Acorn Transformation

Do you remember all the acorns I found?  Sure you do!  Let me show you again!

  I really do appreciate all the kind comments and suggestions on how to decorate with them.  For Metamorphosis Monday I want to show you a truly spectacular and informative transformation.

I had several suggestions to put them in a clear container with a candle.  I already had the raffia tied on this container and I thought it looked quite festive for thanksgiving.

I know what you what you are thinking right now.  Well, that’s nice Mary, but truly spectacular and informative?  You probably think I’m stretching it just a bit don’t you?  Well, look again! 
Did you see that?  No, well let me put it into better focus for you.

Look closely, yep, there’s your truly spectacular metamorphosis ladies.  Disgusting worms have come out of my acorns into the bottom of my candle jar.  My husband called them maggots.  Not a very pleasant site when you are sitting there at the breakfast table eating your cereal and see this.
Of course I had to google this and see what was going on and here’s what I found.
Many nut weevils feed on acorns. Adult females chew holes in immature nuts with their long slender snouts so they have a place to lay eggs. The larvae hatch and feed for several weeks inside the acorns. Eventually, the acorns drop. The weevil larvae move out soon after the nuts are on the ground. They burrow into the soil where they eventually pupate. These weevils are present every year, but their numbers vary
(Info in red, quoted from this source, click the link HERE)

The larger acorns I put here in these bowls.

Anyone care to come over here and see what’s on the bottom of these bowls?  Eeuuw!
Yuck!  Looks like these acorns are going back outside for a bit longer to complete their Metamorphosis.  Now I just need to figure out where to contain them so the squirrels won’t get them.
(And do I really want those things in my grass?)
Thanks for stopping by today, be sure and let me know if you were here!

15 thoughts on “Acorn Transformation

  1. Oh no!! And I was just admiring the beautiful decorations you made out of your collection!! But worms… ick! So smart to let them go outside a bit longer!! I think they are going to be in your grass regardless so you may as well let them go live there and later enjoy the acorns – cause your display is beautiful!


  2. Hahahaha… oh my, as I began reading the beginning of your post I thought — “Uh oh, worms!” If you can bear to look at the acorns at this point, a few hours in the oven should take care of the critters.
    Cause you probably don't want to think of them as pets . . . .


  3. I have to admit you have me laughing right now. Last year I filled a jar for my mother for her birthdays with acorns and such around the yard. Well what do you know, she called me a few days later and told me she had to dump it because there were worms in it. So, when I first started reading your post and saw the first picture I thought “oh no, she has no idea she is going to get worms in that”. Then, as I scrolled down and read on, I found out you discovered this for yourself. At least it looked good…LOL!!


  4. I don't know about acorns, but, a very wise older friend told me many yrs ago, (when I was young and definately not so wise), to take a nail and puncture the nut shell and place in the oven on a cookie sheet on about 200 for several hours (I did mine over night). This will kill anything inside and keep bugs away. The puncture in the shell keeps them from exploding in the oven & I'm not sure what keeps the bugs away in the future. I made a pine cone wreath w/ small “boquets” of english walnuts, pecans, and chestnuts that I treated this way, still have the wreath, no problem w/ varmints


  5. Well, I am no longer worried about gathering acorns!!! Yuck!!! Now I am grossed out at the number that are in my yard and depositing maggots in my backyard. Great… thanks!!!! Your candle and bowls did look lovely though! Pottery Barn has some fake acorns!


  6. OH.MY.GOODNESS! I would have died! (And, okay, laughed a lot, too!) Well, this is all the more reason to grab some faux ones next time you're in Hobby Lobby! LOL. And, speaking of Hobby Lobby, I'm so envious you got to go there recently to grab some Christmas goodies. I can't wait to see what you found! You're so nice to comment about my home being featured in our local magazine … I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful note! Hugs, Becca


  7. OMG! lol -doesn't that just figure? This is why I have not taken any birds nests from my backyard. The birds have not come back to use them but need to do my research on heating them up to kill the insects first. Does it help that they did look lovely? lol


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