"H" is for HOPE

Hi Miss Jenny!   I am attending class today for “Little Missy”.  She wanted me to come today to share my story of HOPE today, I hope you don’t mind? Hehe!  She seemed to think it was important and I have to agree. 
Have you ever lost your HOPE?  I have!  Only this time, I haven’t just lost my HOPE, I have said farewell to it!  Are you gasping yet?  Don’t worry!  It’s not what you think.  This is a post about letting go of hope when it’s appropriate, yet holding on to it too.  Sound confusing?  Let me explain.
If you follow my blog you know I was holding on to a great deal of HOPE about a job I interviewed for.  I had an amazing interview that went straight from HR, to the manager, to a coworker who showed me around.  The coworker thought I already had the job, she was wrong.   I was only the first to be interviewed for the position that had only just been posted on the company website.  A large company that has to leave the job posted for an extended amount of time, thus opening the door for more candidates.  I got in just before it was posted because I have a friend who volunteers there and took in my resume.  This job fit me to a tee, it was a full time job for a purchasing clerk in a hospital gift shop.  This hospital had two gift shops I would work for on two different levels.  They carry many high end gifts like most retail gift shops.  The position would allow me to be part of the purchasing and merchandising of gifts for the store.   This is something I have previous experience with and really miss from my old job.  I would be able to let my creativity blossom in this position, but I have to accept it is NOT to be.   My HOPES had been raised when I found out they contacted my references who reported back to me that it was looking good.  They were excited for me and wanted to let me know they had been contacted, because they knew this was a perfect fit too.  After several weeks of not hearing anything I contacted HR and the manager and was told by HR they were still in the process.  I was assured by HR I would receive word one way or another.   My HOPE soared again, at least I wasn’t eliminated yet.  Then after several more weeks again and still no word I contacted HR again and was briefly told the position had been filled.  Just like that, my dream job ended.  Why had no one told me yet, as promised?  My heart sank along with my HOPE!  My dream has been given to someone else, I guess she had the same dream and the same HOPE.  So, as I promised earlier it’s time to say farewell to that HOPE, but not to worry I still have another HOPE.
I am sharing this word, HOPE, with you for Alphabet Thursday because our letter this week is “H“. I am also HOPING it may help someone else in need. Recently, a friend told me of a friend of theirs who owned his own business. He was hit so hard by the economy that his lively hood was being repossessed, and was found by his son after he had taken his own life. It is a tragic loss, and a very sad and vivid picture of someone who had totally lost all HOPE. 
Now let me tell about my other HOPE, it is a HOPE that we should never let go of.  It is greater then our earthly HOPE and is everlasting.  It is one to cling to when all seems so bleak.  It is one that was given freely to us, but paid for dearly by our saviour Jesus Christ.  For me FAITH ,HOPE and LOVE is the model by which I strive to live my life.  See, I have HOPE that God’s promises written for us in the Bible are true, and that is what sustains my FAITH.  The Bible also tells me how to live a life of LOVE, a Love that endures all seasons of life.  
Let me explain further, without HOPE I am sure my faith would be on shaky ground.  I know this because I have lived this way before, a life without spiritual HOPE.  When I was young, I used to believe that earthly HOPE and spiritual HOPE were one and the same.  Surely, a God that promises such HOPE for eternity would fulfill all our HOPES here on earth too right?  Can you see the trap in this type of thinking?  I do!  Make no mistake I do believe God wants us to have some of our earthly HOPES but I also believe that he knows best what is and isn’t to be, and when.  That is faith.    I have HOPE that God will see me through my circumstances whatever they may be.  I have a HOPE that lifts you up when our earthly HOPES fail.  This is HOPE that you can hold on too when it’s time to let go of other HOPES.      I have a HOPE that lets me share in all God promises here on earth, whatever they may be, and in a Heaven yet to come.  
How about you?  Do you have that type of  HOPE too?  Well, if you don’t you certainly can, what are you waiting for, it’s free.    It’s the kind of HOPE you can keep forever and no one can take it away.
I am also HOPING you have a wonderful and blessed Thursday today, I plan too.  Thank you for stopping by.
“Cousin Mary”

20 thoughts on “"H" is for HOPE

  1. Mary this was so incredible! You are a gifted writer my friend and I so relate to everything you said. My Hope is also in the One from whom all hope comes and I have learned that so much of my disappointment here on earth has to do with my expectations not being met and putting my hope in these earthly things and people. When I have put my hope and trust in Him I've seen how He just blows my socks off with His plan! So why don't I do that more? Short-term memory loss I think! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this today…it was a blessing to me this morning and really something I needed to hear!


  2. Hope is such a powerful gift – it has seen people through the hardest times, through war and captivity, through illness and loss. I'm sorry you didn't get the job but I'm happy for you that you retain the gift of hope.


  3. Awww….Mary I am disappointed the position was filled. I was HOPING the best for you. However, you have to look at it, of course that was not for you…there will be something even better for you. I have my resume on Monster, however, the only jobs that are contacting me are for sales..NO THANKS!! So back to putting my creative energy out just a tad. Beautiful pictures too by the way!


  4. Wow. What a beautiful and powerful link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    This story was thought provoking and thoughtful and inspirational…all in one perfect package.

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts and words with us today.

    I found this so touching.



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