Time to Polish the Silver

Ooops!  I am a week too early for Silver Sunday but that’s OK!  Hopefully I’ll remember to link up for the party next week, or maybe one of you kind ladies will remind me.  I am sure those of you joining me from the Metamorphosis Monday Party will not mind though.  This is one of those changes that if you haven’t started on yet, you’ll be glad I posted this and reminded you, well maybe.

I know most of us in blog land enjoy our tarnished looking silver, but let’s face it, our guests, not so much!  With the holidays coming up, I decided to get a jump on polishing the silver yesterday.

I have many of my silver pieces stored here in my kitchen china cabinet.  My husband just recently added a second shelf to the top portion of this cabinet I am so happy to finally have more usable storage space.

This gives me a good amount of space to keep all those pieces of silver that I have but don’t use often.  My treys and platters are stored in the bottom of my new china cabinet in the dining room.
As you can see I have quite a task ahead of me.  Shew!

I didn’t pull out everything just a few things I thought I might use.  It’s often rather hard to guess what you might use, but I sure don’t want to have to worry about polishing silver the day right before serving, do you?
My first conquest, this small beautiful Chippendale silver tray.

Wow!  Just look at that!  What a difference so far!
Next up, two sets of salt and pepper shakers I have only recently inherited.

This is going to be quite a challenge.  I started out using one type of silver polish that worked very well at getting the tarnish off quickly but seemed to leave my silver with a slightly yellowish tinge.  This product was newer to me that I had purchased last year to use on my jewelry mostly.  One tray in particular kept trying to tarnish immediately after cleaning it with that polish, so weird.  This polish was also giving me quite a big headache from the smell of the product.   Yes, I am being very considerate here by not naming the exact product.  Anyway, after working on the trey that wanted to re tarnish immediately I decided to pull out my older silver polish and it cleaned the tray beautifully without any reappearing tarnish.  Very strange!
So, I decided to continue on using this polish only, but I didn’t have very much of this left even though I had two nearly empty bottles in my cleaning cabinet.  Now do you get the picture? 
I wasn’t feeling up to running to the store so I just continued on doing a few things I wanted to get done first.

This is as far as I got yesterday before having to stop and open up the window for ventilation.
As you can see, I got a little side tracked and decided to polish some of my jewelry also.

My beautiful tray!  Oh, that is NOT a smudge on the tray, only a glare from the camera and lights.  LOL!

Gorgeous leaf tray!  I just love this one!
And another small round tray.  I really wanted to use one of these small trays to put some potpourri in the half bath.  After polishing them up though, I am having a hard time convincing myself to put silver in the bathroom.  I want too, but I dunno know!
The salt and pepper shakers are not coming out as well as I had hoped but I am still very happy to have inherited them and will happily use them this year as is.
These cream and sugar pieces certainly cleaned up well.  I still haven’t polished off the cleaner on the sugar piece yet.  Well at least that’s what I think this is supposed to be.  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong and tell me exactly what these are.  I will use them for condiments, but do like to know the proper terms.

On the other side of my table sits a few more pieces that I didn’t get too.  I will have to think about what I want to use here and get back to polishing soon.
Or maybe NOT!  Somethings may just go back in the cabinet.  LOL!
How about you?  Are you going to polish up the silver for the holidays?
It’s very cool here this weekend, great for cozying up inside and preparing for the season.
Thanks for dropping by today! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!


27 thoughts on “Time to Polish the Silver

  1. I love silver too, but seem to end up polishing all year round. I find it keeps it a much more enjoyable job. I keep the big ornate tea sets etc inside the china cabinet to keep the tarnish to a minimum. Other easier to polish items I actually use daily, and put out in the kitchen and house to look at and enjoy 🙂


  2. Hi Mary!

    Oh howI love to see all that sparkling silver! We have several of the same pieces. The Chippendale tray actually stays pretty clean and polished here because I use it all the time. But, this is something I need to do soon as well. I just fund a gorgeous silver footed bowl at a thrift store that I am going to give my mom for Chistmas so, that will need extra special cleaning. And you just reminded me that I really need to make some time to polish and clean my silver jewelry.


  3. Hi Mary! OH, what gorgeous pieces you have! The difference is amazing, isn't it? I don't have as many pretty pieces as you, but I use Wrights too.
    Is your tiny little arm sore with all the scrubbing? 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


  4. Your silver is lovely. However, after talking with an antique dealer, I would NOT use the “X” type of cleaner. I've been told that although it might be faster, it's corrosive to your silver. I have used Wrights, but have found that Weiman's does a better (and faster) job…this WAS recommended by an antique dealer. I've also used Haggerty's with very good results (again, recommended by the silver dept. of a major silver/chine store). Neither of these two have the terrible odor of the “X” brand. P.S. I'm not paid by, or have any interest in any of the products….just years of experience. Really, with the Weiman, you could finish all of it in just minutes !


  5. Your silver looks great!!! I would like to add one of my “silver” tips. I was in a department store that had a lot of Hotel Silver. I asked the clerk how they managed to keep it all looking so great. She showed me a pair of Haggerty's polishing gloves. They used them all the time. I am now a believer!!! I do a large polish job like yours, then touch up with the gloves. The gloves can be washed and re-treated with the Haggerty spray. Just keep them in a ziploc bag. Break them out when you want to add a little shine. I have purchased several pairs over the years.


  6. I'm such a HUGE lover of silver that this was all just eye candy to me. I'm glad you showed the polish that you DID use because it certainly does a great job. I use something different, and I will be looking for the bottle you had in the picture.

    You have beautiful pieces!


  7. I do love that Wrights silver creamy polish. I used to use something that looked like paste wax and it was too hard to get off. You are reminding me that I need to get busy on my silver cleaning this week.


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