays.  There was lots of information around and several actual artifacts that I did not photograph.  Instead I only took photos of the wax pirates displays.
Depicting the daily life of a pirate.

Sleeping Quarters

Two of the most notable women pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Common goods pirates would have plundered to sale on the black market.

Sadly, the gruesome fate of a convicted pirate.  Arghhh!!!  This exhibit caught me off guard at first.  Little did I know it was preparing me for the rest of the museum exhibits. 

Another unexpected find on this trip was how several of the usual displays though out the museum had been decorated for Halloween.  Hope you are prepared for the rest of the tour and have your wits about you today!
A typical rural SC backyard exhibit is rather enhanced this time of year.

This is an antique hearse!

This guy actual turned his head and eyes, rather disturbing!

The old railroad train is crawling with spiders!  Yuck!
Now that’s one creepy looking clown!

Looks like some poor souls just can’t seem to leave their beloved automobiles behind!
I think I’ll skip the train ride, and walk thank you!
How about you, up for a ride?
Thanks for visiting today!   I hope you enjoyed your visit to our state museum.
Be sure and let me know if did!
Have a blessed Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Pirates and Ghouls

  1. What an awesome looking day Mary! You have a very handsome family. I do not know what you son looked like with long hair…but he looks good with it short. Jack just got his haircut today…and he looks so darn cute. This festival looks awesome…if you are a pirate lover this was perfect display too. Thanks for sharing the fun.


  2. I love craft fairs like this. They have a farmer's market with booths every Saturday downtown and we have yet to go. I am making a point of going now! I love all the pirate stuff. The cage was a common torture method. I have visited several museums that carried torture devices in Europe and let me say that the cage was one of the nicer ones!!

    I love how the museum decorated for Halloween! How fun is that. Except for the clown. I hate clowns. There is just no reason for that clown to be there!!!


  3. Just what I would LOVE to do, spend a nice leisurely day with the family at something fun like this.

    One of those pirates looked just like Johnny Depp!

    Also, the clown WAS creepy, but the one next to him looked very lifelike.

    *And your son is a cutie. I love short hair*


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