Outside my Window

Monday I couldn’t help but enjoy the wonder and beauty of the season outside.  This year it seems the colors are much more vibrant and beautiful then previously.  I know this probably isn’t true, and that it is more likely the fact that I am here at home to enjoy these radiant colors outside my window.

Today for Outdoor Wednesday I want to share what I am seeing outside my windows this year.

Take a look at those colors outside the french doors from my den.

Beyond the screened porch the trees are just radiant!

It’s such a warm cozy feeling to see this outside.

From the kitchen doors…

Our backyard is a riot of color.

The large window from my bedroom overlooks the backyard too.

The side windows in our bedroom overlook the side yard and it is beautiful too!

Looking out the dining room window I spy a beautiful golden treat.

From the front porch I was able to capture this beauty.

After seeing that beautiful yellow tree in the front I just had to come out on the deck in the back yard.

I am just in love with the mix of colors everywhere.

Oh what a beautiful sight!

Have you noticed how incredible the colors are this year?  I am very thankful for so many visions of warmth and vibrancy.  It’s like God has decided to do some decorating outside for Thanksgiving too.  Hehe! 
I hope you enjoyed peeking out my windows today too.  Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


22 thoughts on “Outside my Window

  1. Our beauty from our doors, like yours Mary, is gone for the season … as autumn is preparing to rest. Just beautiful you captured the season …

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon


  2. We are starting to see some color, but many trees have just lost their leaves. My crepe myrtles didn't do anything but lose their leaves this year! I love the fall colors and how glorious to look out your window and see all that beauty!


  3. Hi Mary! All of our color is almost gone here in the NW but it was so gorgeous while it lasted. It really is a bittersweet feeling isn't it? Your views are absolutely beautiful and to be surrounded but all of that must make you feel like you are up in a tree house sometimes! Thank you for sharing it with us!


  4. Hi Mary -Truly we are blessed to be able to enjoy such beauty all designed by the great master 🙂 I liked when you said “a riot of color” and I am enjoying the piano in the background


  5. I was also looking around this morning during my walk. There are woods across the road from me and they are so beautiful.. Nothing we can ever create can compare with natural beauty..
    thank you for sharing all this lovliness with us.


  6. Just beautiful! I would either sit by the window and stare or walk outside all the time. I keep WAITING for some stunning color here with our pear tree lined street. It's not quite there yet. I keep looking!


  7. Yep I agree Mary, the colors are off the hook gorgeous this year. Today was windy and rainy they are just about blowing all off now. Your pics are beautiful everywhere you look.


  8. It is so funny I woke up this morning thinking about how pretty your trees were in your blog that I viewed last night. God does bless us with HIs creation. Anyway, I thought I would check back and look at the beautfiful fall color again and noticed your sweet comment on my blog. Thanks.


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