Decorating Fun

Last week I spent a wonderful afternoon with my cousin in law helping her tweak a few areas in her home. When someone places such faith in your abilities it is quite daunting, but I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed being invited to come over and help her accessorize.  Although she lives almost 2 hours away it was so worth the trip for me just to be able to play around with someone Else’s decor.  Let me just say, professional decorators have got to have the most enjoyable careers ever!

My cousin in law works full time as a pharmacist and has a very active social life with limited time off.   Recently she emailed me about an antique corner chair she purchased for her living room.  After getting home and placing the chair where she wanted it to go, she realized it was much smaller then she had envisioned.  This is the before photo she sent me of the area she wanted help with.

I was so excited when I saw this as I knew right away with the violin on the wall she had some idea of what direction she wanted to go with this area.  Shew!  It’s so easy to decorate for yourself when you know what you like, but decorating for someone else takes a little more effort.

The plan was, I would come up for the day and shop her house, then we would do lunch and time permitting go out for a little store shopping for any additional items needed.  What fun!

This was the other photo she sent to show me the rest of this room.  Of course I took this an invitation to tweak this area a bit too.  Little did I know she was going to allow me to tweak any other areas throughout her home as well.  Can you imagine?  She really didn’t need much but it was fun making suggestions all the same.

And here is the corner after I finished it, sort of! 
 You see,  I left her with a few instructions to complete this look as her time permits, some of which she has completed.   Some are still to be done yet, including replacing the dead mum with a live plant.  LOL!   I am just so pleased she has gotten this far.  She was so funny taking notes on everything I said.  I was so flattered.

    We pulled the large pedestal plant stand from the foyer where it held a decorative garden artichoke?  I really wanted something to bring some height to this corner.  I liked how this was not too tall or to large of a piece to totally dwarf the chair.  She had a large box of antique sheet music that has been in her family for some time that she really wanted to use.  Perfect!  Some pieces are over 100yrs old and some were signed as well.  After rummaging through we picked out a few cover sheets that had great color and images.   There are three antique sheet music books that I suggested she wrap in twine and place on the stand.  Then we added this  brass candlestick she already had but spray painted with ORB per my suggestion.
We shopped Hobby Lobby for frames for two of our sheet musics.  These frames were prematted for multiple photos but were the perfect size and color matting and an inexpensive solution to custom framing.  I suggested putting the sheet music right on top of the mat so the worn edges would show giving it an authentic vintage appeal.  What do you think?
This picture is on the opposite side of the room going into the dining room.  I love how this one had enough room withing the frame to show bits of the music as well.  Even more special is this music has special meaning to her as it was some of her mothers favorites.
Here is a close up shot of the chair showing me how she plans to make a throw pillow for the seat.  While we agreed the chair really does not need a pillow we liked the idea of adding a bit more color to the whole area.
The fabric she found on her own this weekend.  I suggested something with multiple colors and texture similar to a club chair she already owned in another part of the house.  She knew she wanted to bring in a bit more blue in this room.  However, I really wanted her to find something that also had some of the reds and golds she already had.  I think this was a perfect choice! 
Perfect because I suggested she find something she could use on this side of the room too.  I just love how much softer this whole area looks now.  I added the blue pieces (found around her home) on her side table as well as few books to raise the height of the lamp.  She is going to add some blue pillows on the sofa soon.
It was such a fun day!  If you ever get the chance to help a friend out this way, I highly recommend it.  Thank you Lisa for sending me all of these photos, you are so kind! 





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23 thoughts on “Decorating Fun

  1. Mary, you did a great job. I love the vignette you created. What a great idea framing old sheet music. That is perfect with the violin. It is fun helping others like that isn't it. I have helped several family members. Thanks in advance for linking to my first party!


  2. You really did a fabulous job on this, Mary. I love how you arranged the chair with the plant stand and the framed sheet music really adds a lot of interest to the corner!! I also love the little table with the fabric next to the sofa…very pretty. Now I need you to pay me a visit!! ;-D



  3. Mary!!! Everything looks wonderful!!!! Do you buy any chance know how to make those round table cloths for those round tables?? I need two table cloths and can't find any pre made that I like. I don't kno how to sew but can't you buy some kind of iron stuff.


  4. Mary, you did such a great job! It is a testament to your design savvy that she asked you to help out and you totally met the challenge. It all looks lovely and you did what a true designer should do which is use what the owner loves and run with their instincts! 🙂


  5. Hi Mary…

    Well my friend, you did a marvelous job of decorating your cousin's corner! I DO love that antique corner chair that she found…it's awesome but it was kind of dwarfed sitting all alone in that corner. Adding that beautiful plant stand was PERFECT!!! As you said, it gave some needed height and a little more “umpf” to the space! I love that! Great idea! Love the violin and the framed antique sheet music…gorgeous! I agree with you…I think the tattered edges left showing is beautiful!!! It's all soooo pretty! I can just imagine how pleased that you must have felt…you did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing your cousin's beautiful home and project with us!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


  6. Mary , My goodness what a difference your suggestions made to her home -I'm sure she was thrilled to have this instant warmth brought into her home. You sure have a knack for pulling everything together


  7. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I had to build up courage to paint my furniture. Some people thought I was crazy. I LOVE it now! You've got some serious talent there girl! 🙂


  8. Girl you are GOOOOOD! Love what you did and I'm sure your CIL is just thrilled with the changes. You should really think about doing this professionally. The fabric is awesome.


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