To get the Message, You’ve got to read the Words.

Last night while catching up on reading a few blogs, I came across Debbie’s post from Words on Wheels.  I have been lucky enough to be exchanging comments with Debbie for awhile now.  Mostly I have been captivated and inspired by her lovely tablescapes.  I still haven’t quite gotten a grasp on the whole story of who “the duchess” really is.  But that’s just a thought for today’s post not the point, at all.

 I confess that I have not devoted the time to follow her all that closely because if I had, surely I would have known what grabbed my attention last night.  With so many wonderful bloggers out there, I tend to be a skimmer, but last night I decided to linger on a few and I’m sure glad I chose to linger on her post.

Debbie’s post for yesterday, Simply Studying, was one full of passion, her passion for God’s Word.  She spoke of her Bible studies; both her own studies, her teachings and her excitement of an upcoming retreat.  I was curious about her passion for Bible study.  I do not currently belong to any study groups, but do enjoy reading the Bible and meditating on His word.  Confession number 2, I have been very lax in that too.   Debbie’s post inspired me to think of a different approach to studying scripture.  She talked of looking at words and studying their meaning and why God chose that word.  I am sure I would never be able to intelligently translate words like her but it is an interesting approach of study I have not thought about before.   I liked her post so much I had to come back again this morning and study her blog a bit more.  I was also reminded I need to just pick up my Bible more and read.  I know God speaks to us through his word, so why do I  always wait and expect another way, like maybe answered prayers or something.  Too often I find myself discouraged because things are not going my way, and they really aren’t right now!  I can pray and talk to God all day long at times and never hear a thing, and still I don’t pick up my Bible.  What is wrong with me?


On revisiting Debbie’s blog this morning I also went back and read a post she had written about having a smack down from God.  Boy, could I relate to this!  I’ve had a few of those before and seemingly still need them often.  Her smack down came from Hebrew 12, you can visit her post here.  I was pondering her thoughts and the verses and finally decided I need to pick up my Bible and read this myself, perhaps the discipline of these verses needs to apply to me as well.  Yep, they sure did!

Only, God also led me further to the verses in Hebrew 12:14-15.  They really hit home!  I have been living with a root of bitterness that wants to grow like crazy.  Shockingly, I am reminded that others cannot see the Grace of God in me when I harbor such things in my heart.  Have you ever realized how ugly your face is when your joy does not reach your eyes and worry has taken over?  

Most recently, it has been about a job that I interviewed for that would be a perfect fit for me.  It looked liked it was all coming together so well then just stopped cold.  I had been promised an answer one way or the other after several attempts to get one and have yet to receive one.  It has been just over 7 weeks since I interviewed.  I also had bitterness over my old job that I loved but lost because the business closed.   I thought I had dealt with that already, but apparently not.  I cannot help but think I should not even have to be worrying about a new job..that’s bitterness y’all! 

I have some bitterness, about the sadness of my aging mother and my terminal father in law and what me and all my family members are going through with both of these difficult situations.

Then there’s the state of  our economy in general and the VERY sad stories of others who’s situations make mine pale in comparison.  Now can you see, that’s a whole lot of bitterness, that needs to come out?  So even though I have somewhat recognized that I have had this feeling taking over I haven’t realized how to get rid of it.  I tend to think if the situations would just change then everything will be fine.  LOL!  I also tend to look every which way for solutions that are often just unattainable.

Now my point in telling you all this, (and this is as personal as I like to get) is that I was reminded again, that I need to do some serious digging alright!  Not just digging out, but digging in too!  I’m not telling you this so you can feel sorry for my circumstances.  Please save your pity for those who really need it, like those who never turn to God.  I am telling you this because if I can also inspire one more person to pick up their Bible then it will have been worth it.  Let’s not ever forget our blogs are open to
 many who never comment, reach many eyes, and hearts.

    Thank you Debbie, for the inspiration to dig into God’s Word more often, and in a new way. I know those ladies at the retreat are going to be blessed by you this weekend.   Mostly for the reminder, that if I want to hear what God has to say, he’s already provided that for us too, we need only open it up and read it.  You have truly inspired me today and that’s why I am joining Inspiration Friday.  Thank you!

Have a great weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “To get the Message, You’ve got to read the Words.

  1. Oh Mary that was so beautiful and truly perfect for Inspiration Friday! I feel like I am in a process of weeding out those roots of bitterness over a particular situation and it ain't always a pretty process! 🙂 But, I think that when we are real and honest and open about it, it glorifies Him and it allows others to draw closer to Him through our journey. Debbie is always such an encouragement to me too. And you, my friend, as you have shared from your heart and your life have also been a blessing and encouragement to me and many others! Thank you SO much for linking this up to the party. It is exactly what I needed to read this morning!


  2. Great post, Mary. We are all human and will struggle from time to time and we have to just know that He is there to carry us through. I am lax on bible reading, too. One thing I hate to read and have to make myself do it. We had also gotten lax on attending church and went back last Sunday after a few weeks of missing it. It is important to gather together in God's house like the scriptures tell us and I have to be reminded of that. It is easy to get lax or LAZY.


  3. Oh Mary, this is beautiful and so true!! Maybe this post alone being a light unto a dark world is the reason God has not allowed your new job to come yet….or maybe, even ….to allow you to see the need to pick up your Bible and find these verses today! Who knows…I sure don't…but you have to check out this blog post I read this morning…so perfect!
    and ESPECIALLY this one by the same person:

    Still praying for you!
    God bless!
    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine


  4. Oh my goodness.

    I have stared at this for what feels like forever trying to figure out what to say. You probably will never know this side of Heaven how God used you today. I had prayed for some encouragement before the retreat. My Goliath is anxiety. God used you in a mighty way.

    I have cried and tried to comment, but the words just simply will not come. I am, surprisingly and uncharacteristically at a loss for words.

    I pray that God does (as I learned in my Thursday Bible study lesson…) EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY MORE than you can even ask or IMAGINE in your circumstance, and that he blesses you in proportion to the way you just blessed ME.

    And I mean that with my whole heart.

    (BTW… the Duchess is what we call my mother)


  5. Well, you did remind me to read my Bible more. I go through phases where I read it all the time, and then I allow life to get in the way. Reading the Bible should be my first priority. As for bitterness, I realize I am harboring some also for some really silly and selfish reasons. I really need to get rid of those feelings. Thanks for the wonderful post. God Bless. Hugs, Marty


  6. Well, ladies you have all blessed me. Just reading your sincere thoughts is refreshing. We all go through times when we feel that we have it worse than anyone else. We face hardships and battles that are so hard to fight. But God is always there, just waiting for us to ask for what we need. He tells us to Ask and receive, seek and we shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. This has always stuck out in my mind: A (ask) S (seek) K (knock). That again spells ASK. That is all we have to do. Ask and believe. We should all ask for His guidance and that His will be done in our lives, not our will.

    May God bless each of you abundantly!


  7. What a wonderful post sharing your heart. I need to print this out and keep it handy to reread on a regular basis. You have blessed me. He does speak through His Word and usually I am doing all the talking and asking instead of listening. Great reminder.


  8. You really hit the nail on the head with me. I surely need to read my Bible more and really “listen,” which is so hard for me. We even have a Bible study in our home every week with our friends but when I have 8-12 people in my home, I tend to do more hostessing and less listening. Shame on me. Nobody cares about more coffee or more food. Well….if they're hungry 🙂

    This is a great post. I've been playing catch up with my favorite blogs and to think I almost missed this post! Big hugs to you.


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