Carolina Craftsman Classic Show

Good Afternoon!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  I certainly have been!  Yesterday, I feel like I have officially kicked off the holiday shopping season.  Every year we have two Craftsman Classic Shows here in town at the fairgrounds, one in Spring and one for Christmas.  I always enjoy attending this event for gifts and mega inspiration!  It was a lot of fun to attend with one of my BFF’s, and certainly helped us both get in the mood for the season. 

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I confess I totally forgot about my camera until halfway through the market, so I hope you forgive the fact that I don’t have lots of photos to show you.   I think you will enjoy what I do have to show you anyway.

Random people shopping whom I accidentally flashed!  Ooops! Don’t worry, I did apologize to this poor lady with the baby after I saw the flash go off on my camera in her eyes.  I didn’t realize I had it on!  Geez!   Anywho, there were lots of booths and a variety of goods.  This year there were more jewelry booths then usual, a bit of a let down but pretty none the less.
We were hoping for more of these types of booths, with more Christmas decor, not too many though.
However, we kept plodding along and squeezing through the crowds and were quite rewarded when we found this booth.
This dear lady was selling the best thing we have seen in some time.  It is a beautiful beaded multi-functional barrette.  We stopped to watch her demo, then looked at the barrettes and fell in love.
There are different sizes for different hair thickness.

She was so incredibly sweet to offer up french twists demos on your own hair too.  Then, when you looked in the mirror and saw the beautiful barrette in you hair it was stunning!  She is showing a small one here, she used on on the side of her hair.  What sold me on these, other then how beautiful they were, is the fact that unlike a claw they lay flat on the back of your head.  I am thinking these will be much easier to drive around in.
They come complete with front and back page instructions on how to use it, thank goodness!  It shows many variations of styles you can do with these as well.  If you are interested in these you can order through her website at flexi8.com.

They were priced at the show $15.00 for one or two for $25.00, and there were some that had a little more extra bling that were $20.00 each.   When they are in your hair they sparkle like nothing I have ever seen before and feel very light weight.
Normally I would not consider spending this much for a barrette but after the summer we have had it was a no brainer.  I wear my hair up quite a bit when it’s hot here in the south.  This is finally a way to pull your hair up in style and not have that big old ugly claw sticking out.  I have used large barrettes before quite often but end up breaking them.  The way this is made, doesn’t look like it’s going to fall apart easily. 

I bought the medium size.  I have long and fairly thick hair.  She said most people do not need the large clip that it’s for really thick hair.  Since I can order them online I decided to start with these first.  I got a silver beaded one because I love how shiny and versatile this will look with most outfits.  I also bought a multi-colored beaded one to add just a bit more jazz when I’m feeling a little more sassy.  They were all so pretty it took us forever to decide which ones we wanted, but, atleast we weren’t the only ones.  LOL!
I took a picture of this booth because I thought it was the coolest idea!  Look at that!  Those lamps are made out of boxes!  How cute is that?
Then for a special someone in my life I purchased something from this booth.  These are real butterfly necklaces that have been coated with a heavy resin coating. 

There were also necklaces,earrings and bracelets using whole butterflies or butterfly pieces mounted in between thin sheets of glass.  Just gorgeous!

In addition to that, he had quite a few sun catchers as well!

He also has a wonderful website where you can order too.  It is studio9ten.com.  Be sure and check it out if you are looking for something a bit more custom to give this year.
Well, that’s all the photos I took ladies!
Hope you enjoyed what I did have to show you, thanks for dropping in!
Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

8 thoughts on “Carolina Craftsman Classic Show

  1. Looks like fun! I am in the mood for a good Christmas market! Let me know how the barrette works! I am a ponytail girl, but after the heat this summer, I wanted to cut it all off!


  2. I think that both of my daughters would love those barrettes! They like to pull a bit of their hair to the side these days. I'm going to look at that site.

    Also, how great are those tissue box lamp bases??? I want to figure out how to make that.

    Great post. Thanks for being a roving reporter!


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